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Andreia do Carmo Martins Rodrigues

Andreia do Carmo Martins Rodrigues

Assistant Researcher

  • Researcher ID: C-4539-2015
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-9839-6290
  • Ciencia ID: 8F1D-0B04-9014
  • Department: Biology
  • Research Group: Environmental Changes, Hazards & Conservation (ECHC)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU=(Rodrigues ACM) and AD=(Aveiro); Scopus Author ID: 56053301700

Research interests

Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Marine and freshwater systems
Biotic and abiotic stressors, pesticides, metals
Fish, Aquatic invertebrates, Food webs
Invasive species

Nutrition in aquaculture
Climate changes
Biochemical, physiological and behavioral biomarkers

Academic degrees

2017 - PhD in Biology, expertise in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Biology, splitted between IDAEA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain) and Department of Biology (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
2011 - MSc in Applied Biology, expertise in Toxicology and Ecotoxicology, Department of Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal
2009 - Graduation in Biology, Department of Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Scientific activities

Sept 2020 - April 2021 - Researcher into the project "GOGOFROG: Alternative methods to animal experimentation for amphibian risk assessment: cell lines and spermatozoa", University of Aveiro, Portugal
Mar 2018 to Mar 2020 - Research fellow in the project "BioDepura - Development of methodologies for depuration of bivalve mollusks suitable to the physiological requirements of each species", University of Aveiro, Portugal
Sept 2018 - Lecturer at the advanced course "Community-based aquaculturea path to sustainable development", Department of Biology, UA
Mar 2018 - Lecturer at the workshop "Research at Ecomare" (, Department of Biology and CESAM, UA
2017 - Research technician in the project "ALISSA - Healthy and sustainable food for aquaculture fish", UA, Portugal
2015 to date - Reviewer (
Sep - Dec 2010 - Research activity at Laboratory of Marine Ecotoxicology (LABOMAR), Instituto de Ciências do Mar, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza (Brazil)
July 2010 and 2011 - Scientific monitor at "Academia de Verão", Department of Biology, UA, Portugal


Jan 2012 – Dez 2015 - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT PhD grant (SFRH/BD/79424/2011)
Jul - Oct 2009 - Santander Scholarship Programme, Internship at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Oct 2008 - Jun 2009 - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT BII/C2008/CESAM-UA/Biologia



Modelling mercury remobilization and transport in Ria de Aveiro: Effects of Climate Change, extreme and dredging events See more

GOGOFROG: Alternative methods to animal experimentation for amphibian risk assessment: cell lines and spermatozoa See more

BioDepura - Development of methodologies for depuration of bivalve molluscs suitable to the physiological requirements of each species See more

ALISSA - Healthy and sustainable food for aquaculture fish See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Pedro Miguel da Silva Soares Pinto de Seabra (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Miguel Bruno Félix Colaço (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): José Diogo dos Santos Gomes (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Pedro Jorge Salgueiro Pereira Agostinho (ex-CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Sara de Ornelas Nobre Carraça (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Jamen Júlio Ali Mussa (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Luísa Alves Inácio (not a CESAM member)

Licenciatura (Co-supervisor): Beatriz Correia (not a CESAM member)

Pesquisa Aplicada (Co-supervisor): João Pedro Vanzeler de Sousa Caires (not a CESAM member)

Pesquisa (Co-supervisor): Daniel Almeida Matos (not a CESAM member)

Pesquisa (Co-supervisor): Cátia Filipa de Sousa Azevedo (not a CESAM member)

Pesquisa (Co-supervisor): Daniela Galvão (not a CESAM member)

Pesquisa (Co-supervisor): Júlia Gomes (not a CESAM member)

Call for papers in a Special Issue

não existe legenda para esta imagemnão existe legenda para esta imagem

Guest Editors  Dr. Andreia C M Rodrigues and Dr. Maria Donas-Bôtto Bordalo would like to invite you to contribute with your work to a special issue entitled Combined effects of Climate Change and Merging Chemicals on Ecosystems. Manuscripts can be submitted until the 30 June 2021.

Workshops & other Formations

- CAL-AQUA – Laboratory Aquatic Organisms Sciences, organized by CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research, 7 – 11 May 2018 (41 hours, the programme of the cours follows the guidelines of DGVA, Portugal and FELASA in education and training of persons working with laboratory animals – Functions a), c) and d))

- Sharing Best Practice in Marine Conservation. By Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and CIIMAR. CIIMAR, Porto, Portugal, 22 January 2018.

- Workshop Chemical Risk Assessment: Stoffenmanager crash course cases Portugal; in Europeanseminar Chemical Risk Assessment - REACH and CLP. UA, 27-28 November 2017

- Advanced course on Biomarkers in Ecotoxicology: user-friendly approach, Department of Biology, UA, 5-9 June 2017

- Short course on "Statistical methods in ecotoxicology using R". by Christian Ritz, Jens C. Streibig, Signed M. Jensen, and Elise Billoir. In Brussels, Belgium, 07 May 2017

- Advanced course on Experimental Design and Analysis of Multivariate Data, Department of Biology, UA, 26-30 January 2015 (40 hours)

- Workshop on Effects of salinization in freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, Department of Biology and CESAM, UA. 22th July 2014

- Advanced course on Scientific communication, Department of Biology, UA. 11-14 June 2013 (40 hours)

- Advanced course on Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) for Ecology, University of Coimbra, 25-29 March 2013 (35 hours)

- Advanced course on Ecotoxicology of amphibians and reptiles: from theory to practice, Department of Biology, UA. 4-8 April 2011 (40 hours)

- Advanced course on Nanoparticle Fate Assessment and Toxocity in the Environment - Nanofate, UA. 20-22 January 2011 (40 hours)

- Advanced course on Topics on environmental mixture toxicity, Department of Biology, UA. 6-10 September 2010 (40 hours)

Organization of Scientific Events

Symposium "Water access matters, engaging everyone". Event to celebrate the World Water Day, with the official support of UN-Water, (2019/03/22 - 2019/03/22, UA)

Organizing comittee of IV Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Pós-Graduação de Ciência Biológicas, 30th March-2nd April 2015, University of Aveiro (

Personal Skills & Competences

- Mother language: Portuguese
- Other (oral/written): English (very good/very good), French (fair/poor), Spanish (good/poor)
- Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
- Other programs: Minitab 16, IBM SPSS Statistics, SigmaPlot 10.0, Graphpad Prism 7.0, Mendeley, EndNote X1.0

Participation in research projects

PTDC/AAC-AMB/119433/2010 IDEAL - Insecticides, DEtritivores and ALiens: Combined effects of invasive species and insecticides along detritus based stream food webs.

CAPES- FCT 240/09 Contaminação Ambiental por Poluentes Orgânicos Persistentes (POPs) e
Disruptores endócrinos: Estudo comparativo entre dois ecossistemas de transição, Ria de Aveiro (Portugal) e Bacia do Rio Ceará (Brasil), utilizando biomarcadores.

PTDC/MAR/64729/2006 Disruptores Endócrinos e Poluentes orgânicos persistentes (POPs). Estudo Comparativo entre dois ecossistemas de transição: a Ria de Aveiro e a Laguna de Términos"

CESAM Funding: