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Martinho António Santos Martins

Martinho António Santos Martins

PhD Student

Research interests

My research interest centers on how primary forest soil functions are affected by construction of terraces in forest plantations, and how these functions are re-established with time-since-terracing. And thus, subsequent implications for hydrological and erosion processes, implications on soil biological activity/functional diversity and implications on associated ecosystem services.

Academic degrees

2010 - Graduate in Environmental Engineering by the University of Aveiro, Portugal.

2011 – MSc in Environmental Engineering by the University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Scientific activities

2018/2021 -- Doctoral FCT fellow (SFRH/BD/129859/2017)

2017 -------- Research fellow in FIRE-C-Buds project (PTDC/AGR-FOR/4143/2014)

2015/2016 -- Research fellow in RECARE EU FP7 Environment project (ENV.2013.6.2-4.2.)

2014 -------- Research fellow in CASCADE EU FP7 Environment project (ENV.2011.2.1.4-2)

2013 -------- Research fellow in TRANSFIBRA project (QREN: Contrato No. 2012/023148)

2012 -------- Research fellow in FIRECNUTS project (PTDC/AGR-CFL/104559/2008)



FEMME - Development of a post-Fire Erosion risk Modelling tool for forest Management decision support, in particular, the application of Emergency stabilization measures See more

WAFLE - Water footprint profile assessment of forests - the case of eucalypt See more


CASCADE - CAtastrophic Shifts in drylands: how CAn we prevent ecosystem DEgradation See more

FIRECNUTS - WildFIRE effects on topsoil Carbon and NUTrient Stocks, dynamics and exports See more

Scientific Supervision

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