Caring about the future

  • Authors: Amato F., Lucarelli F., Nava S., Calzolai G., Karanasiou A., Colombi C., Gianelle v.L., Alves C., Custódio D., Eleftheriadis K., Diapouli E., Reche C., Alastuey A., Minguillón M.C., Severi M., Becagli S., Nunes T., Cerqueira M., Pio C., Manousakas M., Maggos T., Vratolis S., Harrison R.M., Querol X.
  • Editors: Harrison R.M., Hester R.E., Querol X.
  • Title: Airborne Particulate Matter : Sources, Atmospheric Processes and Health
  • Chapter Title: Case Studies of Source Apportionment and Suggested Measures at Southern European Cities
  • Series: Issues in Environmental Science and Technology nº42
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Book Digital Object Identifier (DOI):
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