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Smart Wine Grid Plus
Coordinator - Lúcia Bilro
CESAM Responsible researcher - Maria Tereza S.R. Gomes
Programme - Programa Operacional Regional do Centro, projetos de I&D - projetos individuais
Execution dates - 2016-10-20 - 2017-04-20 (6 Months)
Funding Entity - FEDER
Funding for CESAM - 12586 €
Total Funding - 229644 €
Proponent Institution - IT
Participating Institutions
Universidade de Aveiro

"Winegrid+ is a solution that makes significant improvements in a product directed to the wine sector with simple functionalities. This R&D project will improve the sensory capabilities of the sensor units (namely through the evaluation of additional parameters such as total sugar, total phenolic content,
temperature, pH, total acid) and integrate into the monitoring system platform consisting of sensors, analytical software for processing real-time data, classification and detection of anomalies, with interoperability and big data analysis capacity.
The solution will have added functionality compared to existing products on the market by providing both quality measuring multi-parameter (turbidity, temperature, color and wine level, total sugar, total phenolic content, temperature, pH, total acids), evaluation of quality and control of the wine
production process in real time, analytical predictions based on historical information, setting of alarms in critical processes of vinification in order to control the quality and quantity of wine, providing the necessary interventions in a timely manner and the possibility to track and analyse the various parameterss in real time, anywhere via computer or phone.
Winegrid+ introduces the concept of ""Precision Enology"" in a competitive market with strong export orientation, in a sector that recognizes the importance of technological advances in the improvement of its processes. The advantages over standard electronic sensors, particularly in its versatility, realtime monitoring, performance and miniaturization are promising for the recognition of Watgrid among the leading wine producers worldwide, which will enhance its internationalization and sustainable growth of this technology-based startup."

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