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Investigation aerosols episodes using air quality modelling with data assimilation and data fusion techniques
Coordinator - Hendrik Helbern
CESAM Responsible researcher - Alexandra Monteiro
Programme - Acção Integrada Luso-Alemã A31-16
Execution dates - 2016-01-01 - 2018-12-31 (36 Months)
Funding for CESAM - 4000 €
Proponent Institution - Universidade de Colónia, Alemanha
Participating Institutions
Universidade de Aveiro

The main innovation of this project is related to the investigation of the origin of aerosols episodes occurred over Portugal and Germany, using the EURAD-IM air quality modelling system improved with observational data (data fusion/assimilation techniques). This project will contribute both to explain aerosols episodes and to improve the 4D-var (data assimilation) and RAT (data fusion) techniques, developed by the German and Portuguese partners, respectively. The outcomes of this exploration will support more efficient and effective regional/local air quality plans in the scope of the European air quality Directive, while promoting the development of more robust techniques to combine observational data with modelling tools.

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