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PAREXPO – Particulate Matter in Ambient Air and Human Exposure
Coordinator - Carlos Borrego
Programme - POCI
Execution dates - 2005-12-01 - 2008-11-30 (36 Months)
Funding Entity - FCT
Funding for CESAM - 74997 €
Total Funding - 74997 €
Proponent Institution -

PAREXPO (Particulate Matter in Ambient Air and Human Exposure - POCI/ AMB/ 57393/ 2004) is another ongoing FCT project dealing with effects of air pollution on human health, namely particulate pollution. The main objective of this project is the assessment of ambient air particulate matter concentrations in a selected Portuguese high populated urban area where PM air pollution constitutes a concerned problem in terms of human health, and their effect on human exposure and health. Porto region was selected as study area. Data on emissions, air quality and population characterization has been collected and analysed.
Another important and innovative goal of PAREXPO is the development of two methodologies, based on modelling techniques, to estimate, respectively, long-term and short-term human exposures. Long term air quality and exposure simulations at regional scale have been performed leading to the conclusion that, in fact, air pollution due to PM10 could cause impacts on health of population living and/ or working in the study region. The following step will be the development and application of air quality and exposure modelling at local scale, aiming to evaluate episodic situations (short term) and acute effects on the study population health.

Members on this project
Alexandra C. S. Monteiro
Pos-doc researcher

Pos-doc researcher
Carlos Borrego
Joana Valente
PhD student
Richard Tavares
PhD Student

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