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  • Authors: Cenci, L., Persichillo, M.G., Disperati, L., Oliveira, E.R., Alves, F.L., Boni, G., Pulverenti, L, Philips, M.
  • Author Full Name: Luca Cenci, Maria Giuseppina Persichillo, Leonardo Disperati , Eduardo R. Oliveira, Maria de Fátima Lopes Alves, Giorgio Boni, Luca Pulvirenti, and Mike Phillips
  • Title: Validation of a short-term shoreline evolution model and coastal risk management implications. The case of the NW Portuguese coast (Ovar-Marinha Grande)
  • Publication Type: Poster
  • Conference Title: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015
  • Conference Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Conference Date: 12-17 April 2015
  • Document Type: Abstract
  • Year Published: 2015

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