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  • Authors: Monteiro, SS; Vingada, JV; Lopez, A; Pierce, GJ; Ferreira, M; Brownlow, A; Mikkelsen, B; Niemeyer, M; Deaville, RJ; Eira, C; Piertney, S
  • Author Full Name: Monteiro, Slvia S.; Vingada, Jose V.; Lopez, Alfredo; Pierce, Graham J.; Ferreira, Marisa; Brownlow, Andrew; Mikkelsen, Bjarni; Niemeyer, Misty; Deaville, Robert J.; Eira, Catarina; Piertney, Stuart
  • Title: Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) class II sequence polymorphism in long-finned pilot whale (Globicephala melas) from the North Atlantic
  • Publication Type: J
  • Document Type: Article
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Volume: 12
  • Issue: 6
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1080/17451000.2016.1174266
  • Unique Article Identifier: WOS:000380112000004

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