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Hugo Ricardo Soares Monteiro

Hugo Ricardo Soares Monteiro

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Academic degrees

29/01/2019 - PhD in Biology - University of Aveiro

2011 - Master in Biotechnology of Marine Resources - School of Tourism and Maritime Technology

2009 - Licentiate in Marine Biology and Biotechnology - School of Tourism and Maritime Technology

Scientific activities

2019 - Post-doc colaborator at UA under the supervision of Doctor João Pestana

2012-2019: PhD student in Biology at University of Aveiro "Toxicity of pesticides to Chironomus riparius: changes in proteome, biochemical biomarkers and individual responses" (FCT Grant: SFRH/BD/80988/2011)

2011 -Research Fellow “Algelo – ice supplemented with seaweeds” - School of Tourism and Maritime Technology (ESTM) - Polytechnic of Leiria



Scientific Supervision


Patent PT104814 - Gelo suplementado com algas edíveis e/ou produtos derivados destas

Prizes and Awards

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Best poster presentation:

Monteiro HR, Pestana JLT, Leston S, Ramos F, Soares AMVM, Devreese B, Lemos MFL (2014) Changes in growth, emergence and behaviour of Chironomus riparius larvae exposed to the insecticide Fipronil. XVII Congress of the Iberian Association of Limnology, Santander


Lotaçor Annual Academic Award, 2009 with the subject “ALGELO: Ice Suplemented with algae extracts with antioxidant and antimicrobial activities"

Domain of Specialization/ Research Interests

Scientific domain:

Marine and Environmental Biotechnology, Ecotoxicology and Proteomics.

Research Interests:

Aquatic Toxicology



CESAM Funding: