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VISION RD4SD - Producing a shared vision on how to harness Research & Development for Sustainable Development
Programa - EC FP7
Período de Execução - 2010-12-01 - 2013-11-30 (36 Meses)
Instituicão Proponente - Universidade de Lisboa
Instituições Participantes
Universidade de Aveiro

Descrição do Projecto

The main objective of VISION RD4SD is to ensure that Europe is able to contribute to a Sustainable Development of the world by formulating policies and decisions based on robust, up to date knowledge of highest scientific quality. The project focuses on a dialogue among European science policy-makers, administrators and those funding-policy makers in general who demand and need solutions from VISION RD4SD. The project will develop an overview of how research and development to support a sustainable development is being funded, supported and evaluated by science policy. This will be done by a number of state of the art studies. These studies will be carried out through desk research and interviews, on country, regional and European scale. The dialogue process will consist of a set of facilitated workshops. The results of these workshops will be synthesised in a shared vision of how to harness Research & Development for Sustainable Development. The final step of the project will disseminate the results to a broader target group in science policy as well as science communities working in support of Sustainable Development. - See more at:

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Financiamento do CESAM: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020