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PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Sea Management (Do*Mar)

PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Sea Management (Do*Mar)

The PhD programme Do*Mar aims to produce the best researchers and professionals within the scope of Science, Technology and Sea Management, in their several economic and social applications, in order to generate quality research and international impact and thereby provide the industry with the best tools to compete at world level.
This PhD programme was born within the Campus do Mar International Campus of Excellence, as a result of the initiative of the three Galician universities and those from the North of Portugal (Aveiro, Minho and Tras os Montes e Alto Douro), the Higher Council of Scientific Research and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, to create an International Postgraduate School of Excellence that offers PhD programs with a global vision and multiannual planning. 

Director: Prof. Henrique Queiroga (CESAM, DBio)

More information available here and here.

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