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Sérgio Prats Alegre

Sérgio Prats Alegre

Auxiliary Researcher

  • Researcher ID: B-9951-2019
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-7341-877X
  • Ciencia ID: AB18-3959-DDE9
  • Department: Environment and Planning
  • Research Group: Socio-Ecological Systems Analysis, Management & Planning (SES)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: Author=(Prats S.A.) ] AND Address=(Aveiro)

Research interests

The present areas of scientific activity are:
1) to refine and develop cost-effective soil erosion mitigation treatments based on mulching to be applied in critical burnt areas,
2) the assessment of best management practices after forest fires, regarding soil erosion mitigation treatments and post-fire logging activities,
3) the assessment of the effects of new mulch strategies and other public-funded mitigation treatments on soil organic matter quality,
4) The development of tools to help stakeholders make better decisions for improved management of soil resources as well as its impacts on life and property.

Academic degrees

2013 - European PhD in Marine and Environmental Sciences (4 years). PhD Thesis: "Soil erosion mitigation following forest wildfires". University of Aveiro/Porto/Colorado/Valencia.
2007 - MsC in Environmental Engineering Master Degree (2 years). MsC Thesis: "Rainfall simulations for erosion risk assesment in recently burnt areas and its modelling with MEFIDIS". University of Coimbra.
2005 - Pedagogy Specialization Course (CAP). University of Granada.
2002 - BsC in Environmental Sciencies (4 years). Final project: "Eucalypt forest effects in vegetal communities in Caramulo Mountains". University of Granada/ Aveiro.

Scientific activities

Present - Environmental Engineer Auxiliary Research contract at University of Aveiro (CDL-CTTRI-88-ARH/2018 (REF.-138)) under DR.144 (Norma Transitoria).

30-11-2014 - 30-01-2019 Pos-Doc fellowship SFRH/BPD/97851/2013. FIREMULCH – Development and testing of innovative mulching-based soil conservation measures with a special emphasis on recently burnt areas. CESAM-DAO Univ. of Aveiro, FCTUC-Univ. of Coimbra, Portugal, USDA-PSWRS-Redwood Laboratory, California

15-04-2014- 30-11-2014 Pos-Doc fellowship (BPD/RECARE/2014) on the EU-funded project RECARE-Preventing and Remedianting degradation of soils in Europe through Land Care (Grant Agreement 603498) CESAM-DAO Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal

01/02/2013-14/03/2014 MsC fellowship TRANSFIBRA-development of a POF-based turbidity sensor CESAM-IT Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal

01/09/2012-31/12/2012 MsC fellowship PTDC/AGR-CFL/104559/2008-FIRECNUTS CESAM University of Aveiro, Portugal

01/09/2008-31/08/2012 PhD fellowship (SFRH/BD/33392/2008) Marine & Environmental PhD program (PROMAR) CESAM-Univ. of Aveiro, CIIMAR-Univ. of Porto, Portugal Colorado State University, Colorado

28/02/2008-31/08/2008 MsC fellowship GOCE/037046-DESIRE CESAM-DAO Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal

01/03/2007-28/02/2008 Initiation Fellowship GOCE/037046-DESIRE CESAM-DAO Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal

01/03/2006-28/02/2007 Initiation Fellowship POCTI/MGS/49210/2002-SILVAQUA CESAM-DAO Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal

01/01/2006-28/02/2006 Prestação de Serviços CESAM-DAO Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal

01/10/2005-31/12/2005 Initiation Fellowship POCI/AGR/60354/2004-EROSFIRE ESAC-Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra, Portugal



R3FOREST Using exotic biomass for post-fire restoration: Reuse, Regenerate and Reforest See more

FIRE-C-BUDs - Indirect effects of wildfire (severity) on carbon fluxes and budgets See more

RECARE - Preventing and Remediating degradation of soils in Europe through Land See more


Impacts of wildfires on hydrological processes and soil erosion: an Iberian perspective (IBERfireRFSs) See more

FIRECNUTS - WildFIRE effects on topsoil Carbon and NUTrient Stocks, dynamics and exports See more

RECOVER -Immediate soil management strategy for recovery after forest fires See more

EROSFIRE II - A GIS-tool for slope-to-catchment-scale soil conservation management following forest wildfires See more

EROSFIRE - A model-based, decision-support tool for soil erosion hazard assessment following forest wildfires See more

Recuperação de Áreas Ardidas See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Martinho António Santos Martins (CESAM member)

Tutorship of traineeships of professional teams (Main Supervisor): 32 environmental restoration professionals in the 2003 Galician Oil spill (not a CESAM member)

MsC Thesis (Co-supervisor): Koen Bokhorst (not a CESAM member)

Improvement of automated devices for runoff monitoring (Co-supervisor): Fabien Fauchereau (not a CESAM member)

Tutorship of traineeships of university students (Co-supervisor): Melisa Cuevas (not a CESAM member)

Geosciences Engineering final project (Co-supervisor): Federico Barragan (not a CESAM member)

Tutorship of traineeships of university students (Co-supervisor): Micha Brandsma (not a CESAM member)

Area of scientific activity

The present areas of scientific activity are:

1) Assessment of post-fire runoff and soil erosion mitigation treatments. 

2) Statistically-based modelling for identification of runoff and soil erosion key factors

3) Physically-based modelling for soil erosion prediction and identification of emergency intervention areas. 

4) High frequency monitoring of soil-erosion related parameters (soil water repellence, soil moisture, soil resistance, etc.), focussing on spatial-temporal patterns and related effects in post-fire soil erosion.

5) Improvement of automated devices for hydrologic data collection, in collaboration with the Nanotechnology Institute (I3N) of the University of Aveiro and other scientific research teams.

6) Upscaling of soil hydrology and erosion from plot to catchment scales. 

CESAM Funding: