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Ana Maria Viegas-Crespo

Ana Maria Viegas-Crespo

Principal Researcher

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  • Department: Departamento de Biologia Animal, FCUL
  • Research Group: Adaptation Biology & Ecological Processes
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU = (VIEGAS-CRESPO AM or VIEGAS CRESPO AM or CRESPO AM or VIEGAS AM) and AD = (Lisbon)



Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Tânia Luís dos Santos (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Flávia Leitão (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Sofia Sentieiro Neves (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Solange Pacheco (not a CESAM member)

Scientific Awards

- Prize LABCATAL  Laboratories by the communications presented at the "Congress of Oligoelements and Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine" - 1992, Chamonix, France;

- Prize of best poster at the conference "4th International Symposium on Trace Elements in Human: New Perspectives" - 2003, Athens, Greece

- Prize of best poster at the conference "12 Trace Elements in Man and Animals Scientific Developments, novel applications and progress into the 21st Century" - 2005, Dublin, Ireland

Papers (2000 - 2008 - excepto os incluídos no CESAM)

A.M. Viegas-Crespo, M.L. Pavão, M.c. Santos & J. Neve 2000. Trace Elements Status (Se, Cu, Zn) and Serum Lipid Profile in Potuguese Subjects of S. Miguel Island from Azores´Archipelago. J. Trace Elements Med. Biol., 14:1-5.

 J. A. Quartau, M. Ribeiro, P. Simões & A.M. Viegas - Crespo 2000. Taxonomic separation by isozyme electrophoresis of two closely related species of Cicada L. (Homoptera: Ciclidae) in Portugal. J. Natural History, 34: 1677-1684.

 C. Sérgio, R. Figueira & A.M. Viegas Crespo 2000. Observations of heavy metal accumulation in the cell walls of Fontinalis antipyretica, in a Portuguese stream affected by mine effluent. Journal of Bryology,  22: 251 – 255. 

Viegas -Crespo, A.M. & Santos, M.C. 2000. Oligoelementos Essenciais : principais funções biológicas e consequências da sua deficiência nos humanos. Rev. Ciência, Série VII (1): 29 – 37.

Nunes, A.C., Mathias, M.L. & Viegas-Crespo, A.M. 2001. Morfophysiological values in Algerian mouse (Mus spretus Lataste, 1883) inhabiting a heavy metal contaminated area. Environmental Pollution. 113: 87 – 93.

 P. Lopes, M.T. Pinheiro, M.C. Santos, M.L. Mathias, M.J. Collares-Pereira & A.M. Viegas-Crespo 2001. Response of antioxidant enzymes in freshwater fish populations (Leuciscus alburnoides complex) to inorganic pollutants exposure. Science of The Total Environment, 280: 153 – 163.  

Viegas-Crespo, A.M., Lopes, P.A., Nunes, A.C., Pinheiro M.T., Marques, C. Santos, M.C. & Mathias, M.L. 2002. Influence of age, sex and sexual activity on trace element levels and antioxidant enzyme activities in mice (Apodemus sylvaticus and Mus spretus). J. Biological Trace Elements, 85: 1 - 13.

 P. Lopes, M.T. Pinheiro, M.C., Santos, A.M. Viegas-Crespo, & M. L. Mathias 2002. Laboratory testing of biochemical effects of Mn, Fe and Se in the Algerian mouse (Mus spretus) The Ecotoxicology and Environmental Restoration, 4(2): 60 – 63.

 M.L. Pavão, C. Cordeiro, A. Costa, J. A. Raposo, M.C. Santos, J. Neve & A.M. Viegas - Crespo 2003. Comparison of whole blood glutathione peroxidase activity, levels in selenium and lipid peroxidation in subjects of the fishing and rural communities of Rabo de Peixe village (S. Miguel Island, The Azores Archipelago, Portugal) Biological Trace Element Res., 92 (1): 27 – 40.

 A.M. Viegas - Crespo, P.A. Lopes, M.T. Pinheiro, M.C. Santos, P.D. Rodrigues, A.C. Nunes, C. Marques & M.L. Mathias 2003. Hepatic elemental contents and antioxidant enzyme activities in Algerian mice (Mus spretus) inhabiting a mine area at Central Portugal. Science of The Total Environment, 113: 87 – 93. 

Bento O.P., Martins J.M., Lança M.J., Abreu M.C., Viegas-Crespo A.M., Bengala -Freire J., Almeida J.A, & Riottot M. 2004. Effects of ileo - rectal anastomosis on cholesterol metabolism in pigs fed either casein or extruded soya beans. Br.J. Nutrition, 91: 689 - 698.

 Lopes P.A, Napoleão P., Pinheiro T., Santos M.C., Rodrigues M.O., Costa L., Ceia F., Vicente L., Pavão M.L., Neve J., Viegas - Crespo A.M. 2004. Trace element levels and redox markers in human atherosclerosis: relationship with apo E polymorphism. J. Trace Elements in Experimental Medicine, 17: 204 - 205.  

Lopes P.A., Santos M.C., Vicente L. & Viegas-Crespo A.M. 2004. Serum Vitamin E and its Relationship with the Lipid Profile and Tobacco Consumption in Inhabitants of Lisbon. Clin. Chem. Acta, 348 (1-2): 49 - 55.

Lopes P.A., Santos M.C., Vicente L., Rodrigues M.O.,  Pavão M.L., Nève J. & Viegas-Crespo A.M. 2004. Trace Element Status (Se, Cu, Zn) in Healthy Portuguese Subjects of Lisbon Population - a reference study. Biological Trace Element Res., 100: 1 - 17.

Martins J.M, Riottot M., Abreu M.C., Lança M.J., Viegas Crespo A.M., Almeida J.M.,  Bengala Freire J. & Bento O.P. 2004. Dietary Raw Peas (Pisum sativum L.) Reduce Plasma Total and LDL Cholesterol and Hepatic Esterified Cholesterol in Intact and Ileorectal Anastomosed Pigs Fed Cholesterol - Rich Diets. J. Nutrition, 134: 3305 - 3312.

Santos M.C., Oliveira A.L., Viegas Crespo A.M., Vicente L., Barreiros A., Monteiro P., Pinheiro T., Bugalho de Almeida A. 2004. Systemic Markers of the redox balance in chronic obstructive disease. Biomarkers, 9(6): 461 - 469.  

Martins M.J., Lança M.J., Abreu M.C.,  Almeida J.M., Bengala Freire J., Viegas -Crespo A.M., Riottot M. & Bento O. P. 2005. Effect of a Lupin Diet on (Plasma and Liver Lipid Composition in Growing Pigs. J. Lipid Res., 46: 1539 - 1547.

Bettencourt C., Montiel R., Santos C., Pavão ML, Viegas Crespo A.M., Lopes P, Lima M. 2006. Polymorphism of the ApoE locus in the Azores Islands (Portugal). European Journal of Human Genetics, 14 (1): 338. Meeting Abstract

Napoleão P., Melão A., Santos M.C., Veiga L., Viegas Crespo A.M., Ferreira C & Pinheiro T. 2006. Inflammation and redox balance markers levels in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Atherosclerosis Supplements, 7: 84 - MoP2:172 Meeting Abstract

Lopes P.A., Gaspar G., Napoleão P., Santos M.C., Pavão M.L. & Viegas - Crespo A.M. 2007. Comparison of apo E polymorphysm and other atherosclerotic risk factors in two Portuguese populations: influence of insularity. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, 50: 803 - 813.

Napoleão P., Santos M.C., Selas M., Viegas Crespo A.M., Pinheiro P., Cruz Ferreira R. 2007. Inflammatory indicators in the evaluation of acute myocardial infraction. Inflammation Research, 56: S107 - S108.

Ferin R, Napoleão P, Gomes C, Castro AR, Lopes PA, Martins D, Santos MC, Viegas Crespo A.M., Pinheiro MT, Pavão ML 2008 Blood antioxidant markers and elemental levels in Azorean patients with coronary artery disease- a preliminary study. Cell Biology and Toxicology, 24 (S1): S33. Meeting Abstract

Projects and Contracts

- Since 2002 was coordinator of 1 I&D project and team member of 9 I&D projects or contracts


Indicadores do balanço redox e caracterização do perfil alélico da apo E em residentes nas áreas urbanas de Lisboa e de Ponta Delgada” Sapiens/FCT (POCTI/ESP/41008/2001)  (epidemiology and public health), Coordinator: AM Viegas Crespo - CBA/FCUL. Other Institutions - Universidade dos Açores, Universidade Livre de Bruxelas, Instituto de Saúde Ricardo Jorge and Instituto Tecnológico Nuclear. Funding identity: FCT  (2002 – 2005).

Estudo da inflamação na doença pulmonar obstrutiva crónica (SDH.IC.I.01.22) na área da saúde (medicina molecular e imunologia) Coordinator: Prof. Bugalho de Almeida - Clínica Universitária de Pneumologia do Hospital de Santa Maria. Other institutions CBA/FCUL and  ITN. Funding identity: FCG (2002 – 2005).

 Biodisponibilidade de chumbo em pequenos mamíferos da área de influência de uma mina abandonada no Alentejo (Centro de Portugal) (POCTI/BSE/3991/2001) Coordinator: Maria da Luz Mathias - CBA/FCUL. Funding identity: FCT (2002 – 2005).

 Rede de Espectrometria de Massa para Análise Molecular e Biomolecular (COC-REEQ/345/2001). Coordinator: Mº Helena Florêncio - FCUL, within the scope of laboratory equipment. Funding identity: FCT  (2004 -2006).

 Um sistema de monitorização avançado para avaliação da Qualidade Ambiental” (REEQ/983/BIO/2006). Coordinator: Mº da Luz Mathias - FCUL, Within the scope of laboratory equipment. Funding identity: FCT (2004 -2006).

The relationship of circulating biomarkers of apoptosis and endothelial function with plaque composition using VH – IVUS (PIC/IC/82734/2007) Coordinator: Mº Teresa Pinheiro – IST/ITN. Other Institutions: CESAM/FCUL, CESPU and Hospital de Sta Marta. Funding identity: FCT (2008 – 2012)


Avaliação de marcadores Sistémicos na Insuficiência Cardíaca” Funding identity: Liga dos amigos do Hospital de Santa Marta (2006-2007)

 Avaliação de Marcadores Sistémicos na Síndrome Coronária Aguda, Funding identity: Liga dos amigos do Hospital de Santa Marta (2007-2008)

 Avaliação de Marcadores de Activação Celular na Síndrome Coronária, Aguda,  Funding identity: Liga dos amigos do Hospital de Santa Marta (2008-2009)

 Avaliação de Marcadores Sistémicos na doença Coronária Associada ao Síndrome metabólico Funding identity: Liga dos amigos do Hospital de Santa Marta (2008-2009)


Supervision activities

- Since 2005 was the supervisor or co-supervisor of 31 master theses, 6 PhD theses and 1 post-doc.

- Since 2006 to 2011 was coordinator of the master "Biologia Humana e Ambiente", Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa  

Main research Areas

Antioxidant Systems, Immune Response, Biology of Trace Elements, Toxicology, Nutrition

Academic degrees/Professional career

- Graduation in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry), University of Lisbon, 1970; PhD in Biology, Animal Physiology, University of Lisbon, 1991

- Assistant Researcher, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, May, 1971;  Researcher, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, December, 1979; Principal Researcher, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, June, 1997. 

CESAM Funding: