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Casimiro Pio

Casimiro Pio

Full Professor retired

  • Author Name : Pio C.A.

  • Researcher ID: A-8135-2008
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-3531-8620
  • Ciencia ID: 6510-B1FA-2AED
  • Department: Environment
  • Research Group: Atmospheric Processes & Modelling (APM)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU=(Pio C or Pio CA) AND AD=(Aveiro or Lancaster or Toulouse or Dakota)

Research interests

Air Pollution Chemistry
Photochemical Pollution
Aerosols and Climatic Change
Source Apportionment of Pollutants
Atmospheric Carbon
Air pollution control
Greenhouse gases
Treatment of Toxic wastes

Academic degrees

University of Porto: 1973 "Licenciatura" Chemical Engineering
University of Lancaster: 1981 PhD Environmental Sciences
University of Aveiro: 1990 Habilitation in Applied Environmental Sciences

Scientific activities

Fluxes of Energy and Gases over urban Areas
Desert dust in the atmosphere
Green house gases fluxes over Mediterranean steps and urban areas
Source apportionment of Urban and rural aerosols
Emission of biogenic hydrocarbons by vegetation
Coastal atmospheric studies under sea breezes.
Deposition processes and fluxes of air pollutants
Ammonium aerosols in the atmosphere.
Carbonaceous aerosol in the atmosphere
Natural sulphur compounds in the atmosphere


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Born in Ílhavo, Portugal, 1951.

1974-1975:Assistant lecturer , University of Coimbra;
1975:Military Service;
1976-1982:Assistant lecturer, University of Aveiro;
1982-1985:Lecturer, University of Aveiro;
1985-1993: Reader, University of Aveiro;
1993-Present: Full Professor, University of Aveiro.

2005-2017: Director of Associated Laboratory CESAM
2019- retires



APAM - Air Pollution in an African Megacity: Source Apportionment and Health Implications See more

SOPRO - Chemical and toxicological SOurce PROfiling of particulate matter in urban air See more

PORBIOTA - Portuguese E-Infrastructure for Information and Research on Biodiversity See more

SGH - Projeto Smart Green Homes See more

FIRE-C-BUDs - Indirect effects of wildfire (severity) on carbon fluxes and budgets See more

CLICURB - Urban atmospheric quality, climate change and resilience See more

AIRUSE - Testing and Development of Air Quality Mitigation Measures in Southern Europe See more

URBE - Source apportionment of URBan Emissions of primary particulate matter See more

Investigation of mineral dust at two measurement stations at the northern and southern islands at the Cape Verdes: harmonization of techniques, data evaluation and intercomparison of results - Action nºA45/12 between Univ. of Aveiro and Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research See more

CARBOPAST - Carbonaceous aerosol over Europe: the past 100 years as inferred from an Alpine ice core See more

SINPHONIE - Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe See more

CV-Dust - Atmospheric aerosol in Cape Verde region: seasonal evaluation of composition, sources and transport See more

Size distribution of carbonaceous aerosol particles at different Iberian locations See more

CAPTAR-Science and Environment for All See more

Impact of indoor environment on human health See more

Wet Deposition of particulate carbon over the Northeast Atlantic region See more

BIOEMI: Contribution of biomass combustion to air pollutant emissions See more

PAHLIS- Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contamination in Lisbon urban atmosphere See more

EUCAARI - European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions See more

A study of the PM2.5 fraction of the atmospheric particulate matter in the Iberian Peninsula - source assessment and analysis of major compounds (inorganic constituents, elemental and organic carbon) See more

Atmospheric Aerosol Impacts on Human Health See more

Chemical characterisation of PM2.5 and PM10 urban aerosol See more

CARBOEUROPE-IP – Assessment of the European terrestrial carbon balance (GOCE-CT-2003-505572) See more

SAPPHIRE - Source Apportionment of Airborne Particulate Matter and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Regions of Europe See more

CARBOSOL - Present and retrospective state of organic versus inorganic aerosol over Europe: implication for climate See more

Scientific Supervision

PhD (Main Supervisor): João Gomes Cardoso (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Alexandre Filipe Fernandes Caseiro (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Luis M. Igreja Aires (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Tigo A. Oliveira (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Paulo G. Pinho (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Susana Marta Almeida (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Margarita G. Evtyugina (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Abel O. Carvalho (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): António Felix Rodrigues (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Célia A. Alves (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Manuel J. Feliciano (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Mário M. A. Cerqueira (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Diamantino F. Lopes (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Luis Miguel Castro (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Teresa Nunes (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Cátia Gonçalves (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Fátima Mirante (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Carla Maria dos Santos Gama da Silva (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Regina Maria Brandão de Oliveira Duarte (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): António J. Valente (not a CESAM member)

CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020


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