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COOPERMINHO - Valorization of the fishing production of the Minho River - Contribution to the management and valorization of fishing products of the Minho River – Communication and socio-environmental training of the Local community for valorization of the fish resources of the Minho River
Coordinator - Ulisses M Azeiteiro
CESAM Responsible researcher - Ulisses M. Azeiteiro
Programme - MAR2020
Execution dates - 2018-09-02 - 2020-09-30 (25 Months)
Funding Entity - MAR2020 Portugal2020 União Europeia
Funding for CESAM - 142928.54 €
Total Funding - 142928.54 €
Proponent Institution - Universidade de Aveiro

Running until December 2020, this project, which integrates the measure “Promoting Sustainable, Efficient, Innovative and Competitive Fishing”, in the “Innovation and Knowledge” Action, and in the Intervention “Partnerships between Scientists and Fishermen”, aims the valorization of the fish resources of the Minho River and associated socio-cultural heritage, among consumers, the implementation of good practices among the professionals involved in the activity and the promotion of the sustainability of the exploited resources.

Members on this project
Amadeu Soares
Fernando Morgado
Mário Pereira

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