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Sónia Marina Silva

Sónia Marina Silva


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  • ORCID: 0000-0003-1291-2667
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  • Department: Chemistry
  • Research Group: Stress Biology
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: ResearchID: M-5076-2013

Research interests

-EcoToxicology: Nanoparticles and metal toxicity in plants; phytotoxicity of environmental contaminants: physiological, biochemical and molecular approaches. Determination of the most sensitive and efficient biomarkers to evaluate phytotoxicity.
-Nanotechnology in plants
-Stress Biology
-Plant Biotechnology
-Metabolomics: Understand the metabolic pathways involved in plant tolerance/sensitivity to environmental contaminants.
-Plant physiology
-Ultrastructural analysis: electronic transmission and scanning microscopy.
-Citomics and molecular biology



PLATOX-In vitro and in vivo investigations to generate validated toxicity data of graphene nanoplatelets vs. a carbon black reference See more

Ecophysiolyptus - Physiological and gene expression profiles for early selection of Eucalyptus globulus in a climate change context See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Juliana Sousa (ex-CESAM member)

Research (Biochemistry degree) (Main Supervisor): Tiago José Gil Pousa Ribeiro (not a CESAM member)

Genetics and Biology degree (Main Supervisor): Alexandra Inês Pereira Fernandes (not a CESAM member)

Research (Biology Degree) (Co-supervisor): Daniel Aleixo (not a CESAM member)

Research (Biology Degree) (Co-supervisor): Maria João Cerqueira da Silva (not a CESAM member)

Research Projects


"Ecophysiolyptus: Physiological and gene expression profiles as indicators of climate change impact in Eucalyptus globulus and their use in early selection" (2009-2014). PTDC/AGR-CFL/112996/2009

"BIO.REM: Integrating multiple toxicological BIOmarkers in a phytoREMemediation assay of Pb and Cd contaminated sites" (2011-2014). PTDC/AAC-AMB/112804/2009 

Title: “Genetics and Physiology of tolerance to Aluminium in Triticeae”. MCT-FCT, POCI/AGR/58174/2004. 2005-2008

Title: “Embriogénese somática de Eucalyptus globulus L., controle genético e avaliação da estabilidade genética das plantas obtidas”. Collaboration Protocol StoraEnso – Celbi/UA. 2002-2005

Reviewer of Manuscripts

-EcoToxicology and Environmental Safety


-American Journal of Experimental Agriculture

-International Journal of plant & Soil Science  

-Journal of Plant Physiology

-African Journal of Agricultural Research

-Biologia Plantarum                                                           

-Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research

-Journal of Botany

-International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Scientific Experience


30-01-2018 to present: Researcher at the Unit of Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Food Stuffs (QOPNA) & LAQV-REQUINTE of the University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal)

2011 to 15-01-2018- Post-Doctoral researcher (grant ref. FRH/BPD/74299/2010) at the Unit of Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Food Stuffs (QOPNA) (2016-present) and at the Center for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) of the University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal). “Are nanoparticles emerging contaminants for crop plants?: a survey of uptake, partition and cytotoxicity”. Supervisors: Dr. Conceição Santos and Dr. Artur Silva.

2006-2010- PhD student (SFRH/BD/32257/2006) Thesis: Aluminium Toxicity in wheat and rye. CESAM & Department of Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal and UTAD. Project: Genetics and Physiology of tolerance to Aluminium in Triticeae; FCT, POCI/AGR/58174/2004

2005-Services to UA in electronical microscopy

2003-2004-Intern in StoraEnso-Celbi

Academic Degree

20/06/2011: PhD Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

2004: BSc Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Research Interest

-Nanoparticles toxicity

-Metal toxicity in plants

-Plant Physiology

-Stress biology


-Optical and Electronic Microscopy

CESAM Funding: