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  • Authors: Cachada, A; Dias, AC; Reis, AP; da Silva, EF; Pereira, R; Duarte, AD; Patinha, C
  • Author Full Name: Cachada, Anabela; Dias, Ana Claudia; Reis, Amelia Paula; da Silva, Eduardo Ferreira; Pereira, Ruth; Duarte, Armando da Costa; Patinha, Carla
  • Título: Multivariate Analysis for Assessing Sources, and Potential Risks of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Lisbon Urban Soils
  • Publication Type: J
  • Source: MINERALS
  • Document Type: Article
  • Year Published: 2019
  • Volume: 9
  • Issue: 3
  • Article Number: 139
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.3390/min9030139

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