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  • Authors: Waser, N.M., Price, M.V., Mbwambo, J.R., TBA Amani Forest Consortium
  • Group Author: Boahene, F.A., Akemien, N.N., Chateya, R.J., Chauke, J., Dahm, M., Gba, B.C., Goudegnon, E.O.A., Johnson, C., Karanja, H., Kerr, N. Maajabu, J., Mangold, A., Manzini, S., Mosimann, C., Mukundwa, D., Muthama, A., Nuttman, C., Nilsson, L., Nyombi, H., Odé, E., Odera, G.J., Oliveira, F., Pallangyo, J.Y., Rajabu, I., Schoenenberger, A-K., Tuczapski, P.T. & van Dalen, T.J.P.
  • Title: Removing other mature canopy trees does not benefit the timber species Cephalosphaera usambarensis
  • Publication Type: journal article
  • Year Published: 2013
  • Volume: 82
  • Issue: 2

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