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  • Authors: Keizer, JJ, Abrantes, N, Nunes, JP, Caetano, A, Campos, I, Faria, S, Gonzaléz-Pelayo, O, Hoogerwerf, A, Malvar, A, Martins, M, Methorst, M, Oliveira, B, Prats, S, Puga, J, Ré, A, Silva, F, Serpa, D, Varela, M, Verheijen, F, Vieira, D.
  • Title: Recent advances towards an integrated assessment of wildfire effects in forest plantation in Portugal.
  • Publication Type: Oral Communication
  • Source: Geophysical Resarch Abstracts, vol.19, EGU 14369
  • Conference Title: European Geosciences Union-EGU - EGU General Assembly
  • Conference Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Conference Date: 23-28 April 2017
  • Year Published: 2017

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