Building the future by doing more together

  • Authors: Dolbeth M, Stålnacke P, Alves FL, Sousa LP, Gooch GD, Khokhlov V, Tuchkovenko Y, Lloret J, Bielecka M, Rozynski G, Soares JA, Baggett S, Margonski P, Chubarenko BV, Lillebø AI.
  • Título: European coastal lagoons management perspectives using a mosaic-DPSIR approach
  • Source: ECSA 56, Coastal systems in transition: From a ‘natural’ to an ‘antropogeni
  • Conference Title: cally-modified’ state
  • Conference Location: Bremen, Germany
  • Conference Date: 4-7 September
  • Year Published: 2016

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