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Miguel Barbosa

Miguel Barbosa

Investigador dePós-Doutoramento

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  • Departamento: CESAM
  • Grupo de Investigação: Biodiversidade Funcional
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: Research ID = E-9104-2010. Google Scholar user=8FTLCskAAAAJ&hl=en. ORCID

Interesses de investigação

I am interested in quantifying evolutionary, ecological and behavioural responses to changes in environmental conditions. I am particularly interested in understanding how increased environmental heterogeneity caused by global change affects species responses and distributions. My research combines experiments and field observations to quantify intergenerational effects of environmental change using tropical fish.

Graus académicos

2000 - BSc (Hons). Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon, Portugal
2004 - Master of Applied Sciences. James Cook University, Australia
2009 - PhD. University of St Andrews, Scotland

Atividades científicas

Investigador de post doutoramento (2011-2018)
Professor convidado 30% (2015-2017)



Orientações científicas

Master (Orientador Principal): Ana Marta Morais (not a CESAM member)

Master (Orientador Principal): Nurya Inocentes (not a CESAM member)

Honours Thesis (Orientador Principal): Hayley Wolcott (not a CESAM member)

Honours Thesis (Co-orientador): Madeleine Emms (not a CESAM member)

Honours Thesis (Co-orientador): Andrew Nash (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Co-orientador): Maria João Janeiro (CESAM member)

Financiamento do CESAM: