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  • Authors: Malvar C.M, Prats A.S., Martins M.A.S., Vieira D.C.S., Machado A.I., Sherpa D., Gonzalez-Pelayo O., Valente S., Ferreira A.J.D., Coelho C.O.A., Keizer J.J.
  • Title: Scientific steps through a sustainable forest management in north-central Portugal: Assessing the impacts of pre- and post-fire ground preparations, logging and mitigation treatments on post-fire runoff and erosion.
  • Conference Title: Participar no rumo e no cuidar da floresta portuguesa: um repto para todos? Conferência nacional do projeto Forestake
  • Conference Location: Aveiro, Portugal
  • Conference Date: 20-21/09/2013
  • Year Published: 2013

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