Caring about the future

  • Authors: Alves, C; Nunes, T; Vicente, A; Gonçalves, C; Evtyugina, M; Marques, T; Pio, C; Bate-Epey, F
  • Author Full Name: Alves, Celia; Nunes, Teresa; Vicente, Ana; Gonçalves, Catia; Evtyugina, Margarita; Marques, Telma; Pio, Casimiro; Bate-Epey, Frieda
  • Title: Speciation of organic compounds in aerosols from urban background sites in the winter season
  • Publication Type: J
  • Document Type: Article
  • Year Published: 2014
  • Volume: 150
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1016/j.atmosres.2014.07.012
  • Unique Article Identifier: WOS:000342266500006
  • link:

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