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  1. Marta Lobão Lopes, Ana Maria Rodrigues, Victor Quintino (under revision) Can the leaf-bag technique detect benthic macrofauna responses to sediment contamination by metals and metalloids in estuaries? . (see details)
    Link: NA
  2. Alves A.C., Monteiro M.S. , Machado A.L., Oliveira M, Bóia A, Correia A, Oliveira N, Soares A M.V.M., Loureiro S. (in press) Mercury levels in parturient and newborns from Aveiro region (Portugal). Journal Of Toxicology And Environmental Health, Part A . (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15287394.2017.1286926
  3. Alves C.A., Vicente A.M., Rocha S., Vasconcellos P. (In Press) Hopanoid hydrocarbons in PM10 from road tunnels in São Paulo, Brazil. Air Quality, Atmosphere And Health. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11869-017-0462-3
  4. Amorim, C., Alves, M., Castro, P., Henriques, I. (In press) Bacterial community dynamics within an aerobic granular sludge reactor treating wastewater loaded with pharmaceuticals. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety. (see details) ISI paper
  5. Barradas C., Pinto G., Correia B., Castro B.B., Phillips A.J.L., Alves A. (in press) Drought x Disease interaction in Eucalyptus globulus under Neofusicoccum eucalyptorum infection. Plant Pathology. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/ppa.12703
  6. Bauer, S., Chapman, J, Reynolds, D., Alves, J.A., Dokter, A., Menz, M., Sapir, N., Ciach, M., Pettersson, L.B., Kelly, J.F., Leijnse, H. & Shamoun-Baranes, J. (in press) From agricultural benefits to aviation safety – realizing the potential of continent-wide radar networks. Bioscience. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://doi.org/10.1093/biosci/bix074
  7. Bulla, M,, Pruter, H., Vitnerova, H., Tijsen, W., Sladecek, M., Alves, J.A., Glig, O., Kempenaers, B. (in press) Flexible parental care: uniparental incubation in biparentally incubating shorebirds. Scientific Reports. (see details) ISI paper
  8. Canha N., Lage J., Candeias S., Alves C., Almeida S.M. (In Press) Indoor air quality during sleep under different ventilation patterns. Atmospheric Pollution Research. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apr.2017.05.004
  9. Carvalho, D., Martins, H, Marta-Almeida, M., Rocha, A., Borrego, C. (In press) Urban resilience to future urban heat waves under a climate change scenario: a case study for Porto urban area (Portugal). . Urban Climate. (see details)
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.uclim.2016.11.005
  10. Castro F., Machado M., Nunes B. (in press) Assessment of ecotoxicologic effects of waters from the North of Portugal, using mortality of the crustacean Daphnia magna as effect criterion. Revista Da Faculdade De Ciência Da Saúde Da Universidade Fernando Pessoa. (see details)
  11. Catry T, Figueira P, Carvalho L, Monteiro R, Coelho P, Lourenço PM, Catry P, Tchantchalam Q, Catry I, Botelho MJ, Pereira E, Granadeiro JP, Vale C (In Press) Evidence for contrasting accumulation pattern of cadmium in relation to other elements in Senilia senilis and Tagelus adansoni from the Bijagós archipelago, Guinea-Bissau. Envionmental Science And Research Pollution. (see details) ISI paper
  12. Crespo D., Grilo TF, Baptista J, Coelho JP, Lillebø AI, Cássio FC, Fernandes I, Pascoal C, Pardal MA, Dolbeth M (in press) New climatic targets against global warming: will the maximum 2ºC temperature rise affect estuarine benthic communities?. Scientific Reports. (see details) ISI paper
  13. Dias, A.C., Lemos, D., Gabarrell, X., Arroja, L. (in press) Comparison of tools for quantifying the environmental performance of an urban territory. Journal Of Industrial Ecology . (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jiec.12614
  14. Dinis L.-T, Malheiro A.C, Luzio, A, Fraga H, Ferreira H, Gonçalves I, Pinto, G, Correia C.M, Moutinho-Pereira J (in press) Improvement of grapevine physiology and yield under summer stress by Kaolin foliar application: water relations, photosynthesis and oxidative damage. (see details) ISI paper
  15. Félix C., Pinto G., Amaral J., Fernandes I., Alves A., Esteves A.C. (in press) Strain-related pathogenicity in Diplodia corticola. Forest Pathology. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/efp.12366
  16. Ferreira C.S.S., Ferreira A.D.F., de Lima J.L.M.P., Nunes J.P. (in press) Assessment of surface hydrologic properties on a small urbanized Mediterranean basin: experimental design and first results. Die Bodenkultur. 62, 1-4, 57-62. (see details)
  17. Ferreira D. I.s.c.a. .V.M.S., Seca A.M.L. ., Silva H. ., Pereira M.L. S.i.l.v.a. .A.M.S. (in press) Salicornia ramosissima: secondary metabolites protective effect against acute testicular toxicity. Arabian Journal Of Chemistry. (see details) ISI paper
  18. Granadeiro, J.P., Campioni, L., Catry, P. (in press) Albatrosses bathe before departing on a foraging trip: Implications for risk assessments and marine spatial planning. Bird Conservation International. (see details) ISI paper
  19. Hänninen O., Canha N., Kulinkina A.V., Dume I., Deliu A., Mataj E., Lusati A., Krzyzanowski M., Egorov A.I. (In Press) Analysis of CO2 monitoring data demonstrates poor ventilation rates in Albanian schools during the cold season. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11869-017-0469-9
  20. K.M. Mok, A.I. Miranda, K.V. Yuen, K.I. Hoi, A. Monteiro, I. Ribeiro (In Press) Selection of bias correction models for improving the daily PM10 forecasts of WRF-EURAD in Porto, Portugal. Atmospheric Pollution Research. (see details)
  21. Lloret J. (in press) Small-scale coastal fisheries in European Seas are not what they were: ecological, social and economic changes. (see details)
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2016.11.007
  22. Lopes B., Almeida P., Martinho M., Capelo A. (in press) What do we learn when we teach abroad? Reflections about International Cooperation with developing countries. Procedia - Social And Behavioral Sciences. (see details) ISI paper
  23. Lopes J.F., J. A. Ferreira, A. C. Rocha, M. T. Moita, C. I. Silva , A. C. Cardoso (in press) The influence of seasonal forcing in harmful and non-harmful algae in the Aveiro coastal. Harmfull Algae. (see details)
  24. Lopes C.L., Alves F.L., Dias J.M. (in press) Flood risk assessment in a coastal lagoon under present and future scenarios: Ria de Aveiro case study. Natural Hazards. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11069-017-3025-x
  25. Lourenço PM, Catry T, Granadeiro JP (In Press) Diet and feeding ecology of the wintering shorebird assemblage in the Bijagós archipelago, Guinea-Bissau. Journal Of Sea Research. (see details) ISI paper
  26. M. Albuquerque, M. Coutinho, J. Rodrigues, J. Ginja, C. Borrego (In press) Long-term monitoring of trace metals in PM10 and total gaseous mercury in the atmosphere of Porto, Portugal. Atmospheric Environment.. 1-10. (see details) ISI paper
  27. M.N. Capela, D.M. Tobaldi, C. Oliveira, A. Pereira, A.S. Duarte, M.P. Seabra, M.H.V. Fernandes (in press) Bioactivity and antibacterial activity against E. coli of calcium-phosphatebased glasses: Effect of silver content and crystallinity. Ceramics International. (see details)
  28. Maria, V.L., Ribeiro, M.J., Guilherme, S., Soares, A.M.V.M., Scott-Fordsmand, J.J., Amorim, M.J.B. (in press) Silver (nano)materials cause genotoxicity in enchytraeus crypticus – as determined by the comet assay. Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry. (see details) ISI paper
  29. Martins, M.A.S., Martins, M.A.S., Machado, A.I., Machado, A.I., Serpa, D., Serpa, D., Prats, S.A., Prats, S.A., Faria, S.R., Faria, S.R., Varela, M.E., Varela, M.E., Keizer, J.J., Keizer, J.J. (in press) Runoff and inter-rill erosion in a Maritime Pine and a eucalypt plantation following wildfire and terracing in north-central Portugal. Journal Of Hydrology And Hydromechanics. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/ 10.2478/johh-2013-0033
  30. Méndez, V., Gill, J.G., Alves, J.A., Burton, N.H.K., & Davies, R.G. (in press) Consequences of population change for local abundance and site occupancy of wintering waterbirds. Diversity & Distributions. (see details) ISI paper
  31. Nogueira V., Lopes I, Rocha-Santos T., Gonçalves F., Pereira R. (In press) Treatment of real industrial wastewaters through nano-TiO2 and nano-Fe2O3 photocatalysis: Case study of mining and kraft pulp mill effluents. Environmental Technology. (see details) ISI paper
  32. Nunes J.P., Quintanilla P.N., Santos J.M., Serpa D., Carvalho-Santos C., Rocha J., Keizer J.J., Keesstra S.D. (in press) Afforestation, subsequent forest fires and provision of hydrological services: a model-based analysis for a Mediterranean mountainous catchment. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ldr.2776/epdf
  33. Oliveira C., Almeida J.R., Guilhermino L., Soares A.M.V.M., Gravato C. (in press) Behavioural alterations and biomarker responses in Palaemon serratus exposed to fenitrothion. Chemosphere. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2012.06.036
  34. Pereira G.M., Teinilä K., Custódio D., Santos a.G., Xian H., Hillamo R., Alves C.A., Andrade J.B., Rocha G.O., Kumar P., Balasubramanian R., Andrade M.F., Vasconcellos P.C. (In Press) Airborne particles in the Brazilian city of São Paulo: One-year investigation for the chemical composition and source apportionment. Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-2017-317
  35. Pinto J.M.S., Sousa S., Rodrigues D.M., Malcata F.X., Duarte A.C., Rocha-Santos T.A.P., Freitas A.C., Gomes A.M. (In press) Effect of probiotic co-cultures on physico-chemical and biochemical properties of small ruminants’ fermented milk. International Dairy Journal. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.idairyj.2017.04.005
  36. Pires C., Franco A.R., Pereira S.I.A., Henriques I., Correia A., Magan N., and Castro P.M.L. (in press) Metal(loid)-contaminated soils as a source of heterotrophic culturable aerobic bacteria for remediation applications. Geomicrobiology Journal. (see details) ISI paper
  37. Ramos A.S., Antunes S.C., Gonçalves F., Nunes B. (in press) The role of Pollicipes pollicipes (GMELIN 1789) as environmental sentinel for the assessment of anthropogenic contamination. Archives Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology. (see details) ISI paper
  38. Remédios C, Rosário F, Bastos V (in press) Environmental Nanoparticles Interactions with Plants: Morphological, Physiological, and Genotoxic Aspects. Journal Of Botany. doi:10.1155/2012/751686, (see details)
    Link: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jb/aip/751686/
  39. Rosa J., Gonçalves D.S., Silva P.A., Pinheiro L.M., Rebêlo L., Fortunato, A., Bertin X. (in press) Sand Extraction Evolution Area offshore Vale do Lobo (Algarve, Portugal) - comparison between numerical and acquired bathymetric data. Journal Of Integrated Coastal Zone Management . (submited) (see details)
  40. S.Silva, H. Oliveira, A.M.S. Silva, C. Santos (In Press) The cytotoxic targets of anatase or rutile + anatase nanoparticles depend on the plant species. Biologia Plantarum. (see details) ISI paper
  41. Srikanth K, Tito T, Duarte AC, Pereira E (In press) Cytotoxicity and oxidative stress responses of silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticles in CHSE-214 cells. Environmental Science And Pollution Research. (see details)
    Link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11356-016-7870-z
  42. Taboada-Castro, M.M., Rodríguez-Blanco, M.L., Taboada-castro, M.T. (in press) Changing the concentration of heavy metals in stream water as a result of the application of slurry to soil. Journal Of Agriculture Science And Technology . (see details)
  43. Tacão M, Araújo S, Vendas M, Alves A, Henriques I (in press) Shewanella species as the origin of blaOXA-48 genes: insights into gene diversity, associated phenotypes and possible transfer mechanisms. International Journal Of Antimicrobial Agents. (see details) ISI paper
  44. Vicente E, Alves C. (In Press) An overview of particulate emissions from residential biomass combustion. Atmospheric Research. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.atmosres.2017.08.027
  45. Zaragoza J.A., Reboleira A.S.P.S. (in press) Five new hypogean Occidenchthonius (Pseudoscorpiones, Chthoniidae) from Portugal. Journal Of Arachnology. (see details) ISI paper
  46. Bordalo MD, Vieira HC, Rodrigues ACM, Rosa R, Soares AMVM, Pestana JLT (accepted) Combined effects of predation risk and food quality on freshwater detritivore insects. Marine And Freshwater Research. (see details)
    Link: https://doi.org/10.1071/MF17086
  47. Silva S, Oliveira H, Silva A, Santos C (Accepted) The cytotoxic targets of anatase or rutile+anatase depend on the plant species. Biologia Plantarum. (see details) ISI paper
  48. Borrego, C., Rafael, S., Rodrigues, V., Monteiro, A., Sorte, S., Coelho, S., Lopes, M. (2018) AIR QUALITY, URBAN FLUXES AND CITIES RESILIENCE UNDER CLIMATE CHANGE – A BRIEF OVERVIEW. International Journal Of Environmental Impacts. 1, 1, 14-27. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://www.witpress.com/Secure/ejournals/papers/EI010102f.pdf
  49. Sorte S., Lopes M., Rodrigues V., Leitão J., Monteiro A., Ginja J., Coutinho M., Borrego C. (2018) Measures To Reduce Air Pollution Caused By Fugitive Dust Emissions From Harbour Activities. International Journal Of Environmental Impacts. 1, 2, 115-126. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: https://www.witpress.com/elibrary/ei/1/2/1800
  50. A. Monteiro, E. Sá, A. Fernandes, C. Gama, S. Sorte, C. Borrego, M. Lopes, M. A. Russo (2017) How healthy will be the air quality in 2050?. Air Quality, Atmosphere And Health. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11869-017-0466-z