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Elisabete da Costa, Elisabete Maciel, Pedro Domingues, Miguel Leal, Ricardo Calado, Ana Lillebø, Maria H. Abreu, Maria Rosário Domingues (Under revision). Chapter 15. Mass spectrometry analysis of polar lipid components in seaweed,. In: "Seaweed Bioactives: Extraction and Characterization Techniques". Ver mais
Nuno J. &, Dionísio G. (in press). Saya de Malha Banks. In: Biomes and Ecosystems: An Ecyclopedia. Golson Media. Ver mais
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Gonçalves A. M. M., Gonçalves F. (in press). Blooms cianobacterianos: a manta verde que cobre os lagos. In: Actividades práticas em Ciências e Educação Ambiental. Editora do Instituto Piaget. Ver mais
Vicente L. (in press). Origens e Evolução da Linhagem Humana. In: Homem: Origem e Evolução. Lisboa. Esfera do Caos. Ver mais
Regina M. B. O. Duarte, Armando C. Duarte (in press). Multidimensional analytical techniques in environmental research: evolution of concepts. In: Regina M. B. O. Duarte, Armando C. Duarte. (EDS.), Multidimensional Analytical Techniques for Advancing Environmental Research. Elsevier. 9780128188965. Ver mais
Pedro F. Brandão, Antoine S. Almeida, Armando C. Duarte, Regina M. B. O. Duarte (in press). Multidimensional liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis coupled to high-resolution detectors applied to complex environmental samples. In: Regina M. B. O. Duarte, Armando C. Duarte. (EDS.), Multidimensional Analytical Techniques for Advancing Environmental Research. Elsevier. Ver mais
Pereira L, Soares F, Freitas AC, Duarte, AC, Ribeiro-Claro P. (In press). Extraction, characterization and use of carrageenans. In: P.N. Sudha . (EDS.), Industrial Applications of Marine Biopolymers. ISBN 9781498731485. Ver mais
Gomes AR, Freitas AC, Duarte AC, Rocha-Santos TAP. (In press). Echinoderms: bioactive compounds with beneficial health effects. In: Atta-ur-Rahman. (EDS.), tudies in Natural Products Chemistry (Bioactive Natural Products). Ver mais
Horta A., Bishop T. (in press). Spatio-temporal analysis to improve agricultural management. In: Earthscan Food and Agriculture. (EDS.), Precision Agriculture for Food Security and Environmental Protection. London. Routledge. Ver mais
Lenky, C., Davison, B. (in press). Surviving in the Cold – Invertebrates and fish. In: Antarctic Marine Ecosystems. Auckland. Auckland University Press. Ver mais
Pita C., Silva A., Prellezo R., Rocha J., Andres M., Uriarte M. (in press). Socioeconomics and management. . In: Biology & Ecology of anchovies and sardine. Hampshire, USA. CRC Press, Taylor Francis Group. Ver mais
Silva P.A., Abreu T., Ruessink, G., Michallet, H., Sancho, F. van der A, D., van der Werf, J., Ribberink, J., O’Donoghue, T., & Temperville, A (in press). Glória Pinto, João Loureiro, Armando Costa, Conceição Santos. New plants for Cork Oak Landscapes: Micropropagation and genetic stability studies. . In: Recent adavances in Plant Biotechnology. ( publishers). Ver mais
Pita C. (in press). Establishing a network of marine protected areas in Scotland: The participation of the fishing industry. . In: Sustainability in the 21st century: the power of dialogue. MARGov Project – Collaborative Governance of Marine Protected Areas. Lisboa, Portugal. Fundação Luso-Americana. Ver mais
Ferreira,A.J.D., Tavares J, , Batista,I., Coelho,C.O.A., Reis ,A: , Varela,L., Bentub,J. (in press). Efficiency of overland and erosion mitigation techniques at Ribeira Seca, Santiago Island, Cape Verde. In: Hydrological Science and Engineering Book Séries. (EDS.), Surface Runoff and Overland Flow. Nova Science Publishers, . Ver mais
Gomes AR, Freitas AC, Duarte A, Rocha-Santos TAP. (In press). Marine invertebrates derived bioactive compounds in clinical trials. In: Atta-ur-Rahman FRS, M. Iqbal Choudhary, Hesham El-Seedi . (EDS.), Natural Products in Clinical Trials. Ver mais
RAMALHINHO G (in press). A Evolução dos Mamíferos. . In: Aventura da Terra. Lisboa. Museu Nacional de História Natural (Universidade de Lisboa). Ver mais
Nunes B (2020). Ecotoxicological effects of the drug paracetamol: a critical review of past ecotoxicity assessments and future perspectives. In: Leobardo Gómez Olivan. . (EDS.), Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Water: Emerging Contaminants and Ecological Impact. Springer International Publishing.. Ver mais
Abreu, T., Silva, P.A., Baptista, P., Pais-Barbosa, J., Fernández-Fernández, S., Ferreira, C. (2020). Chapter 28 - Analysis of nonlinear wave parameters on Ofir sandy beach (NW Portugal). In: Fernandes, F., Malheiro, A., Chaminé, H. I.. (EDS.), Advances in Natural Hazards and Hydrological Risks: Meeting the Challenge. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Natural Hazards (NATHAZ'19), Pico Island—Azores 2019. Springer. 147-151. 978-3-030-34397-2. Ver mais
Frank G.A. Verheijen, Ana Catarina Bastos, Hans-Peter Schmidt, Simon Jeffery (2019). Biochar and certification. In: Melissa Vogt. (EDS.), Sustainability Certification Schemes in the Agricultural and Natural Resource Sectors - Outcomes for Society and the Environment. Abingdon. Routledge. 1st edition 1-324. 9780203701737. Ver mais
Ana Isabel Miranda, Ana Ascenso, Carla Gama, Daniel Blanco-Ward, Alexandra Monteiro, Carlos Silveira, Carolina Viceto Alfredo Rocha, Diogo Lopes, Myriam Lopes, Carlos Borrego (2019). Ozone Risk for Douro Vineyards in Present and Future Climates. In: Mensink C., Gong W., Hakami A.. (EDS.), Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXVI. Springer Proceedings in Complexity.. 978-3-030-22054-9. Ver mais
Henriques, M.C., Loureiro, S., Fardilha, M., Herdeiro, M.T. (2019). The Role of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Male Fertility Decline. In: Dr. Wei Wu, Dr. Francesco Ziglioli and Dr. Umberto Maestroni. (EDS.), Male Reproductive Health [Working Title]. Ver mais
Lourenço J., Mendo S., Pereira R. (2019). Rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated soil: Use of Bioremediation/Phytoremediation techniques. In: Gupta D.K., Voronina A.. (EDS.), Remediation Measures for Radioactively Contaminated Areas. Springer International Publishing. 163-200. Ver mais
Andreia Faraoni Freitas Setti, Edmundo Gallo (2019). Avaliação em Promoção da Saúde e Desenvolvimento Sustentável: proposta de abordagem e tecnologias de análise. In: Edmundo Gallo, Vagner do Nascimento. (EDS.), O território pulsa: territórios sustentáveis e saudáveis da Bocaina: soluções para promoção da saúde e do desenvolvimento sustentável territorializados. Rio de Janeiro. Fiocruz. 1 978-85-8110-072-2. Ver mais
Andréia Faraoni Freitas Setti (2019). Climate Change, Human Health, and Sustainable Development. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Wall T.. (EDS.), Climate Action. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer, Cham. 978-3-319-71063-1. Ver mais
Andreia Faraoni Freitas Setti, Walter Leal Filho, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro (2019). Ecosystem Services and Incentive Mechanisms for Environmental Preservation in Brazil. In: Paula Castro, Anabela Marisa Azul, Walter Leal Filho, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro.. (EDS.), Climate Change-Resilient Agriculture and Agroforestry. Switzerland. Springer International Publishing. 978-3-319-75003-3. Ver mais
Andréia Faraoni Freitas Setti (2019). Health Promotion in the Implementation of SDG. In: Walter Leal Filho, Tony Wall, Anabela Marisa Azul, Luciana Brandli, Pinar Gökcin Özuyar. (EDS.), Good Health and Well-Being. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Switzerland. Springer International Publishing. 978-3-319-69627-0. Ver mais
João Oliveira and António Morais (2019). Glassblowers and scientists: the forgotten link. In: Isabel Malaquias & Peter J. T. Morris . (EDS.), Perspectives on Chemical Biography in the 21st Century. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 159-163. Ver mais
Silveira P.C., Gonçalves A.C.R.S. (2019). Calendula L. (Compositae). In: S. Castroviejo et al.. (EDS.), Calendula L. (Compositae). In Flora iberica - Plantas vasculares de la Península Ibérica e Islas Baleares . Madrid. Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (CSIC). 16 (3) 1566-1586. Ver mais
Catry P, Monteiro H, Henriques M, Carneiro C, Correia E (2019). Aves. In: : Catry P, Regalla A . (EDS.), Parque Nacional Marinho João Vieira e Poilão: Biodiversidade e Conservação. IBAP – Instituto da Biodiversidade e das Áreas Protegidas, Bissau. Ver mais
Correia E, Dias E, Catry P (2019). Peixes. In: : Catry P, Regalla A . (EDS.), Parque Nacional Marinho João Vieira e Poilão: Biodiversidade e Conservação . IBAP – Instituto da Biodiversidade e das Áreas Protegidas, Bissau. Ver mais
Olga M C C Ameixa, Pedro M Duarte, Daniela P Rodrigues (2019). Insects, Food Security and Sustainable Aquaculture. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Wall T. . (EDS.), Zero Hunger. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Cham. Springer International Publishing. 1-11. 978-3-319-69626-3. Ver mais
Cardoso, P.G., Dolbeth, M., Sousa, R., Relvas, P., Santos R., Silva A., Quintino, V. (2019). The Portuguese Coast. In: Charles Sheppard. (EDS.), The Portuguese Coast. in: World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation. Academic Press. Volume I: Europe, the Americas and West Africa 189-208. 978-0-12-805068-2. Ver mais
Elliott, M., Quintino, V. (2019). The Estuarine Quality Paradox Concept. In: Brian Fath. (EDS.), The Estuarine Quality Paradox Concept. in: Encyclopedia of Ecology. Elsevier. Volume 1. Section: Aquatic Ecology 78-85. 978-0-444-64130-4. Ver mais
Coelho, J.P. (2019). Arsenic speciation in algae: Case studies in Europe. In: Duarte, A.C., Fonseca, V.. (EDS.), Arsenic Speciation in Algae. 85 179-198. Ver mais
Abreu, T., Fernández-Fernández, S., Baptista, P., Silva. P.A. (2019). Utilização de wavelets para inferir a batimetria a partir de imagens de satélite SAR. . In: Ana Cristina Roque []. . (EDS.), Saindo da zona de conforto: a interdisciplinaridade das zonas costeiras. . Rio de Janeiro. FGEL-UERJ. Tomo VIII 537-547. 978-85-87245-03-8. Ver mais
Anna Cipriani, Federico Lugli, Frank G.A. Verheijen, Daniele Brunelli, Andrea Marchetti, Gianluca Malavasi (2019). Le analisi di fosforo ed elementi leggeri nei suoli. In: Sara Campagnari, Francesca Foroni, Diana Neri. (EDS.), Una sosta lungo la via Emilia, tra selve e paludi. La mansio di Forum Gallorum a Castelfranco Emilia. MIBAC – Soprintendenze ABAP Emilia-Romagna. 207-210. 978-8897550-76-1. Ver mais
Domingues AF, Rosa IC, Pereira R, Pereira JL (2019). The cross-talk between bioremediation and valuation of residues of the olive-oil production chain. In: Sharma SK. (EDS.), Bioremediation: A Sustainable Approach to Preserving Earth’s Water. CRC Press/Taylor and Francis. 9781138593077. Ver mais
Villasante, S., Antelo, M, Christou, M., Fauconnet, L., Frangoudes, K., Maynou,F., Morato, T., Pita, C., Pita, P., Stergiou, K., Teixeira, C., Tserpes, G., Vassiloupoulou, V. (2019). The implementation of the landing obligation in small-scale fisheries of the Southern European Union countries. In: Uhlmann, S., Ulrich, C. and Kennelly, S. . (EDS.), The European landing obligation: reducing discards in complex, multi-species and multi-jurisdictional fisheries. . Springer Publications. 89-108. 978-3-030-03307-1. Ver mais
Carvalho S.C., Bisquert-Perez K. (2019). Food and Climate Change: Their Connections and Mitigation Pathways Through Education. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Wall T. . (EDS.), Climate Action. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer. 978-3-319-71063-1. Ver mais
Vieira, H.C., Soares, A.M.V.M., Morgado, F. and Abreu, S.N. (2019). Chapter 8: Mercury Exposure, Fish Consumption and Provisional Tolerable Weekly Intake: An Overview. In: CRC Press . (EDS.), Ecotoxicology of Marine Organisms. Ver mais
(2019). Chapter 4: Global and Regional Perspectives; Chapter 5: Effects of Atmospheric Rivers; Chapter 8: The Future of AR Research and Applications. In: F. Martin Ralph; M. D. Dettinger; J. J. Rutz; D. E. Waliser. (EDS.), Atmospheric Rivers. 978-3-030-28905-8. Ver mais
Pascual-Fernandez, J., Pita, C., Hosupeit, H., Said, A., and Rodrigues, J (2019). Markets, Distribution, and Value Chains in Small-Scale Fisheries: A Special Focus on Europe. In: R. Chuenpagdee & S. Jentoft . (EDS.), Transdisciplinarity for Small-Scale Fisheries Governance. Springer International Publications. 21 141-162. 978-3-319-94938-3. Ver mais
Song, H., Chen, J., Pinheiro, L. M., Ruddick, B., Guan, Y., & Bai, Y (2018). Seismic Oceanography. In: S. Liang . (EDS.), Comprehensive Remote Sensing. Oxford. Elsevier. 8 197-230. 978-012-803-220-6. Ver mais
Bedia C., Cardoso, P., Dalmau N., Garreta-Lara E., Gómez-Canela C., Gorrochategui E., Navarro-Reig M., Ortiz-Villanueva E., Puig-Castellví F., Tauler R. (2018). Applications of Metabolomics Analysis in Environmental Research. In: Jaumot J., Bedia C., Tauler R. . (EDS.), Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry. Elsevier. 82 533-582. Ver mais
Rodrigues V., Rafael S., Sorte S., Coelho S., Relvas H., Vicente B., Leitão J., Lopes M., Miranda A. I. and Borrego C. (2018). Adaptation to Climate Change at Local Scale: A CFD Study in Porto Urban Area. In: Adela Ionescu. (EDS.), Computational Fluid Dynamics - Basic Instruments and Applications in Science. 163-186. 978-953-51-3791-7. Ver mais
Mendes, C., Pereira, J.L., Marques, S.M., Gonçalves, F.J.M.G. (2018). Temporal and spatial variation of freshwater benthic communities challenged by acid mine drainage. In: Lucas Henderson . (EDS.), Acid mine drainage: chemistry, effects and treatment. 37-64. 978-1-53614-222-8. Ver mais
Serrano C., A. C. Figueiredo (2018). I. S. Coelho e M. Pestana . (EDS.), 1. Óleos essenciais e outros extratos. In: Plantas Aromáticas. Caderno Técnico 3. INIAV EDIA. Capítulo I Conceitos gerais 11-18. 978-972-579-048-9. Ver mais
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Serrano C., A. C. Figueiredo (2018). I. S. Coelho e M. Pestana. (EDS.), 1. Principais utilizações dos óleos essenciais e oleorresinas. In: Plantas Aromáticas. Caderno Técnico 3. INIAV EDIA. Capítulo III Empreendedorismo 107-118. 978-972-579-048-9. Ver mais

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