Building the future by doing more together

  • Authors: João A. Soares, João Rocha, Lisa P. Sousa, Pedro Almeida, Bruno Silveira, Carla Teotónio, Eduardo Oliveira, Henrique Alves, Maria da Luz Fernandes, Ana I. Lillebø, Peter Roebeling, Fátima L. Alves, Celeste Coelho
  • Título: On-going projects on interdisciplinary research approaches and multi-scale analyses of Ria de Aveiro coastal lagoon and linked interfaces. In: Roebeling, P.C. & Rocha, J. (Eds), 2013. TWAM2013 International Conference & Workshops – Book of abstracts. CESAM – Department of Environment & Planning, University of Aveiro, Portugal. 93pp. ISBN: 978-972-789-377-5. Aveiro, March 2013.
  • Year Published: 2013

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