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  • Authors: Lynam CP, Uusitalo L, Patrício J, Piroddi C, Queiros AM, Teixeira H, Rossberg AG, Sagarminaga Y, Hyder K, Niquil N, Möllmann C, Wilson C, Chust G, Galparsoro I, Forster R, Verissimo H, Tedesco L, Revilla M, Neville S
  • Title: Uses of innovative modelling tools within the implementation of the marine strategy framework directive
  • Publication Type: J
  • Source: Frontiers in Marine Science
  • Document Type: Article
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Volume: 3
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.3389/fmars.2016.00182
  • Unique Article Identifier: .
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