Caring about the future

  • Authors: Nuzzo M, Nuzzo M., Hornibrook E., Hornibrook E R C, Hensen C., Hensen C, Parkes J., Parkes R J, Cragg B., Cragg B A, Rinna J., Rinna J, Von Deimling, J., Von Deimling J S, Sommer S., Sommer S, Magalhães V H, Magalhães V., Reitz A, Reitz A., Bruckmann W, Bruckmann W., Pinheiro L M, Pinheiro L.M.
  • Title: Shallow microbial recycling of deep-sourced carbon in Gulf of Cadiz mud volcanoes
  • Source: Geomicrobiology Journal
  • Year Published: 2008
  • Volume: 25
  • Unique Article Identifier: ISI WOS

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