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RedEco - Regional Drivers of Ecosystem Change and its Influence on Deep-Sea Populations in the Mediterranean
CESAM Responsible researcher - Marina R. Cunha
Programme - European Science Foundation MARINERA
Execution dates - 2009-04-01 - 2013-03-31 (48 Months)
Funding Entity - FCT e outras
Funding for CESAM - 36600 €
Total Funding - 109860 €
Proponent Institution - Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece
Participating Institutions
Universidade de Aveiro
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Universitat de Barcelona, IMAR, University of Piraeus, CNRS


The deep-sea floor ecosystem is one of the largest on the planet, covering roughly 60% of the Earth's surface. Despite this vast size, our knowledge of the deep sea is poor relative to other marine ecosystems and future effects of human activities, either indirectly through climate changes or directly through exploitation of deep-sea
resources are difficult to predict.
This project focuses on key drivers of climate change (such as temperature changes, shifts in surface primary productivity, cold water cascading etc.) and examines their impact on deep-sea ecosystems. ReDEco will combine previously collected data with new information from a diverse array of study sites in the Mediterranean to allow insights into long-term change in deep-sea ecosystems on a large scale. This will enable a better understanding and prediction of decadal-scale fluctuations and their impact on biological communities and ecosystem functioning, which is essential for identifying vulnerable systems and pursuing options to enhance resilience and
human wellbeing.

Members on this project
Ascensão A. Ravara
Grant Holder
Luciana Génio
Victor Quintino

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