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Miguel Maria Borges da Costa Guint Barbosa

Miguel Maria Borges da Costa Guint Barbosa

Research Fellow

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  • ORCID: 0000-0003-0327-9580
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  • Department: CESAM
  • Research Group: Environmental Changes, Hazards & Conservation (ECHC)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: Research ID = E-9104-2010. Google Scholar user=8FTLCskAAAAJ&hl=en. ORCID

Research interests

I am an education-focused marine biologist with research interests in the evolutionary, ecological, and behavioural effects of environmental heterogeneity on life history traits of tropical fishes. My research combines theory with empirical and field observations in order to better understand the impact of environmental changes on fish behaviour. In addition, I am passionate about teaching and I am particularly interested in finding novel and interactive ways to communicate science and empower students to learn and research.
I am always available to discuss future opportunities/projects/supervisions.

Academic degrees

2021 - Postgraduate certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education, University of Dundee
2009 - PhD. University of St Andrews, Scotland
2004 - Master of Applied Sciences. James Cook University, Australia
2000 - BSc (Hons). Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon, Portugal

Scientific activities

Research fellow (2018-2021)
Investigador de post doutoramento (2011-2018)
Professor convidado 30% (2015-2017)



NanoPlanet - Nanoplastics toxicity assessment: from gene to personality See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Main Supervisor): Ana Marta Morais (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Katie Hare (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Nurya Inocentes (not a CESAM member)

licenciatura (Main Supervisor): Aaron Jessop (not a CESAM member)

Honours Thesis (Main Supervisor): Hayley Wolcott (not a CESAM member)

Honours Thesis (Co-supervisor): Madeleine Emms (not a CESAM member)

Honours Thesis (Co-supervisor): Andrew Nash (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Maria João Janeiro (ex-CESAM member)



2021 - Coral settlement and recruitment responses to reef fish foraging and diversity. Reef Conservation UK

2021 – Concepts in fish personality: Using guppy as a model species. International Conference of Poecillid Biologists, Wageningen University in the Netherlands

2021 - Supporting personalised and distance learning across Europe with new technologies. Conference in Higher Education Scotland. University of St Andrews

2020 - The Future of Higher Education – Developing a curriculum that benefit Society. Royal Society of Edinburgh, Young Academy of Scotland

2020 - Debating the Future of Higher Education Post-Covid: a world from a practitioner’s perspective. Royal Society of Edinburgh, Young Academy of Scotland

2019 - Modelling Growth and Reproduction strategy of Daphnia under varying temperature conditions. 7th Channel Network Conference. Rothamsted, UK

2018 - Synergy effects of fluoxetine and variability in temperature lead to proportionally greater fitness costs: A multigenerational test. 28th Annual Meeting SETAC Rome (poster)

2018 - Can personality influence the response of fish to environmental contaminants? 28th Annual Meeting SETAC Rome (poster)

2017 - Variation in behaviour is an invasive species. International Conference of Poecillid Biologists. University of Oklahoma Norman.  

2015 - Maternal Response to increased environmental unpredictability. Annual Meeting of the British Ecological Society (BES). Edinburgh, UK

2014 - The stress effects of female multiple mating. 6th European Conference of Poeciliid Biologists. Exeter, UK

2012 - Early social conditions delay the development of sexual behaviour in Trinidadian guppies. 5th European Conference of Poeciliid Biologists. Trinidad.

2010 - The effect of polyandry on male phenotypic diversity. 4th European Conference of Poeciliid Biologists. St Andrews, UK.

2008 - The facultative adaptation of offspring sex ratio, number and size under extreme population sex ratios in the Trinidadian guppy, Poecilia reticulata. Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Conference. London, UK.

2008 - (In)direct benefits of Female multiple mating. Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes. Boston, US

2008 - Female multiple mating and Indirect benefits. 3rd European Conference of Poeciliid Biologists. Padova, Italy

2007 - Male sexual behaviour in Trinidadian guppy: the effect of early social interaction and sex ratio. 30th International Ethology Conference. Halifax, Canada.

2007 - Female guppies and polyandry. Questions and Answers. Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Meeting. Exeter, UK.

2007 - Female guppies actively promote polyandry. Scottish Conference of Animal Behaviour (SCAB). St Andrews, UK.

2005 - Male sexual behaviour in Trinidadian guppy: the effect of population sex-ratio. 2nd European Conference of Poeciliid Biologists in Trondheim, Norway.

CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020


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