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  • Members and Structure

    STRUCTURE CESAM is divided in two Departments:    ● Development, Consulting and Services Department - this department is going to run in close collaboration with the Institute of Environment and Development (IDAD); it will do the management of the external services and contracts and the corresponding resources allocation.    ● Research Department (RD) - this department manages and includes all research members grouped as integrated researchers, fellows (Post-Graduation students) and collaborators. The RD is organized into nine Research Groups (RG) which provide the ‘home’ for researchers, fellows and collaborators, through their research direction and stakeholder partnerships. RLs and RGs are established around common scientific objectives as a function of CESAM’s strategic research objectives. The CESAM structure for the Research Department includes a Direction Board, a Scientific Council and an External Advisory Committee.        ● Scientific Coordination - The Scientific Coordination is constituted by a Scientific Coordinator and four co-coordinators. The Scientific Coordinator of CESAM is elected by the Scientific Council, between its members. The co-coordinators will be chosen by the Coordinator, within the Scientific Council members.    ● Scientific Council - Includes all integrated members and Post-Doctoral researchers of the research unit. The scientific council has also a coordinating committee (scientific council coordinating committee) constituted by the Coordination board, the Research Group Coordinators, the Thematic Lines Coordinators and a Post-Doctoral fellow representative. It also includes a member of the IDAD.    ● Scientific Advisory Committee - This Committee is composed of a number of invited renowned scientists in the several research areas included in CESAM. Their mission is to accompany and advise on the evolution of the CESAM as a research institution. MEMBERS CESAM members are divided in the following categories:    ● Integrated researchers - members with a PhD and a valid contract (not necessarily as a teacher) or with a post-doctoral fellowship with a minimum duration of 12 months.    ● Post-graduated researchers - PhD students and members with scholarships within research projects. In general, they are financed by FCT or other national or international funding agencies.    ● Collaborators - other members that are not involved full time with CESAM or do not fulfill the minimum requisites to become an integrated member. Post-graduation students are included as team members, when the supervisor is a member or a collaborator. The rules for admitting new integrated members in CESAM may be found on this site.

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