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Assessment of the presence and distribution of hazardous substances in sediments and waters of Mediterranean temporary rivers: case of Sebou basin
Coordinator - Regina Duarte
Programme - Cooperação Científica e Tecnológica FCT/CNRST - Marrocos - 2013/2014
Execution dates - 2013-06-01 - 2015-05-31 (24 Months)
Funding Entity - FCT; CNRST
Funding for CESAM - 3000 €
Total Funding - 3000 €
Proponent Institution - Universidade de Aveiro
Participating Institutions
Université Moulay Ismail (Marrocos)

The management of sustainable aquatic ecosystems requires the use of monitoring surveys based on advanced analytical techniques. The Sebou Basin is a major river basin in Morocco that receives a large flow of untreated wastewater containing high levels of metals and persistent organic pollutants. This project aims at assessing the pollution levels originating from these hazardous substances, focusing on their accumulation and transport in the basin under different meteorological conditions.

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