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  • Authors: Blaschikoff, L.; Serra, O.; Cardoso, J.L.; Fernández-Rodríguez, C.; Sousa, A.C.; Moreno-Garcia, M.; Guimarães, S.; Simões, F.; Detry, C.; Ferreira, E.; Götherström, A.; Ginja, C.; Pires, A.E.
  • Title: Iberian Chalcolitic Canis: a genomic approach to know them better
  • Conference Title: 8th ICAZ - APGM Congress (International Council for Archaeozoology - Archaeozoology, Genetics, Proteomics & Morphometrics)
  • Conference Location: Paris, France
  • Conference Date: 17-18 October
  • Year Published: 2019

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