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PRUNING - Mapping open burning of agricultural residues from Earth Observations and modelling of air quality impacts See more
SPACE FOR SHORE 4.0 See more
ALICE - Air polLution: a stressor for environmental justICE See more
APAM - Air Pollution in an African Megacity: Source Apportionment and Health Implications See more
ClimACT - Future Climate Atlas for Portugal for climate change impact and mitigation research See more
FONDA - FOstering Nitrogen Deposition Assessment over Portugal See more
MIRACLE - MIcroencapsulation of Rhizobacteria and VOCs to increase plAnt growth and toLErance to drought: a biological approach to meet an agronomic need See more
NanoPlanet - Nanoplastics toxicity assessment: from gene to personality See more
NYMPHE -New system-driven bioremediation of polluted habitats and environment See more
PUFApods - Merging blue and green food systems - Using marine gammarid amphipods supplied with plant food processing side streams to produce n-3 LC-PUFA See more
RESTORE4C - Modelling RESTORation of wEtlands for Carbon pathways, Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem services, and biodiversity, Co-benefits See more
SAYFERT - Safety and effectiveness of Estarreja-based fertilisers under circular economy principles See more
SOLVO - Solutions to restore degraded Soils in mediterranean OLive orchards Via Organic mulch and biochar from olive industry waste See more
SYNERGY - Upgrading wastewater treatment via synergistic adsorption-degradation of organic microcontaminants by enzyme-modified carbon materials See more
A-AAGORA - Blueprint for Atlantic-Arctic Agora on cross-sectoral cooperation for restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems and increased climate resilience through transformative innovation See more
STEP - Schools Tackling Estarreja Air Pollution See more
A farm-to-fork analysis of vegetables microbiological risks at Estarreja municipality: setting up a monitoring program for household farms See more
PASTURE+ Adaptive and resilient pastures: biochar-based agroecology for improving ecosystem services above and belowground See more
EPIBOOST - BOOSting excellence in environmental EPIgenetics See more
FoRES - Development of forest Areas RESilience to fires in a climate change scenario See more
Can I eat this fish? - Dietary recommendations to reduce the mercury risk exposure See more
ETERNAL - Boosting the reduction of the environmental impact of pharmaceutical products throughout their entire life cycle See more
GES4SEAS- Achieving good environmental status for maintaining ecosystem services, by assessing integrated impacts of cumulative pressures See more
Ship Clones - Characterization and search for biomarker of marine transmissible cancers See more
TERRA - Climate change impacTs in EstaRRejA region See more
Citizen Arenas for improved environmental quality and resources use in SMART-ER cities See more
Sea2See: Innovative blockchain traceability technology and Stakeholders’ Engagement strAtegy for boosting Sustainable sEafood visibility, social acceptance and consumption in Europe See more
TRUESOIL - True SOC sequestration: understanding trade-offs and dynamic interactions between SOC stocks and GHG emissions for climate-smart agri-soil management See more
URGENTpine2.0 - Desenvolvimento de uma floresta resiliente com base na plataforma experimental Pinus-Fusarium circinatum: do conhecimento à ação. See more
DISTENDER - Developing Strategies by integrating mitigation, adaptation and participation to climate change risks See more
PRECIUS - Procurement Educational Consortium for Innovationsourcing Using Sustainability See more
PARC - Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals See more
COAST: Conservation of marine ecosystems around Santo Antão, Cabo Verde: implications for policy and society See more
DEEP REST -Conservation and restoration of deep-sea ecosystems in the context of deep-sea mining See more
BlueNIGHTs - A touch of Blue in the EU Researchers' Nights for a more Sustainable Use of the Ocean See more
SMART - diStributed AI systeM for mArine plastic debris monitoring See more
BioPlasMar - Plastic removal and valorization of marine resources through new product development See more
LED - Light pollution as an Endocrine Disruptor in urban aquatic ecosystems under pollution by antineoplastic drugs See more
NASCADIA – Natural photonic nanostructures: From implications in diatoms towards next generation nanobiodevices See more
POLLINATE - Can biochar-engineered soils boost habitat use for pollinators in Portuguese sown biodiverse pastures? See more
CAP-MOZ: Capacity building towards the implementation of an EcoHealth framework in Northern Mozambique See more
Cell4Janus - Engineering self-propelled cellulose-based Janus microrobots See more
CLING – Climate change-based building design guidelines See more
EduCITY - Smart and sustainable cities with Augmented Reality mobile educational games made by and for the Citizens See more
ENIGMA - Eco-friendly Nanotechnology in fish health manaGement for sustainable aquaculture developMent in Africa See more
ENTOSAFE- Edible insects: From a sustainable food production to a food safety concern See more
OptWire - Next-Generation Optical Wireless Communications Enabled by Artificial Intelligence See more
PORP2PS - Development of PORphyrin-triPhenylPosphonium PhotoSensitizers for photodynamic inactivation of microorganisms See more
SEARCHLIGHT - Diatom motility as driver of estuarine microphytobenthos productivity: species-specific photobehavior, photoprotection strategies, and light sensing mechanisms See more
COASTAL - MiCrofluidic sensOrs for rApid detection of marine toxins in SusTainable AquacuLture See more
ConBio – Contaminación en un contexto de cambio global: interacciones que amenazan la biodiversidad See more
SOILCOMBAT - Engineering the sponge function of Portuguese pasture soils to sustainably combat desertification See more
KleptoSlug - Kleptoplasty: The sea slug that got away with stolen chloroplasts See more
FIREURISK - Developing a holistic risk-wise strategy for european wildfire management See more
FLUI – Sistemas de extrusão duplo paralelo de ácido polilático com injeção modular de compostos bioativos para a produção de filmes flexíveis mono e multicamada biofuncionais para embalagens de produtos alimentares a partir de resíduos lenho-celulósicos See more
FATE - Study of adaptive evolution events associated with the rise of pathogenic potential in Aspergillii colonising polluted soils See more
BEAUTY: Big gEnome wide Applications for an ecotoxicology soil model – a knowledge base to Unravel mechanisms (nanopesTY_cides) See more
BigAir - Big data to improve atmospheric emission inventories See more
ConTribuT - Conversion of dietary tributyrin in rainbow trout See more
HALIUS - Halotolerant rhizobacteria for enhanced tolerance of Olea europaea to saline stress and infection See more
ModelEco - Modeling ecosystem fluxes with time-since-wildfire from remotely sensed vegetation indices and meteorological data See more
VitroTox - Linking in vitro to in vivo toxicity of pharmaceuticals: An integrative approach See more
BioValChar - Sustainable valorisation of residual biomass for biochar See more
CHRONIC- Chronic exposure scenarios driving environmental risks of chemicals See more
FirEProd - Prescribed burning, fire risk and eucalypts productivity: from research to practice See more
FIRESMOKE - A modelling system for wildfires smoke behaviour See more
MicroNiche – Exploring the endolithic niche of coral symbiotic microalgae inside reef sand grains See more
ShareFOREST - Sharing decisions in forests – participatory methodology for public and stakeholder engagement in the protection and valorisation of forests in Portugal See more
SLEEP - Shedding light on freshwater ecosystems under environmental change and pollution See more
GoBig - GlObal change and BioloGical Invasions: Potamopyrgus antipodarum as a case study See more
SmokeStorm - Forecasting and communicating wildland fire smoke effects See more
ECOMARE - SOS Marine Animals See more
BESIDE - Institutional, BEhavioural, critical and adaptive economics towards SustaInable Development, management of natural capital and circular Economy See more
MAXIMUS.PT - Research and development for the production of larvae and juveniles of turbot in maternity See more
NETA- New Strategies for Waste Water Treatment See more
SCREEN and TOXIN - Looking for the interference of sunscreen products on the accumulation of marine biotoxins in shellfish (Donax trunculus) and for “green” alternatives: innovation for environmental and socioeconomic sustainability See more
AM4SP – Additive manufacturing for smart plastics See more
F4F - Forest for Future See more
NATURAL - Nano-argilas para remoção/captura de fosfatos (P) e sua reutilização como fertilizante See more
RadoNorm - Towards effective radiation protection based on improved scientific evidence and social considerations - focus on radon and NORM See more
SPRINT - Sustainable Plant Protection Transition: A Global Health Approach See more
ATLACE - ATLantic interactions via atmospheric water cycle: exploiting a unique dataset from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition for better understanding of clouds and precipitation See more
NANOGREEN - Towards a new generation of sustainable nano-based additives for maritime anti-corrosion smart coatings: a multidisciplinary framework within the Atlantic See more
BETTER PLASTICS - Plastics in a circular economy See more
EMERGE - Evaluation, control and Mitigation of the EnviRonmental impacts of shippinG Emissions See more
AQUA-COMBINE - Integrated on-farm Aquaponics systems for co-production of fish, halophyte vegetables, bioactive compounds, and bioenergy See more
4D-REEF-Past, present, and future of coral reefs in the Coral Triangle See more
ELP-WI - Scaling up Rewilding in Western Iberia See more
LIFE WolFlux - Decreasing socio-ecological barriers to connectivity for wolves south of the Douro river See more

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