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Inês C. Rosa

Inês C. Rosa

Science Communication Manager

Research interests

Science communication
Science literacy
Science management
Aquatic invasive species

Academic degrees

2008-2012 - PhD in Marine and Environmental Sciences - Oceanography and Marine Ecosystems; University of Oporto (CIIMAR) and University of Aveiro (CESAM), Portugal

2007-2008 - M. Sc. in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, University of Aveiro, Portugal. [Final classification: 20/20], in collaboration with ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal

2001-2007 - Graduation in Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal. [Final classification: 16/20]
Final project: "Sublethal effects of Imidacloprid in Sericostoma vittatum" [Final classification: 19/20] University of Aveiro, Portugal
Internship: "Sequencing Y-chromosome short tandem repeats to identify and confirm mutations" [Final classification: 19/20] Department of Forensic Molecular Biology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Scientific activities

- 2018 - Science Communication Manager, CESAM - Centre of Environmental and Marine Studies
- 2018 - Freelancer, Scite – Science communication
- 2016 - Science and Technology Manager in the project “CHEM2NATURE – Enabling Precision Chemical Methodologies Applied to Natural-based Systems for the Development of Multifunctional Biomedical Devices ”; University of Aveiro, Portugal
- 2015 - Research technician in the project “EARLYCHANGE – Effects of climate change on the early ontogeny of small pelagic fish off the Portuguese upwelling system"; University of Lisbon, Portugal
- 2014 - Project technician in the project VALORIZANDO; TAIPA, Crl, Odemira, Portugal
- 2013 - Research technician in the project “KARSTRISK – Impacts of contamination on karstic groundwater ecosystems"; University of Aveiro, Portugal
- 2007 - Internship: “Sequencing Y-chromosome short tandem repeats to identify and confirm mutations”; Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Holand


-PADI FOUNDATION (USA) (05-2015 to 05-2016) "Fluorescence in a changing ocean: Effect of global changes and tidal habitat in the fluorescence of corals" 6.000€
- Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) (09-2008 to 09-2013) PhD grant (SFRH/BD/33395/2008)



DepurPlus - Optimization of marine bivalve mollusks purification process See more

CONTROLCLAM: Sustainable approaches for the CONTROL of the invasive Asian CLAM Corbicula fluminea within waterdependent plants See more

Scientific Supervision

Workshops & Other formations

- Online course: “Science communication: people, projects, events” (2015), 100 hours, University of Bristol, UK
- Course: Introduction to meta-analysis in ecology (2015), 40 hours, CCMAR & University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal
- I Course in Sciences of Laboratory Animals - Aquatic Organisms (2011), 40 hours, CIIMAR, Porto, Portugal
- Integrated course: QGIS/GRASS - SIG Open Source (2009), 28 hours, Faunália Lda, Lisbon, Portugal
- Workshop: Scientific writing for young researchers (2009), 9 hours, University of Porto, Portugal

Personal Skills & Competences

- Mother language: Portuguese
- Other (oral/written): English (very good/very good) [FCE certification (First Certificate in English - Cambridge level 3), Royal School of Languages, Portugal], French (good/fair), German (poor/poor), Dutch (poor/poor)
- Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
- Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
- Other programs: Minitab 16, IBM SPSS Statistics, Statistica 12, SigmaPlot 10.0, EndNote X1.0, Primer 6.0, Matlab 7.0, MOHID Water, QGIS/GRASS – SIG Open Source, ArcMap e ArcCatalog 10.0, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.3, Prezi 

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