Forging sustainability

  • Authors: Flohre A, Fischer C, Aavik T, Ameixa OMCC, Bengtsson J, Berendse F, Bommarco R, Ceryngier P, Clement LW, Dennis C, Hänke S, Eggers S, Emmerson M, Geiger F, Guerrero I, Hawro V, Inchausti P, Kindlmann P, Liira J, Morales MB, Pärt T, Weisser WW, Winqvist C, Thies C, Tscharntke T
  • Title: Agricultural intensification and dispersal ability affect beta diversity of plants, carabids and birds
  • Publication Type: oral presentation
  • Conference Title: 2nd European Congress of Conservation Biology
  • Conference Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Conference Date: 2009

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