Forging sustainability

  • Authors: Keizer J.J., Prats S., Abrantes N., Vieira A., Caetano A., Ré A., Oliveira B., Coelho C., Fernandes C., Ribeiro C., Vieira D., Silva F., Campos I., Puga J., Rocha J., Carreiras J.P., Nunes J.P., Saraiva M.J., Martins M., Malvar M., González-Pelayo O., Valente S
  • Title: Post-fire contamination control measures.
  • Publication Type: Oral Communication
  • Conference Title: CONNECTEUR Meeting “Connecting burnt hillslopes, streams and reservoirs: impacts of fires on water quality”
  • Conference Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Conference Date: 14-16 Feb 20018
  • Year Published: 2018

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