Caring about the future

CLEAR - Resorting to microbial Consortia to restore metaL-contaminated soils for the area of EstArReja See more
Modelling mercury remobilization and transport in Ria de Aveiro: Effects of Climate Change, extreme and dredging events See more
SPACE FOR SHORE 3.0 See more
Supporting the national strandings network: North of Portugal See more
MOSAIC - Application of microbial-laden biochar as a proxy for long-term sustainability of contaminated soils See more
ChemREs2 – PAHs and inorganic contaminants in Estarreja’s rainwater: sources, spatial-temporal changes, and implications for the environment and human health See more
PAMP_it_UP - PAMPas grass control in the University of Aveiro campus, in marginal areas of Ria de Aveiro See more
VESPRA - Vulnerable Elements in Spain and Portugal and Risk Assessment See more
WaderTrack - High precision tracking system of waders See more
JAVALI.PT - Action Plan for the wild boar in Portugal See more
FITA - FIghting Towards restoration Actions for Zostera marina (Linnaeus, 1753) See more
Campaign to survey the operation of “dredging the ZALI deposits and adjacent Aveiro harbour bottoms to reinforce the coastal stretch south of Costa Nova” See more
Monitorização da empreitada de “Dragagem dos fundos adjacentes e remoção dos inertes da ZALI do Porto de Aveiro para reforço do cordão litoral a sul da Costa Nova" See more
DEEPBaseline: Co-creating a knowledge baseline on the diversity and distribution os sponge and coral vulnerable marine ecosystems of the Portuguese continental shelf See more
COACH - COoperative approACH applied to conservation and management of cockles See more
SENSECOR – Immunosensory integrated system for a fast and efficient detection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 See more
RaMP - Rapid-response to Marine Pollution See more
UMBERT-eco - Ecosystem services on horticulture: value of native mirid species See more
Feasibility study of sand transposition on Aveiro and Figueira da Foz tidal inlets See more
FRISCO-Managing Fire-induced RISks of water quality Contamination See more
Investigation of microplastic influence on water resources See more
ProBioMar - Modelling processes and functions of lagoon ecosystems: a better management and conservation of marine biological resources See more
Strandings network in the North of Portugal: marine mammals and seaturtles See more
AGREST – AGRiculture at ESTarreja region: a satellite screening over the past four decades See more
Symbioreactor - Sustainable Production of Bioactive Metabolites from Microbial Symbionts of Marine Sponges and Corals See more
Síntese de novos Nanoadsorventes, suas caracterizações e aplicações na adsorção de poluentes em águas See more
CREDIPULA - Understanding the invasion process and current stage of the American slipper limpet Crepidula fornicata (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Ria de Aveiro coastal lagoon See more
NAVSAFETY - Emergent Remote Sensing technologies in real-time support to security navigation in harbour areas See more
SIMAtlantic - Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Atlantic See more
NEPTUNUS - Water-energy-seafood nexus: eco-innovation and circular economy strategies in the Atlantic area See more
Review of Red Book of Mammals in Portugal and evaluation of the conservation status See more
NEXTRA - Enabling the NEXT Generation of Smarter TRAnsformers See more
SisMAR - Maritime Safety Support System See more
CHARCLEAN - Technological upgrading of charcoal kilns to make them clean and resource efficient targeting a fire resilient economy in Portuguese rural areas See more
Integrating nesting habitat restoration with at-sea individual-based biomonitoring of the Endangered seabird Pterodroma cahow endemic to Bermuda See more
LabMAF - Developing a Labelling Scheme for Mediterranean Small-scale and Artisanal Fish Products See more
SPORE - Space for Shore See more
AMBIEnCE - Impact of atmospheric multi-stressors to coastal marine systems in a changing climate scenario See more
Bioelectronic Tongue System for the Paralytic Toxins detection in shellfish See more
ConMar - Conservação do Meio Marinho: contribuição para a conservação do Sítio Maceda-Praia da Vieira e ZPE Aveiro-Nazaré See more
FIRE-MODSAT II - Supporting FIRE-management decisions combining fire spread MODelling and SATellite data in an operational context in Portugal (part II) See more
foRESTER - Data fusion of sensor networks and fire spread modelling for decision support in forest fire suppression See more
HERA - Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU See more
Monitoring of Emerging Compounds See more
MPBITOX - Microplastics in bivalves: identification of sensitive species in Portugal and assessment of microplastic-toxin aggregates toxicity See more
NetTag - Tagging fishing gears and enhancing on board best-practices to promote waste free fisheries See more
ReMoliço - Reabilitação de zonas contaminadas da Ria de Aveiro através da recolonização com moliço See more
The use of physical, chemical and biological tools to evaluate the water resources under the influence of the Norsk Hydro Mining Company (Paragominas-PA) See more
WAFLE - Water footprint profile assessment of forests - the case of eucalypt See more
RemediGrass - Seagrass beds as green and blue infrastructures for ecosystem restoration See more
Estudo de caracterização e viabilidade de um quebra-mar destacado multifuncional em frente à Praia da Vagueira See more
AVEIRO STEAM CITY – Urban Network for Upgrading STEAM Skills and Increasing Jobs Added-Value through Digital Transformation in a new economic context See more
PREVINE - Innovative approach for the PREVention of parasitosis and associated INfections that affecting farmEd fish See more
HACON - Hot vents in an ice-covered ocean: the role of the Arctic as a connectivity pathway between ocean basins See more
RhizoMiS - Redesigning the rhizosphere microbiome of Salicornia for exploitation of bioproducts and improvement of bioprocesses See more
GENESIS - Green roofs and walls ENvironmental Economic and SocIal Savings: Modelling uncertainty and investors / users preferences in all-inclusive cost-benefit analysis of green roofs and walls See more
WinTherface - Mass exchange driven by wind and temperature in lake-wetland interfaces See more
earlyMYCO - Early-life exposure to MYCOtoxins and its impact on health See more
GojiBerries See more
MARSENSE - Electrochemical biosensor for monitoring organic contaminants in marine environment See more
MigraWebs - Migrants as a seasonal ecological force shaping communities and ecosystem functions in temperate and tropical coastal wetlands See more
NutriMo - Development of handmade diets for tilapia nutrition in community based aquaculture in Mozambique See more
OCEANTREE - Mechanisms of reproductive allochrony in endemic Portuguese seabirds: implications for population divergence and response to climate change See more
TROJAN RATS - Travellers in Transit: seaports as gateways for the arrival and spread of rodent-borne pathogens See more
NanoReproTox-Unraveling the ecological impacts of nanoparticles toxicity in the reproduction of marine organisms See more
HabWave-From benthic resting stages to HAB events: understanding the role of physical-biological coupling of NW Portugal See more
COOPERMINHO - Valorization of the fishing production of the Minho River - Contribution to the management and valorization of fishing products of the Minho River – Communication and socio-environmental training of the Local community for valorization of the fish resources of the Minho River See more
ComPET - Ecotoxicological effects of microplastics on freshwater ecosystems See more
ConservMelhorPAM - Conservação e melhoramento de plantas aromáticas e medicinais See more
CRUSTAPANHA - Contribution to the sustainable management of small mud crabs fisheries See more
Estabulação em terra em sistema recirculado fechado (RAS) de juvenis de salmão do Atlântico (Salmo salar) See more
LESSisMORE - LESS discards and LESS fishing effort for BETTER efficiency on the small-scale fisheries See more
PoliTechWaste - Policy and Technology Analysis of Waste/Biomass Residue Gasification for Energy Production in Portugal See more
Trace elements biogeochemistry in marine systems: interplay of climate change and biological influence See more
ASHES - Advection and diffusion of suspended sediments from wildfires in rough open channel flows See more
HOTsPOT - Novel upconversion nanoparticles for multimodal therapy of melanoma: pHOtothermal Therapy, PhOtodynamic therapy and chemoTherapy See more
PLANTA II- Role of salt-marsh plants in the mercury cycle under climate change scenarios: tracking the fate in light of toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic data See more
Sandtrack - Beach nourishment: an integrated methodology for coastal management support See more
BagaConValor - Criação de valor no processo tecnológico de produção de sumo concentrado de baga de sabugueiro See more
MiningImpact2 - Environmental impacts and risks of deep-sea mining See more
PLIMpine- Pine protection against Pitch canker through genetic resistance and Plant Immunization See more
BISPECIAI - BIvalves under Polluted Environment and ClImate chAnge See more
BP4BP - Tamarillo breeding: better plants for better products See more
REFINECYANO - Using biorefinery to value cyanobacteria pigments See more
AgriTarget - Development and testing of multifunctional carriers based on micro- and nano-scale engineering for targeted, controlled, and safe delivery of agrochemicals to crops See more
CORLUTNA - Corrole based systems for luminescent thermometry at nanoscale See more
CtLight - Effects of light on the photobiology and growth of the commercially valuable macroalgae Codium tomentosum See more
INSIDER - Impact of an invasive species under global climate change and anthropogenic contamination scenarios in coastal food webs See more
SOPRO - Chemical and toxicological SOurce PROfiling of particulate matter in urban air See more
WasteZero-PCBs - A sustainable and nearly waste-zero technology for recycling waste printed circuit boards See more
REDEEM - Resilience of anthozoan corals to deep-sea mining, an holobiontic approach See more
ECOCENE - Ecological Effects of Nanopesticides to Soil Ecosystems See more
EMPHASIS - Effects of marine pharmaceuticals in Zebrafish and ZFL cell line See more
MicroPlasTox - Microplastics in the marine environment: estimation and assessment of their ecotoxicological effects See more
FIREMIX - Modelling the toxic effects of fire-related complex contaminant mixtures on benthic aquatic species See more
ARTUR - The impact of air quality on the competitiveness of the tourism destinations See more
BIOFISH-QoL - Integrative approach to enhance the quality of live in fishing communities of the Bons Sinais estuary (Mozambique) See more
Developing efficient heating-sensing single nanoplatforms for intracellular imaging and controlled local hyperthermia See more
InFLOWence - Optimizing the influence of connected and autonomous vehicles on the environmental efficiency of road traffic flows See more
LIFE REFOREST - Erosion prevention and flora REstauration of burnt FOREST areas through innovative fungal-technosol solution See more
Man and Nature in the Baixo Vouga Lagunar: promote synergies and resilience in a global change scenario See more
MICROCLIM - Effects of global warming on microbial populations from contaminated agricultural soils in the area of Estarreja See more
Omics4Algae - Lipidomic tools for chemical phenotyping, traceability and valorisation of seaweeds from aquaculture as a sustainable source of high added-value compounds See more
SusPiRe - a tool towards sustainable management of Pinus pinaster (Ait.) forests based on the prediction of spontaneous regeneration See more
UNRAvEL – Understanding the Mechanisms of Toxicity of NanomateRials – EnvironmentaL impact Assessment See more
WasteMAC - Industrial wastes as new resources for micro-wave assisted production of magnetic activated carbons – application in the removal of pharmaceuticals from water See more
Nanobioinks - Engineering bio-based nanofibers for the development of high-performance nanostructured bioinks for 3-D bioprinting See more
Rem-Aqua - Photosensitized degradation as a remediation process for the removal of pharmaceuticals from aquaculture effluents See more
SUShI - SUStainable use of Insect protein in aquaculture feed See more
ASHMOB - Wildfire ASH MOBilization by wind and water erosion: a combined measurementmodeling approach for prediction of post-fire ash mobilization risk See more
AQUATICsens - wAter QUAlity assessment using Fibre OpTICs SENSors See more
BioPradaRia - Restoration, management and conservation of biodiversity and biological resources associated with Ria de Aveiro seagrass ecosystems See more
DORIS - Developing an autonomous surface vehicle for measuring marine surfactants at the Ocean-River Interface System See more
ECO-R-Pharmplast - Ecotoxicity of realistic combinations of pharmaceutical drugs and microplastics in marine ecosystems See more
EcoARun - Unveiling the ecological dynamics of antibiotic resistance in ungulates. See more
EvoSym - Sea slug genome evolution and adaptation to establish photosynthetic symbiosis See more
GLOW - The Global Wetlands Project - A global index to improve coastal wetland health See more
GOGOFROG: Alternative methods to animal experimentation for amphibian risk assessment: cell lines and spermatozoa See more
GReAT - Granular microalgae-bacterial sludge for aquaculture wastewater treatment See more
METOXCLIM - Metal contamination in a global warming perspective: effects on soil properties and relation with toxicity changes See more
MoST - Modeling, querying and interactive visualization of spatiotemporal data See more
ProjectÔ See more
SALTFREE II - Salinisation of coastal ecosystems due to climate change: validating safety levels to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services See more
TraSeafood - Tracing the Geographic Origin of Seafood as a Pathway Towards the Smart Valorization of Endogenous Marine Resources See more
WildForests - Wildlife conservation and exotic production forests: the need for a bidirectional relation in sustainable landscapes See more
AQUAFIRE - Integrated assessment of wildfires impacts to aquatic ecosystems and human health See more
Exposure and bioaccumulation assessment of novel anti-fouling nanomaterials in marine organisms from temperate and tropical waters See more
PERICLES - PrEseRvIng and sustainably governing Cultural heritage and Landscapes in European coastal and maritime regionS See more
Study of Degraded Areas Recovery with Nanostructured Particles See more
R3FOREST Using exotic biomass for post-fire restoration: Reuse, Regenerate and Reforest See more
EPyRIS - Joint Strategy for the Protection and Restoration of Ecosystems Affected by Forest Fires. (Integrated management in high-risk natural areas) See more
Implementation of a low-cost ambient air quality monitoring micro sensors for population awareness and to support civil protection See more
Intermunicipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change - Viseu-Dão-Lafões See more
SMARTAQUA - Development of SMART nanostructured layers for sensing corrosion in AQUAtic structures See more
ReACT - Risk assessment in Fildes Peninsula: improving knowledge towards environmental protection ACTions in the Antarctica See more
InPaCTus - Innovative Products and Technologies from Eucalyptus See more
RiskBenefit4EU: Partnering to strengthen the risk-benefit assessment within EU using a holistic approach See more
SafeApple - Conservação da Qualidade da Maçã de Alcobaça: objetivo resíduos zero See more
AquaHeal - Microbial modulation in aquacultures with recirculation system: towards a production system suppressor of diseases See more
AquaMMIn - Development and validation of a modular integrated multitrophic aquaculture system for marine and brackish water species See more
AquiMap - Identification and evaluation of estuarine and lagoon zones with aquaculture potential: mapping and biophysical modeling See more
BioDepura - Development of methodologies for depuration of bivalve molluscs suitable to the physiological requirements of each species See more
Comparative genetic analysis of wild boar and domestic pig populations: implication for preservation of the genetic integrity of ecologically and economically important wildlife resources See more
Flora iberica XI See more
ImageTox - Automatic detection of toxic microalgae through microscopic optical and hyperspectral infrared imaging See more
MAXIAQUA - MAXimization of the strategies of control of a parasite in aquaculture of turbot See more
MicroPlastox - Microplastics in the marine environment: estimation and ecotoxicological assessment See more
MolBiPack – Improvement of the packaging, transport and packing of bivalve molluscs: from catch to marketing See more
NIPOGES - Current status of the Manila clam populations of the Ria de Aveiro, lagoon of Óbidos and estuaries of Tagus and Sado - scientific bases for a sustainable management of the resource See more
CephsandChefs - Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, sustainable fisheries and chefs See more
Waders of the Bijagos - Securing the ecological integrity of the Bijagos archipelago as a key site for waders along the East Atlantic Flyway See more
BIORIMA - BIOmaterial RIsk MAnagement See more
ProEnergy - Novos produtos alimentares e bioenergia a partir de frutos de baixo valor comercial e resíduos agroindustriais See more
COCKLES - Co-Operation for Restoring Cockle Shelfisheries and its Ecosystem Services in the Atlantic Area See more
PRORIFT- Rifting processes and lithospheric structure at the continent-ocean transition in the South China Sea and the West Iberia margin See more
TRANSKEW - Measurements of sand transport induced by skewed waves and currents See more
ASARISAFE - Safety and sustainable management of valuable clam product in Portugal and China See more
Avaliação Ambiental Estratégica do Plano de Ordenamento do Espaço Marítimo Nacional See more
EXPARII - Exploring precipitation in Antarctica and the role of Atmospheric Rivers See more
Checklist of the ferns and fern allies of Timor See more
AWILD - CCP - Ecology of Wild Carnivores in the Quirimbas National Park: Support for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management in Mozambique See more
EMSO-PT - European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory - Portugal See more
MACFERTIQUAL - Novos métodos de diagnóstico nutricional em macieiras ‘Gala’ visando a sustentabilidade e a qualidade See more
OPTIMAL (Optimização, Maçã, Alcobaça) See more
C-GRASS – Seagrass meadows: Blue carbon spatio-temporal changes at Murtosa region (Ria de Aveiro) See more
DRuMBEAT - Dirt-based microorganisms towards soil bioremediation of multiple contaminants See more
Impact of phytoremediation processes on bacterial communities from Pb and Cd contaminated soils See more
PORBIOTA - Portuguese E-Infrastructure for Information and Research on Biodiversity See more
SOILSALT - Benchmark of soil salinization on "Baixo Vouga Lagunar” before the floodbank construction See more
UNaLab - Urban Nature Labs See more
ValorMar -Integral Valorization of Marine Resources: Potential, Technological Innovation and New Applications See more
MarRisk - Adaptação Costeira às alterações climáticas: conhecer os riscos e aumentar a resiliência See more
SUSPHOTOSOLUTIONS - Sustainable Photovoltaic Solutions See more
SmartBioR - Smart Valorization of Biological Marine Resources See more
AgroForWealth - Biorefining of agricultural and forest products, by-products and wastes: integrated strategic valorisation of resources towards society wealth and sustainability See more
PERCEBES - Tools for the transition to spatial management of coastal resources: the stalked barnacle fishery in SW Europe See more
PRo-TECh-CLnA: Microbial production of bioactive conjugated linolenic acid isomers to obtain functional ingredients and foods See more
Hg-PLANKTARCTIC - Unravelling interactions between phyto- and zooplankton and mercury cycling in Deception Island waters impacted by volcanic-mercury See more
Assessing migratory connectivity and quantifying the impact of migrant shorebirds in the structure and functioning of tropical and temperate coastal ecosystems See more
FishPhage - Phage therapy: an innovative technology to inactivate pathogenic bacteria in European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) See more
GENIALG - GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative Macro-ALGal biorefinery See more
GLOBALTOX: Toxicity of anthropogenic multi-stressed soils under a global warming perspective See more
Human Biomonitoring for Europe - Science and policy for a healthy future See more
SIMNORAT - Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Northern European Atlantic See more
Smart Wine Grid Plus See more
LIFE INDEX-AIR: Development of an Integrated Exposure – Dose Management Tool for Reduction of Particulate Matter in Air See more
PROTEUS - Products and technologies for the Eucalyptus globulus sector See more
SGH - Projeto Smart Green Homes See more
EXPAR - EXtreme Precipitation events in Antarctica: investigating the role of Atmospheric Rivers See more
FOREST-IN: INovative and Educational INformation for the Sustainable FOREST Management by Smallholders See more
PRUNUS FITO: Avaliação do impacto de alguns inimigos (pragas e doenças) nas culturas das prunóideas na região da Cova da Beira e avaliação da eficácia de diferentes meios de luta no seu controlo See more
RESTORE - Phytoremediation of saline soils using Salicornia ramossisima See more
Quantifying precipitation and its contribution to surface freshening in the Southern Ocean See more
NM-OREO: using a NM-(bio)molecule cOrona approach to undeRstand the mEchanisms of tOxicity - a systems biology environment impact study See more
BIOPHARMA - Medicating the environment: individual and population- level effects of long-term exposure to pharmaceuticals in estuaries See more
CliMaStat – Impact of climate change on marine bivalves and gastropods: life cycle disruption by statoliths malformation See more
DOUROZONE – Ozone risk for Douro´s vineyards in present and future climates See more
FIRE-C-BUDs - Indirect effects of wildfire (severity) on carbon fluxes and budgets See more
NanoFertil - Effect of soil (in)organic constituents on the efficacy, fate and phytoavailability of fertilizer and plant protection manufactured nanomaterials See more
2D Mixing Devices - Fundamental Study and Applications of the Inversion of the Turbulent Energy Cascade See more
@CRUiSE - Advanced Impact Integration Platform for Cooperative Road Use See more
AIRSHIP - Impact of maritime and port emissions in the air quality of Portugal: present and future scenarios. A regional and local scale approach See more
ALIEN - An integrated approach to unravel Lasiodiplodia-grapevine Interactions See more
Arsenic levels in the placental-fetal unit: a case study in parturient from Aveiro district See more
EcoTech-SPONGE- Assessing the ECOlogical functions and potential bioTECHnological applications of plasmid assemblages from microbial symbionts of marine SPONGEs See more
FUTURAR - Air quality in Portugal in 2030 – a policy support See more
HULK - Functional Chloroplasts inside Animal cells: cracking the puzzle See more
NANOBINDERS - biogenic polymeric NANOparticles functionalized to BIND metals for Eco-friendly applications: bioRemediation and bioSensors See more
nanoHYperTHerm - Nanoheaters and nanothermometers playing together: towards applications in Brownian motion and hyperthermia See more
RemPharm - Production and application of alternative adsorbents for the removal of pharmaceuticals from urban and industrial effluents See more
SABIOS - Sustainability assessment of bioenergy systems: a life cycle multi-criteria decision-support approach, including land use change See more
SustainFor - Sustainability assessment of forest sector management strategies in the context of a bioeconomy See more
Symbiolite – A novel microbial-algal calcification process driven by coral symbiotic algae: Structure, function, ecological role and evolutionary significance See more
URGENTpine ­- UnRaveling host­pathoGEn iNteracTions in pine pitch canker disease See more
CLAiR-City - Citizen Led Air pollution Reduction in Cities See more
HALOFOOD - Decoding lipid profile of saltmarsh halophytes for human consumption and livestock nutrition See more
MASCC – Mediterranean Agricultural Soils Conservation under global Change See more
PES - Pockmarks and fluid seepage in the Estremadura Spur: implications for regional geology, biology, and petroleum systems See more
PRATYTECH - Biotechnology approaches towards the control of the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus penetrans See more
WE-NEED - WatEr NEEDs, Availability, Quality and Sustainability See more
CITAQUA - A Citizen Science approach for freshwater quality monitoring at Estarreja city See more
LO3CAted - Larval Occurrences in Open Ocean: Connectivity studies in the East Atlantic and West Mediterranean See more
NEMATRANSFER - Can the Pine Wilt Disease cycle be broken? Decoding transfer mechanisms of the pinewood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus between its insect-vector Monochamus galloprovincialis and the host tree Pinus pinaster See more
OCEANWEBS - Trophic links in open oceans: combining spatial data, dietary information and biomarkers from top predators to unveil structure and functioning of subtropical pelagic ecosystems See more
SEAMIGRANT - Causes and consequences of individual variability in the migratory strategies of a pelagic seabird, with relevance for marine monitoring in a context of global changes See more
ARTEMan: Transferência de resistência a antibióticos entre o Ambiente e o Homem See more
NanoFARM- Fate and Effects of Agriculturally Relevant Materials See more
SeaRangTech - Sea Floor Topography Ranging Technique See more
MIN-GUIDE: Minerals Policy Guidance for Europe See more
A Protecção Integrada do olival alentejano. Contributos para a sua inovação e melhoria contra os seus inimigos-chave See more
Investigation aerosols episodes using air quality modelling with data assimilation and data fusion techniques See more
LIFE NoWaste - Management Of Biomass Ash And Organic Waste In The Recovery Of Degraded Soils: A Pilot Project Set In Portugal See more
SHIFT - Can we SHIFT to cost-effective bioassays with periphyton to enforce the risk assessment of pollutants in lotic ecosystems? See more
ToxMix - Toxicity of mixtures of alternative solvents with industrial potential See more
StARE - Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Evolution See more
ALISSA - Healthy and sustainable food for aquaculture fish See more
MASSTRPLAN - MASS spectrometry TRaining in Protein Lipoxidation ANalysis for Inflammation See more
ACCLifeSci - Advanced Analytical Chemistry for Life Sciences See more
ChemREs – Chemical Composition of Rainwater in Estarreja: identification of major contaminants (organics and inorganics), source assessment and evaluation of implications for the environment and humans See more
IMPRINT+ - Imprinting an ecological compensation reasoning on society by means of young citizens See more
NanoFASE- Nanomaterial FAte and Speciation in the Environment See more
XF-FREEOLIVE - Multifunctional study of xylem-sap of Portuguese olive cultivars and its relation with susceptibility to infection by Xylella fastidiosa See more
LIFE LINES - Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions See more
AQUACROSS - Knowledge, Assessment, and Management for AQUAtic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services aCROSS EU policies See more
eLTER H2020 project - Integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem and Socio-Ecological Research Infrastructure (LTER Ria de Aveiro is one of the Virtual Access (VA) sites in the H2020 project eLTER) See more
Maternal-fetal transfer of mercury in women from Aveiro district: influence of lifestyle and environmental factors See more
JPI Oceans - Ecological aspects of deep-sea mining (JPIO-Mining Impact) See more
GestAqua.AdaPT – Adapting Reservoir Management Strategies to Climate Change in Alentejo See more
PLATOX-In vitro and in vivo investigations to generate validated toxicity data of graphene nanoplatelets vs. a carbon black reference See more
MARSH-C-LEVEL - The role of Baixo Vouga Lagunar salt marshes on carbon storage as an ecosystem service: Effects of sea level rise See more
DepurPlus - Optimization of marine bivalve mollusks purification process See more
FENOMENO–Fate and effect of wastewater-borne manufactured nanomaterials in aquatic ecosystems See more
SunSole - Pilot Project of Sole culture in a Semi-Intensive land-based aquaculture See more
ClimAdaPT.Local - Municipal Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change See more
Flora iberica X See more
REFRESH – Minimizing microbial hazards in vegetables cultivated in the Estarreja municipality See more
Enviphage - Environmental impacts on bacterial ecology of bacteriophage use in aquaculture See more
Bio-CHIP - Using a nano titanium library to assess effects on a gene library of Enchytraeus crypticus: building a cheap bio-CHIP See more
Chlamy4Future: Improving biofuel production by the regulation of central metabolism through abiotic stress mimicking. Are four novel cAMP-dependant kinases suitable as targets for C hlamydomonas strain engineering? See more
EXPLOCHAR: Exploring mechanisms of reducing drought and disease stress in eucalypt seedlings by applying biochar to soils See more
LínguaTox - Língua bioeletrónica para a deteção de toxinas marinhas em bivalves See more
MCES - The Economic Valuation and Governance of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services See more
TransIMO - Transfer of organic matter at the continent-ocean interface: research in two aquatic systems from tropical and temperate areas based on molecular and isotopic markers See more
teste joaquim See more
Total Diet Study Exposure See more
APA - Air quality forecast over Portugal See more
FRESHMEAT-AP - Carne fresca com prazo de validade alargado e maior segurança microbiológica recorrendo à tecnologia de Altas Pressões (AP) See more
LUNA -Low-flying Unmanned Aereal forest monitoring system See more
Plug & Heat – Sistema compacto de média potência para a produção de energia térmica a partir de biomassa See more
ADAPT-MED Is current decision making “adapted to internalize adaptation” into policy making? See more
RECARE - Preventing and Remediating degradation of soils in Europe through Land See more
SUN- SUstainable Nanotecnologies See more
Contribution to the taxonomic revision of the genus Calendula L. (Asteraceae) See more
NANOAu - Effects of Gold Nanoparticles to Aquatic Organisms See more
ARISKA - Antibiotic resistance in the Antuã River: assessing risks to public health See more
CETSENTI - Cetaceans as marine ecosystem health sentinels See more
ClimaTox - Impact of climatic changes on toxicity of pollutants See more
CN-linkAIR - Can the carbon and nitrogen linkage patterns reveal the origin of the water-soluble organic matter in atmospheric aerosols? See more
Cork carbon footprint: from trees to products See more
IND_CHANGE - INDicator-based modelling tools to predict landscape CHANGE and to improve the application of socialecological research in adaptive land management See more
MAPLIA - Moving from Air Pollution to Local Integrated Assessment See more
NEUTOXMER - Neurotoxicity of mercury in fish and association with morphofunctional brain alterations and behavior shifts See more
RemAS - Magnetic nanoparticle- and biowaste-based strategies for remediation of salt water under multi-stressor conditions (inorganic and emerging pollutants): evaluation of ecological and human risk See more
Vital Responder 2.0 – Intelligent management of critical events of stress, fatigue and smoke intoxication in forest firefighting See more
MICRONEMA - Spatial and temporal analysis of microbial community in Pine Wilt Disease See more
GEMOVE - Genes in motion: Mobile genes in microbial communities, how to catch them? See more
PANDORA - Potential impact of climate changes on Botryosphaeriaceae-related diseases of Eucalyptus spp. in Portugal See more
SYNCHRONY - SYNergies between industry and sCientific ResearcH fOr a sustainable development of NanotechnologY See more
Assessment of the presence and distribution of hazardous substances in sediments and waters of Mediterranean temporary rivers: case of Sebou basin See more
EnvironOme – Integrating Omics in ecotoxicology: tools for environmental risk assessment See more
FIRETOX -Toxic effects of wildfires on aquatic systems See more
Generosi - CONtaminant-driven GENEtic ERosion: consequences on the viability of Amphibia populations See more
TrophicENPs - Bioavailability and trophic transfer of metal-based engineered nanoparticles in terrestrial foodchains See more
Mycomix-Exploring the toxic effects of mixtures of mycotoxins in infant food and potential health impact See more
Coli4Lan - Better systems to produce two ­peptide lantibiotics with diverse structures completely in vivo using Escherichia coli and establishment of their mode of action. See more
Impacts of afforestation and climate variability on water-related ecosystem services in Mediterranean river basins See more
PhotoDOM - Impact of solar radiation on dissolved organic matter photochemical and microbial processes in the estuarine environment See more
CLICURB - Urban atmospheric quality, climate change and resilience See more
Toxicity responses of molluscs to nanomaterials: the environmental impact from nanotechnology See more
REALISE – Derivation of Risk Limits for the Protection of Soil Ecosystem from Emerging Compounds See more
A study of academic development in universities through innovative approaches in teaching, assessment and feedback. See more
Biodiversity, prey-predator dynamics and environmental education at the humanized landscape of BIORIA See more
New production process to control major pests and improve the quality of the final product and the management of natural resources, with biological control agents. See more
Biomaterials for regenerative medicine. See more
MIRAME - MultI-Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Europe See more
Ultrasound database for bats of the Brazilian Cerrado See more
Changes on the use and transformation of the territory, in the county of Estarreja - an evolutionary study to support municipal management See more
PhotoSymbiOxiS - Physiological and behavioural photoprotective processes against oxidative stress in marine photosynthetic symbioses See more
TPEA - Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic See more
ORQUE SUDOE - Research Centre for Environmental Quality in Southwest Europe See more
AIRUSE - Testing and Development of Air Quality Mitigation Measures in Southern Europe See more
RESEARCH GAME:The European Scientific Research Game See more
Advanced Course on Protein Profiling of Microorganisms See more
APPRAISAL— Air Pollution Policies foR Assessment of Integrated Strategies At regional and Local scales See more
REpulse- Responses of Daphnia magna exposed to chemical pulses and mixtures throughout generations See more
LarvalSources - Assessing the ecological performance of marine protected area (MPA) networks See more
BioChangeR: Biogeochemical Processes induced by Climate and Anthropogenic Circulation Changes - The Case Study of Ria de Aveiro (Portugal) See more
BiomAshTech - Ash impacts during thermo-chemical conversion of biomass. See more
DIGITALIS - The genus Digitalis: Molecular taxonomy, preservation, active constituents and therapeutic applications See more
Factors affecting patterns of diversity in bats and its consequences for virus prevalence See more
IDEAL - Insecticides, DEtritivores and ALiens: Combined effects of invasive species and insecticides along detritus based stream food webs See more
Metabolic profiling: a novel tool for evaluation of the toxicological and biological effects of nanomaterials See more
teste See more
PhytoMarsh - The phytosphere of salt-marsh plants: an underexplored microbial hot-spot See more
Foraging ecology, movements and abundance of an avian predator of mesopelagic prey: new and deeper insights using novel techniques and ideas See more
ORGANOSOL - Organic Matter in Atmospheric Aerosols: Composition, Variability, and Sources at Urban Portuguese Areas See more
ReaLISE – Derivation of Risk LImits for the Protection of Soil Ecossystem from emerging compounds See more
URBE - Source apportionment of URBan Emissions of primary particulate matter See more
Speciation or despeciation? Zooming in on a chromosomal hybrid zone in the Madeiran house mouse See more
Globex - Wave transformation on a low-sloping beach See more
NO RESET - Metamorphosis does not reset embryonic and larval history. Clarifying the role of offspring provisioning and larval feeding on early post-settlement performance of coastal marine invertebrates See more
BRIGHT – Bussaco's recovery of invasions generating habitat threats See more
ECOAPPROACH - Bridging the gap between metal contamination and ecologically significant effects on macrobenthic communities: a multidisciplinary approach from gene to community See more
FRURB - Managing flood risk in urban areas in a global change context See more
INVISIBLE LINKS: unveiling origins of migratory waders using biogeochemical markers See more
New arboviruses isolated in Portugal. Risk assessment and public health application See more
ROADS ALIVE - Crossings See more
GEOCAD - Sedimentological and geochemical study of the mud volcanoess of the S. Portuguese and Moroccan Margins of the Gulf of Cadiz See more
Development of analytical methodologies to quantify metals in mineral waters using a quartz crystal microbalance See more
Wave transformation on a low-sloping beach See more
Finding Biodiversity in the City See more
Rapid methods for the testing of tetrapyrrolic derivatives as photosensitizers for photodynamic antimicrobial therapy See more
Rapid methods for the testing of tetrapyrrolic derivatives as photosensitizers for photodynamic antimicrobial therapy See more
SuberStress - An integrated approach to identify stress-related regulatory genes in cork oak See more
Distribution and impacts of the Cormorant on the ichthyological communities of the Sado estuary See more
Enguias na Ria de Aveiro, um ex-líbris a preservar: biologia, sanidade e pesca See more
Revisão do Plano de Ordenamento da Orla Costeira de Ovar – Marinha Grande See more
SPRES - Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales See more
PlantBioNem – Plant biotechnology in nematodes invasion mechanism elucidation See more
Aqua_Add - Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development See more
CARBOPAST - Carbonaceous aerosol over Europe: the past 100 years as inferred from an Alpine ice core See more
CASCADE - CAtastrophic Shifts in drylands: how CAn we prevent ecosystem DEgradation See more
Dynamics of the intestinal microbial flora, digestive enzymes activity and biochemical composition of marine invertebrate larvae in a globally changing ocean (Nº E-116/10) See more
EPIOMICAS - (EPI)-Genomic Regulation of Agroforestry Species Development. Involvement in Plant Productivity, Cloning and Abiotic Stress Response See more
Factors affecting the seasonal and spatial patterns of vertebrate diversity and activity in different habitats of the humanized landscape of BioRia See more
Flora iberica IX See more
Inventory, dynamics and impact of the parasites trematodes and bacteria in bivalves of high economic importance in Portugal See more
Investigation of mineral dust at two measurement stations at the northern and southern islands at the Cape Verdes: harmonization of techniques, data evaluation and intercomparison of results - Action nºA45/12 between Univ. of Aveiro and Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research See more
Observations and simulations of infra-gravity in the coastal zone See more
Phellogen development and stress response in cork oak - the role of transcription factor Myb68 See more
Photoinhibition of benthic diatoms: a limiting factor of the productivity of estuarine intertidal flats See more
Photoinhibition of benthic diatoms: a limiting factor of the productivity of estuarine intertidal flats See more
STEP - Integrated System for Managing Fishfarm Effluents See more
SymbioCoRe - SYnergies through Merging BIOlogical and biogeochemical expertise in COral REsearch See more
The microbiota of two bivalve species of economical relevance, Cerastoderma edule (common cockle) and Ruditapes philippinarum (manila clam): mode of association and transmission in sympatry situations See more
LTER-RAVE - Long term monitoring in the Ria de Aveiro: towards a deeper understanding of ecological, environmental and economic processes See more
Avaliação do Impacte Ambiental das lixiviações originadas pelos incêndios florestais See more
Avaliação do Impacto Ambiental das lixiviações originadas pelos incêndios florestais See more
Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias de Suporte à Criação de Produtos Inovadores (NOVELTEC) See more
Technology platform for Point-of-care diagnostics for tropical diseases - EU See more
LAGOONS - Integrated water resources and coastal zone management in European lagoons in the context of climate change See more
ECODEEP - Agriculture Industries Eco-eficiency and Eco-management See more
CLIPE - Climate change of temperature and precipitation extreme episodes in the Iberian Peninsula and its forcing mechanisms See more
From Air to Water See more
DEPUROFAGO - Phage therapy - a new technology to depurate shellfish See more
AQUASAFE - Development of new technologies to anticipate and diagnose disease outbreaks in aquaculture See more
KARSTRISK – Impacts of contamination on karstic groundwater ecosystems See more
RASTREMAR - Use of molecular tools in the traceability of marine food products See more
LESS CORAL: The impact of human settlLEmentS on CORAL reef ecosystems See more
SALTFREE - Prediction of salinisation effects on coastal freshwater and soil ecosystems due to climate changes See more
ASSAY - Assessment of fate and effects of Silver nanoparticleS in Aquatic ecosYstems See more
ClimVineSafe - Short-term climate change mitigation strategies for Mediterranean vineyards See more
DeepForams - Deepsea foraminifera from the Portuguese Margin See more
DiverseShores - Testing associations between genetic and community diversity in European rocky shore environments See more
GENOPES - Mechanisms of DNA damage induced by pesticides in fish and interference of co-exposure to other contaminants See more
RESORT - High-resolution Rainfall EroSivity analysis and fORecasTing See more
SeReZoox - Sexual reproduction of zooxanthellae: an overlooked aspect of coral bleaching? See more
VITAQUA: Climate change: an additional threat to aquatic systems under intensive pressure from agricultural diffuse pollution See more
ATLAS - Advances in Terrain-based Localization of Autonomous Submersibles See more
BIO.REM - Integrating multiple toxicological BIOmarkers in a phytoREMemediation assay of Pb and Cd contaminated sites See more
BIOCHANGED: Impact of biodiversity evenness changes in the ecosystem functioning of estuaries See more
ECOBIOTEC - Ecobiotechnology based on the use of mixed microbial consortium producing PHA from waste carbon sources See more
Ecophysiolyptus - Physiological and gene expression profiles for early selection of Eucalyptus globulus in a climate change context See more
EROS: Erosion of Rocky Shores - differences in protection promoted by sandy beaches and shore platforms See more
MigROS – The ‘behavioural photoprotection’ hypothesis revisited: coupling between vertical migration and photooxidative stress in estuarine microphytobenthos biofilms See more
PAC:MAN - Pollution accidents in coastal areas: a Risk management system See more
Prometheus - PROteoME of Diplodia corticola, the cork oak paTHogEn fungUS See more
Supramolecular structure of humic substances as the stationary phase in open tubular capillary electrochromatography – application to the study of the sorption of xenobiotics. See more
CONTROLCLAM: Sustainable approaches for the CONTROL of the invasive Asian CLAM Corbicula fluminea within waterdependent plants See more
Phage therapy as a low environmental impact alternative to inactive phatogenic bacteria in fishfarming plants. See more
Wind and Biodiversity - Integrated solutions for managing biodiversity in Wind Farms: bird and bat mitigation and compensation See more
WILDLIFE CORRIDORS: Spatial modelling of human pressure and its usefulness for Iberian Wolf conservation See more
APA - Air quality forecast over Portugal See more
DECODING: large scale approaches to unravel genome decoding rules See more
ECOTECH SUDOE - International Network in Life Cycle Analysis and Ecodesign for Eco-innovation See more
EnerBioAlgae: Energy use of biomass in the degraded water resources rich in microalgae See more
ENGENUR - Definition of new ENdpoints to assess and discriminate GENotoxic effects resulting from environmental exposures See more
Environmental monitoring of the Guia marine outfall See more
Food Chain - Improvement of soil-crop models of PTEs to assess impacts of soil contamination in agricultural areas and food chain risks to human See more
Impact of Mediterranean forestry practices on soil hydrological properties: measurement and modelling See more
IMPROVE: Inner shelf hydrographic and biological processes controlling invertebrate population in the Portuguese coast, using decapods as models See more
KSIDS-Building Capacity for Sustainable Responses to Climate Change See more
LUSOEXTRACT – Finding new natural compounds isolated from unique Portuguese ecosystems (AAC/SI/35/2009) See more
MAMMALS AND ROADS INTERACTIONS: from shifts in behavior to genetic structures See more
MARPRO - Conservation of marine protected species in Mainland Portugal See more
MOBIA - Biodiversity Monitoring in Environmental Assessments See more
R-OSMed: catchment network to study soil erosion in the Mediterranean See more
RAIA.CO: Marine and coastal observatory of Iberian Margin See more
TAGUSDELTA - 3D high-resolution seismic stratigraphy of the Tagus Delta – imaging and modeling of tsunami evidence for geological hazards assessment See more
TEAM-Miño: tools for the evaluation, classification, managment and environmental education in estuaries See more
Benthic monitoring of dredging and disposal areas off Ria de Aveiro See more
Biodiversity Lisbon 2020 See more
ICZM Implementation in Portugal 2006-2010 See more
VISION RD4SD - Producing a shared vision on how to harness Research & Development for Sustainable Development See more
ADAPTACLIMA: Adapt the Urban Water Cycle to Climate Change Scenarios - EPAL See more
DYNOZONE: Total column and surface ozone variability over the Iberian Peninsula: Dynamical and Chemical atmospheric factors See more
SINPHONIE - Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe See more
GRAN BURATO - Investigation of a Gas Escape Area in the Galicia Margin See more
SMARTDECISION: Intelligent Vehicle Routing System for Enhanced Air Quality in Urban Areas See more
AMPHIBIA: How will climate changes influence the viability of amphibian populations already stressed with anthropogenic contamination See more
EcotoxTools: Ecotoxicological tools for assessing agriculture associated environmental risks in Southern Europe big man-made freshwater reservoirs. See more
FRAMEFFECTIVE – Can bioassays be cost-effectively integrated in a predictive model approach for rivers in compliance with the Water Framework Directive? See more
FREEZE - Aquisition and Processing of Sidescan Sonar and High Resolution Reflection Seismic Data offshore Olhos de Água, Algarve See more
FUTRICA- Chemical Flow in an Aquatic TRophic Chain See more
ADAPTARia: Climate Change Modelling on Ria de Aveiro Littoral - Adaptation Strategy for Coastal and Fluvial Flooding See more
BIOGAIR - Impacts of biomass to energy chain on air quality and Portuguese climatic policy See more
Biologia, Distribuição, Status de Conservação do Pato Mergulhão e Ações para sua Proteção no Jalapão- Tocantins See more
CARCACE - Colonization of mAmmal caRCasses in the deep Atlantic ocEan See more
Development and estabilization of a microalgal biomass continuous production system for obtaining second generation biofuels using CO2 from combustion gases See more
DyEPlume - Estuarine Dynamics and Plume Propagation in the Portuguese Coast – Impacts of Climate Change See more
Electronic tongue for food analysis See more
ERLAND – Direct and indirect impacts of climate change on soil erosion and land degradation in Mediterranean watersheds See more
Reversion of a genetic code alteration in the human pathogen Candida albicans See more
SEPMERCURY - Sequential extraction methods for assessing the origin, mobility and toxicity of mercury from contaminated solid See more
Functional genomics of ribosome infidelity phenotypes associated to human diseases See more
Bias-to-soil - Biomass ash: Characteristics in relation to its origin, treatment and application to soil. See more
CV-Dust - Atmospheric aerosol in Cape Verde region: seasonal evaluation of composition, sources and transport See more
DOMINO EFFECT - Degradation of lOtic ecosysteMs assocIated with plaNtation fOrestry: An Evaluation of plantation Forest Food-wEb CommuniTies See more
EMOSAT - Characterisation of emission sources using advanced atmospheric modelling and satellite data See more
FIRECNUTS - WildFIRE effects on topsoil Carbon and NUTrient Stocks, dynamics and exports See more
FIREREG – Factors affecting the post-fire natural regeneration variability in Pinus pinaster and Eucalyptus globulus in Portugal See more
FRACTURED RESERVOIRS -Characterization and modelling of carbonate Reservoirs See more
IB-TWM - Iberian Trans-boundary Water Management: experiences from the past and approaches for the future See more
Impacts of wildfires on hydrological processes and soil erosion: an Iberian perspective (IBERfireRFSs) See more
MeshAtlantic: Mapping Atlantic area seabed habitats for better marine managment See more
MIDGE - MIcroevolutionary Dynamics and Genetic Erosion in pollution-affected Chironomus populations See more
Mini and Micro T-jets reactors with high throughput See more
NANOkA - NANO Particles: standardization of methods for environmental risk Assessment See more
Global climate change and pollution: a synergy designed for disaster? See more
POLIBIO: Biopolymers production as a new concept on wastewater treatment See more
SEAGULL- Identification of nonpoint sources of faecal pollution in a natural environment: contributing data for risk assessment See more
CARDIOSENSOR - Nanosensor for assessing the risk of a Cardiovascular Disease Risk Nanosensor See more
CLIMAFUN-CLImate Changes and Potencial Impact on Soil FUNctional Ecology See more
ForeStake - The role of local stakeholders to the success of forest policy in areas affected by fire in Portugal See more
FUBIA: Soil Function-Biodiversity relationship And regional variation See more
Genetic assessment of a successful invasion: Population genetics of the Egyptian mongoose (Herpestes ichneumon) in Portugal See more
INSPIRAR - Air Quality Exposure and Human Health in Industrialized Urban Areas See more
Mealybug reproductive biology and pheromone-mediated interactions: a basis to develop ecological sound management tactics for pest mealybugs See more
SOFT DATA -Integration of Seismic Data as Soft Data in the Modelling and Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs See more
TBTRESENSE: Tributiyltin (TBT) bioremediation and development of a biosensor to detect TBT from contaminated sites. See more
FLYPRED - Has tiger-fly a role in biological control of protected crops? See more
NanoFATE- Nanoparticle Fate Assessment and Toxicity in the Environment See more
SMARTPARKS: Planning and Management System for Small Islands Protected Areas See more
Forensic entomology: Morphometric and Molecular databank (mtDNA) to identify species (Diptera and Coleoptera) with forensic interest See more
IMARA - Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach to Flood RisK Analysis See more
Development of methods for the bioaccunulation of metals by endophytic bacteria See more
ECOSAL ATLANTIS - Ecotourism in Atlantic Saltpans: A strategy for integral and sustainable development See more
ECOSAM - Effects of Carbon Dioxide increase on Salt Marshes See more
Estudo de Caracterização para o Reordenamento e a Valorização dos Núcleos Piscatórios Lagunares. See more
GALINCLIMARCH - Galicia Internal Basin Paleoclimatic Sedimentary Archives: Transport, Provenances, Hydrology and Reliability See more
HAB-SPOT: Harmful Algal Bloom dynamics - Shelf Processes of Transport and retention Offshore Aveiro See more
MERCOAST - Impact of mercury on the dynamics of estuarine communities in a coastal lagoon (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal). Their socio- economics implications. See more
Microbial biodiversity and functional role in benthic food webs of the Condor seamount (NE Atlantic) See more
PORTONOVO- Water Quality in Harbours. / 2009-1/119 See more
REDSENSA- Sensors amd microsistems network for the control of del impact of agricultural production in the minerals of water resources See more
Removal of organic compounds and toxicity from olive oil mill wastewater using photocatalytic oxidation See more
Sediment transport and mobilization processes in the coastal zone See more
Size distribution of carbonaceous aerosol particles at different Iberian locations See more
SWIMGLO - The Gloria-SWIM plate boundary Faults connection and its importance on the propagation of tectonic deformation and deep See more
Understanding the origin and persistence of Microtus species in the Iberian Peninsula: the genetical, behavior and ecological forces See more
ALBATROZ - Learning from the flight of the albatross: causes and consequences of individual foraging strategies, with links to demography, oceanography and fisheries See more
ARENARIA: Monitoring the distribution and abundance of birds at the Portuguese Coast (citizen science project) See more
SYBARIS - Finding Biomarkers of anti-microbial drug resistance via a systems biology analysis of fungal pathogen interactions with the human immune system See more
EEMA - Ecological quality status of coastal and transitional waters See more
Vertebrate road-kills monitoring in the Portuguese road network See more
Experimental investigation of the impact of macroalgal mats on intertidal sediment stability and flow dynamics in differing hydrodynamic conditions associated with tidal rise and fall See more
LEIXÕES - Leixões Cruise Terminal - Prospection of Underwater Heritage with Geophysical Methods See more
Protocol North Regional Coordination and Development Commission See more
Finding Biodiversity in the City See more
Firenir - Evaluation of the NIR-based technique to determine fires severity in Portuguese soils See more
HERMIONE - Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s Impact on European Seas See more
HIDRIA - A multi-stage approach for addressing input data uncertainties in process-based rainfall-runoff modelling for small forested catchments upstream of the Ria de Aveiro See more
RedEco - Regional Drivers of Ecosystem Change and its Influence on Deep-Sea Populations in the Mediterranean See more
ARENA - Integrated ecological risk assessment of nanomaterials in temperate and tropical ecosystems See more
Remediation Processes in uranium and other mining areas See more
Water and Salt Histories See more
Air quality assessment for Portugal using the EURAD modelling system See more
CAPTAR-Science and Environment for All See more
Flora iberica VIII See more
Implementation of a Nacional Facility for DNA Microarrays: Phase II. See more
MEPHITIS - targetting protein synthesis in the apicoplast and cytoplasm of Plasmodium See more
MicroMed - Desenvolvimento de um equipamento de medição do nível/grau de higienização e fúngico de produtos alimentares e de embalagem See more
Nanotechnology for Next Generation Biomedical Implants See more
Portuguese Maritime Spatial Plan (mailnad) See more
Protocolo APA/UA: air quality forecast over Portugal See more
RAIA - Oceanic Observatory of the Iberian Margin See more
Sediment mobilization processes under asymmetric waves See more
LusoMarBol -Integrating molecular approaches into marine biodiversity research in Portugal: implementing DNA barcoding and investigating phylogeographic patterns See more
CALONECTRIS - Atlantic ocean-wide changes in sea surface temperature and trends on Cory’s shearwater foraging success, migration and population dynamics See more
MIGRATAGIS - Wintering and migrating shorebirds as indicators of the quality of estuarine environments See more
MARMER: The role of salt marsh plants on mercury cycle. Identifying plant-bacteria-Hg interactions critical for ecosystem remediation See more
Impact of indoor environment on human health See more
ISCAD – Inner shore circulation and dispersion patterns: Interactions with estuarine systems. See more
Developing new tools for studying mRNA mistranslation See more
The combined use of biomarker and in situ Chironomus riparius bioassays to monitor environmental hazards of contaminants in Iberian rivers See more
BRISA: BReaking waves Interaction with SAnd transport See more
Sand extraction in the portuguese continental shelf: impacts and morphodynamic evolution -SANDEX See more
BiOtoMetal - Multidisciplinary assessment of aquatic environment by anthropogenic contaminants (METALs), using a combined BIOmarker - OTOlith chemical analysis approach in fishes See more
Development of an electronic nose based on piezoelectric quartz crystals to evaluate the aroma of cheese See more
Assessing the combined effects of chemical stressors and UV radiation on Daphnia magna See more
BRIDGE - Sustainable urban planning decision support accounting for urban metabolism See more
CHEMECO - Monitoring colonisation processes in chemosynthetic ecosystems See more
Connect – Connectivity of marine populations assessed with genetic and numerical modelling tools See more
Development of a new optical fiber biosensor for determination of catecholamines (CATSENSOR) See more
DisrupTox - Edaphic Endocrine Disruption Assessment Tool Box See more
Dynamics of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in the Guadiana estuary - DYNCYANO See more
ENSEMBLAIR - Improving air quality assessment with ensemble modelling See more
FUMEXP - Fire-fighters smoke exposure and related health effects See more
INFERNO - the Influence of Forest-firE on River commuNity Organisation See more
INSHORE - INtegrated System for High Operational REsolution in Shore Monitorisation See more
INTERCHANGE: Optimization and Control of Intermittent UASB Reactors and Microbial Population Dynamics See more
LAB-PET - Lacertid Lizards As Bioindicators of Pesticide Exposure and Toxicity in intensive market garden agriculture See more
MURANO - Saltpans Walls of Aveiro Lagoon See more
MURANO - Saltpans Walls of Aveiro Lagoon See more
Recovering the past, recording the present, and preparing the future of zoological collections in Portugal. See more
TRODIM - Diagnosis and modelization of the extratropical tropopause See more
Wet Deposition of particulate carbon over the Northeast Atlantic region See more
AGROMIX- Mixture Toxicity evaluation in agricultural soils See more
BIOEMI: Contribution of biomass combustion to air pollutant emissions See more
WATERQUAL - Development and validation of analytical advanced methods for water quality assessment: support for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Portugal See more
Conservation and rehabilitation strategies for temporary Mediterranean river corridors: A case study on Pardiela basin, southern of Portugal (Guadiana basin) See more
Costs and Benefits of Urban Dispersion on a local scale See more
Effectiveness of mitigation measures to prevent the negative effects of highways See more
PAHLIS- Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contamination in Lisbon urban atmosphere See more
TECTAP – Structure, stratigraphy and Tectono-thermal evolution of the Tagus Abyssal Pain See more
TH/Asia-Link/016 (141-287) - Linking the post-graduate education in aquaculture and aquatic resources management with its industries through internship programme See more
TH/Asia-Link/016 - Linking the post-graduate education in aquaculture and aquatic resources management with its industries through internship programme See more
G-Cast: Application of GRID-computing in a coastal morphodynamics nowcast-forecast system See more
Listeria monocytogenes in foods: contributing data for risk assessment See more
PROBIOCAPS - tailored microencaPsulation technology foR prOBIOtic baCteriA: Production, stability and functionality enhancementS in various carriers See more
RECOVER -Immediate soil management strategy for recovery after forest fires See more
The plant pathogenic genus Phomopsis and its Diaporthe teleomorphs: development of morphological, biological and phylogenetic species concepts See more
EROSFIRE II - A GIS-tool for slope-to-catchment-scale soil conservation management following forest wildfires See more
Woody biomass for energy: development of sustainable systems for providing production, regulation and conservation goods and services See more
AMDRAPHID - Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostics of Ria de Aveiro Physical Dynamics See more
DESIRE: Desertification mitigation and remediation of land. A global approach for local solutions See more
A study of the PM2.5 fraction of the atmospheric particulate matter in the Iberian Peninsula - source assessment and analysis of major compounds (inorganic constituents, elemental and organic carbon) See more
ACOSHELF - Coastal shelf ecosystems studies using acoustics See more
Desenvolvimento de um sistema de avaliação e gestão da qualidade do ar em Portugal Continental See more
EUCAARI - European Integrated Project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions See more
Influence of the transit of vehicles on the quality of urban environment See more
Modelação da poluição fotoquímica na Região Metropolitana de Porto Alegre See more
Operational System of Air Quality Forecasting for the Iberian Peninsula See more
The role of soil water repellency in soil erosion hazard following forest wildfires See more
UraniumRisk - Development and validation of tools for site-specific risk assessment See more
CLIBECO-Climate changes in the Iberian Upwelling Ecosystem: a regional retrospective and scenario study approach See more
ACREDITA – Adaptação de Currículos Regulares para o Ensino da Ciência a Crianças/Jovens com Trissomia 21 See more
FONTELO – A vida que fervilha na mata See more
SWITNAME – Tectonic Numerical and Analog Modelling of SW Iberia See more
GO - Geophysical Oceanography - a new tool to understand the thermal structure and dynamics of oceans See more
Modified electrodes: from versatile models to functional devices for studying dynamic speciation in the environment See more
Studying the impact of the climate change in the Portuguese coastal waters - the Aveiro costal ecosystem -SIMCLAVE See more
FOTONET - Atmospheric photochemical pollution in the Northeast of Portugal: origin, transport and dispersion See more
PAREXPO – Particulate Matter in Ambient Air and Human Exposure See more
Atmospheric Aerosol Impacts on Human Health See more
Chemical characterisation of PM2.5 and PM10 urban aerosol See more
Green Spaces impacts on the Urban Environmental Quality See more
INTERFACE – Effect of wildland-urban interface fires on air quality See more
Isolation and Characterization of the genes involved in TBT resistance in marine bacteria See more
LobAssess – Norway lobster stocks in Portugal: Assessment using information on larval production and ecology See more
SADOGEOROB – Coastline variations, neotectonics and evolution of the Sado submarine delta during the Quaternary: an integrated approach See more
SAL(H)INA Salt History - nature and environment See more
TRADWATER – Use of traditional knowledge to attain water sustainable management under different climate change scenarios See more
EMERA – Morfodynamic Study of Ria de Aveiro Inlet See more
PBT - Physiologically-Based Toxicity responses integrating metal speciation predictions from a biotic ligand model (BLM) See more
ECOBOAT - Ecological risk assessment on the use of boat antifouling paints with organometallic and metallic biocides at the Portuguese coast See more
ECOBOAT - Ecological risk assessment on the use of boat antifouling paints with organometallic and metallic biocides at the Portuguese coast See more
Immobilized photosensitizers as new materials in water treatment See more
Impact of mRNA mistranslation on cell degeneration and evolution See more
mRNA mistranslation in Biological Processes See more
Physiological/biochemical and genotoxic responses of aquatic animal species to environmental water xenobiotic contamination See more
TH/Asia-Link/007 - Improving Master’s Degree level education in Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management in Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam See more
EVALUSE – Environmental Vulnerability of Aljustrel Mining Area in terms of Land Use See more
Phytoremediation of mercury contaminated salt marsh areas See more
BenthicLink – Trophic links regulated by tidal and daily rhythms: benthic microflora and fauna in estUAries See more
Laboratório do Ambiente Costeiro See more
Determination of the 3D-structure of the translational factors that mediate a genetic code change in Candida albicans See more
EROSFIRE - A model-based, decision-support tool for soil erosion hazard assessment following forest wildfires See more
PHOENIX – Forest reconversion in burnt areas See more
REL-NUT, Retenção e Libertação de Nutrientes pelas Plantas Submersas da Ria de Aveiro See more
VOCSENSOR - Development of a new Optical Fiber Chemical Sensor for in-situ monitoring of VOCs See more
Recuperação de Áreas Ardidas See more
HERMES - Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas See more
VOCSENSOR - Development of a new Optical Fiber Chemical Sensor for in-situ monitoring of VOCs See more
Assessing conformational stability of aspartic proteinases with biotechnological and medical relevance – Unfolding/refolding of dimeric and monomeric proteins See more
EMNOCM-ElectroMagnetic Network for Oceanic Currents Monitoring See more
DECORTOX - Decolourization of effluents from pulp and paper mills: removal of organic compounds and toxicity See more
DECORTOX - Decolourization of effluents from pulp and paper mills: removal of organic compounds and toxicity See more
SOLURB - Development of methodologies for the assessment of environmental quality in urban soils See more
SOLURB - Development of methodologies for the assessment of environmental quality in urban soils See more
Unravelling the molecular basis of morphogenesis and mating triggered by a genetic code change in Candida albicans See more
Effects of long term organic amendments on the interactions of soil organic matter with heavy metals and organic pollutants See more
Adaptive energy metabolism in fossorial pine voles (Microtus duodecimcostatus and M.Lusitanicus). A comparative study See more
Embriogénese somática de Eucalyptus globulus L., controle genético e avaliação da estabilidade genética das plantas obtidas See more
FIREGUARD – Monitoring forest at the Management Unit Level for Fire Prevention and Control See more
RISKOGENE - Risk assessment of combined effects of natural stressors and chemicals in soil and aquatic invertebrates - an ecotoxicogenomics approach See more
Técnicas de Diagnóstico Tradicionais e Inovadoras na Biomonitorização da Fertilidade Masculina (coordenação do módulo de análise de células por citometria de fluxo) See more
NoMiracle - NOvel Methods for Integrated Risk Assessment of CumuLative stressors in Europe See more
NOMIRACLE- Novel Methods for Integrated Risk Assessment of Cumulative Stressors in the Environment See more
PROFIT- Interdisciplinary study of processes underlying the phytoplankton dynamics in the Portuguese upwelling system See more
SAL – Sal do Atlântico. Revalorização da identidade das salinas do Atlântico. Recuperação e promoção do potencial biológico, económico e cultural das zonas húmidas costeiras See more
“Salt of the Atlantic”: Revalorization of identity of the Atlantic Saltpans. Recuperation and promotion of biological, economic and cultural potential of coastal wetlands See more
ANASEBAR – Optimização do funcionamento de reactores anaeróbios SBR para o tratamento de efluentes complexos contendo gorduras See more
MAGMAFLUX – The origin, emplacement and flux of magma along a major Iberian fracture zone: the Tore-Sintra-Sines-Monchique lineament See more
How is somatic embryogenesis in dicotyledonous woody species conditioned by programmed cell death (PCD)? See more
INUNDA – Actions Pilote de Prévention des Risques d’Inondation dans des Zones Fortement Urbanisées See more
Monitorização Ambiental da Descarga no Mar do Efluente do Sistema de Saneamento da Costa do Estoril pelo Emissário Submarino da Guia – Componente Sedimentar See more
Realização de um Programa de Monitorização para as Componentes: Qualidade do Ar, Acústica do Ambiente, Qualidade da Água e Estudos de Opinião em Viana do Castelo See more
ACCENT – Atmospheric Composition Change: An European Network See more
SAUDAR – The Health and the Air we breathe See more
Identifying and preventing the hybridization of highly valuable game species (rabbit, red-legged partridge and quail) with domestic breeds and exotic species. See more
Single Nucleotide polymorphism characterization in two quail species (Coturnix coturnix and C. japonica) and respective hybrids. See more
AIR4EU – Air quality assessment for Europe: from local to continental scale See more
CARBOEUROPE-IP – Assessment of the European terrestrial carbon balance (GOCE-CT-2003-505572) See more
Contribution to flora resources management in East Timor (POCTI/MGS/46905/2002) See more
e-EcoRisk: Rede Regional Empresarial e Sistema de Suporte à Decisão para a Gestão do Risco Ambiental e de Derrames Industriais de Grande-Escala See more
GeneDif – Genetic and morphological differentiation in estuarine organisms with contrasting dispersal patterns along a geographical gradient See more
Management of Marine Ecosystems (EcoMar) See more
MVSEIS – Tectonic control, deep crustal structure and fluid escape pathways in the Gulf of Cadiz Mud volcano field See more
Study of forcing mechanisms of low frequency atmospheric variability in the Euro-Atlantic region See more
The synaptosome as a screening tool in Ecotoxicology See more
Ecomar - Management of Marine Ecosystems See more
Riparian galleries as Corridors and Linkage Habitats in the Fragmented Landscape of Southern Portugal: Applications to Conservation Planning See more
SAPPHIRE - Source Apportionment of Airborne Particulate Matter and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Regions of Europe See more
Developing new methodologies for genome analysis See more
Study of forcing mechanisms of low frequency atmospheric variability in the Euro-Atlantic region See more
HISPORTOS - a research project on portuguese seaports in the early modern age - séc.XV-XVIII See more
How do Organic Solvents Affect Cardosin A and Cardosin B Activity and Structure. The use of Cardosins in New Strategies and New Tactics for Routine Peptide Synthesis See more
CARBOSOL - Present and retrospective state of organic versus inorganic aerosol over Europe: implication for climate See more
ProRecruit - Shelf processes controlling recruitment to littoral populations in an eastern oceanic boundary: using barnacles and crabs as models See more
CLIMED - Effects of climate change and climate variability on water availability and water management practices in Western Mediterranean See more
Functional proteomics in Candida albicans: identification of new virulence factoras associated with morphogenesis. See more
Molecular and structural study of the identity of a ser-tRNACAG responsible for a genetic code alteration in Candida albicans. See more
MATESPRO - Major Tectonic and Sedimentary Processes in the Portuguese Continental Margins See more
BioFET - Field effect transistor array for monitoring electrical activity from single cells in culture. (POCTI/Fis/34668/2000) See more
Ca2+ action on the transport of neurotransmitters through plasma membranes and synaptic vesicle membranes (Praxis XXI - 2/2.1/BIA/224/94) See more
Ca2+ transport by synaptic vesicles: activity, purification and reconstitution of the Ca2+/H+ exchanger (PBIC/C/BIA/2081/95) See more
CAI - Technical assistance to model concentrations of air pollutants in urban corridors in the Aburra Valley (Colombia) See more
CCDR-N - Apoio Técnico à elaboração do Programa de Execução do Plano de Qualidade do Ar de NO2 para a Região Norte e à implementação do Programa de Execução do Plano de Qualidade do Ar de PM10 para Braga See more
Genetic study of the red-legged partridge. The importance of this specie on hunting management. See more

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