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Rodrigues D, Freitas AC, Sousa S, Amorim M, Vasconcelos MW, Costa J, Silva AMS, Rocha-Santos TAP, Duarte AC, Gomes AMP (in press). Chemical and structural characterization of Pholiota nameko extracts with biological properties. Food Chemistry, , Ver mais
González-García, S., Dias, A.C. (in press). Integrating Life Cycle Assessment and Urban Metabolism at city-level: comparison between Spanish cities. Journal Of Industrial Ecology , , Ver mais
Marques A., Pilo D., Carvalho S., Araújo O., Guilherme S., Santos M.A., Vale C., Pereira F., Pacheco M., Pereira P. (in press). Metal bioaccumulation and oxidative stress profiles in Ruditapes philippinarum – insights towards its suitability as bioindicator of estuarine metal contamination. Ecological Indicators , , Ver mais
da Costa JP, Paço A, Santos, PSM, Rocha-Santos TAP, Duarte AC (In Press). Microplastics in soils: assessment, analytics, and risks. Environmental Chemistry, , Ver mais
Alves, J.A., Gunnarsson, T.G., Sutherland, W.J., Potts, P.M. & Gill, J.A. (in press). Linking warming effects on phenology, demography and range expansion in a migratory bird population. Ecology & Evolution, , Ver mais
Lopes AF, Macdonald JL, Quinteiro P, Arroja L, Carvalho-Santos C, Cunha-e-Sá MA, Dias AC (in press). Surface vs. groundwater: The effect of forest cover on the costs of drinking water. Water Resources And Economics, , Ver mais
Pereira, L.,Vasques, A., Maia, P., Ramos Pereira, M.J., Fonseca, C., Matos, M. (in press). Native and exotic seed dispersal by the stone marten (Martes foina Erxleben, 1777): implications for the regeneration of a relict climactic forest in central Portugal. , Ver mais
Cerveira AM, Soares JA, Bastos-Silveira C, Mathias ML (in press). Reproductive isolation between sister species of Iberian pine voles, Microtus duodecimcostatus and M. lusitanicus. Ethology Ecology And Evolution, ( ), - . . Ver mais
Lopes AF, Macdonald JL, Quinteiro P, Arroja L, Carvalho-Santos C, Cunha-e-Sá MA, Dias AC (in press). Surface vs. groundwater: The effect of forest cover on the costs of drinking water. Water Resources And Economics, , Ver mais
Rodrigues J.P., Duarte A.C., Santos-Echeandía J., Rocha-Santos T. (In Press). Significance of interactions between microplastics and POPs in the marine environment: a critical overview. Trends In Analytical Chemistry, , Ver mais
Jóhannesdóttir, L., Gill, J.A., Alves, J.A., Brink S.H. Arnalds, O. Méndez, V. & Gunnarsson T.G. (in press). Interacting effects of agriculture and landscape on breeding wader populations . Agriculture, Ecosystems And Environment, , Ver mais
da Costa JP, Paço A, Reis V., Duarte AC, Costa M, Rocha-Santos TAP (in Press). Micro(nano)plastics – analytical challenges towards risk evaluation. Trends In Analytical Chemistry, , Ver mais
Ramos A.S., Antunes S.C., Gonçalves F., Nunes B. (in press). The role of Pollicipes pollicipes (GMELIN 1789) as environmental sentinel for the assessment of anthropogenic contamination. Archives Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, , Ver mais
Nilsson, C. Dokter, A., Verlinden, L., Shamoun-Baranes, J., Schmid, B., Desmet, P., Bauer, S., Chapman, J., Alves, J.A., Spetanian, P., Sapir, N., Wainwrigth, C., Boos, M., Górska, A., Menz, M.H.M., Rodrigues, P., Leijnse, H., Zehtindjiev, P., Brabant, R., Haase, G., Weisshaupt, N., Ciach, M. & Liecthi, F. (in press). Revealing patterns of nocturnal migration using the European weather radar network. Ecography, , Ver mais
Cancelo-González J., Rial-Rivas M.E., Díaz-Fierros F. (in press). Study of nitrogen losses at the microcosm in undisturbed soil samples subjected to thermal shocks. FLAMMA, 5 (1), 10-13. Ver mais
Duarte B., Cabrita M.T., Vidal T., Pereira J.L., Pacheco M., Pereira P., Canário J., Gonçalves F.J.M., Matos A.R., Rosa R., Marques J.C., Caçador I., Gameiro C. (in press). Phytoplankton community-level bio-optical assessment in a naturally mercury contaminated Antartic ecosystem (Deception Island). , Ver mais
Quintaneiro C., Soares A.M.V.M., Costa D., Monteiro M.S. (in press). Effects of PCB-77 in adult zebrafish after exposure during early life stages. Journal Of Environmental Science And Health, Part A, , Ver mais
Silva R., Santos C.S.A., Ferreira N.G.C., Morgado R., Cardoso D., Cruz A., Mendo S., Soares A.M.V.M., Loureiro S. (in press). Multigenerational effects of carbendazim in Daphnia magna: from a subcellular to a population level. Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry, , Ver mais
Jaria G, Calisto V, Silva CP, Gil MV, Otero M, Esteves VI (In press). Obtaining granular activated carbon from paper mill sludge – A challenge for application in the removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater. Science Of The Total Environment, , Ver mais
Brlík, V., Koleček,J., Burgess, M., Hahn, S.,Humple, D., Krist M., Ouwehand, J., Weiser, E.L., Adamík, P., Alves, J.A, + 56 authors (in press). Weak effects of geolocators on small birds: a meta-analysis controlled for phylogeny and publication bias. Journal Of Animal Ecology, , Ver mais
Gregor Christa, Laura Pütz, Corinna Sickinger, Jenny Melo Clavijo, Elise M. J. Laetz, Carola Greve and João Serôdio (in press). Photoprotective Non-photochemical Quenching Does Not Prevent Kleptoplasts From Net Photoinactivation. Front. Ecol. Evol., 6 , Ver mais
Lopes J.F., J. A. Ferreira, A. C. Rocha, M. T. Moita, C. I. Silva , A. C. Cardoso (in press). The influence of seasonal forcing in harmful and non-harmful algae in the Aveiro coastal. Harmfull Algae, , Ver mais
Castanheira JM and Marques CAF (in press). The energy cascade associated with daily variability of the North Atlantic Oscillation. QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY, , Ver mais
Oliveira H, Bednarkiewicz A, Falk A, Fröhlich E, Lisjak D, Prina-Mello A, Resch S, Schimpel C, Vinković Vrček I, Wysokińska E, Gorris HH. (In Press). Critical Considerations on the Clinical Translation of Upconversion Nanoparticles (UCNPs): Recommendations from the European Upconversion Network (COST Action CM1403). Advanced Healthcare Materials, , Ver mais
Catry I, Sampaio A, Silva MC, Moreira F, Franco AMA, Catry T (In Press). Combining stable isotope analysis and conventional techniques to improve knowledge of the diet of the European Roller Coracias garrulus. Ibis, , Ver mais
Stoichev T., Tessier E., Coelho J.P., Lobos Valenzuela M.G., Pereira M.E., Amouroux D. (in press). Multiple regression analysis to assess the spatial distribution and speciation of mercury in surface sediments of a contaminated lagoon. Journal Of Hazardous Materials, , Ver mais
Rodrigues J.P., Duarte A.C., Santos-Echeandía J., Rocha-Santos T. (in press). Significance of interactions between microplastics and POPs in the marine environment: a critical overview. , Ver mais
Lovas-Kiss A., Sánchez, M.I., Wilkinson, D.M., Coughlan, N.E., Alves, J.A. & Green, A.J. (in press). Shorebirds as major vectors for plant dispersal in Europe. Ecography, , Ver mais
Paço A, Jacinto J, da Costa J, Santos PSM, Vitorino R, Duarte AC, Rocha-Santos TAP (In Press). Biotechnological tools for the effective management of plastics in the environment. Critical Reviews In Environmental Science And Technology, , Ver mais
Faccin S, Carmo AO, Thyssen PJ, Dias D, Rebelo MT & Kalapothakis E (2019). Complete mitochondrial genomes from three species of the genus Peckia (Sarcophagidae) with forensic entomology interest. Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 4 (1), 220-221. Ver mais
De la Rosa J.M., Jiménez-Morillo N.T., González-Pérez J.A., Almendros G., Vieira D.C.S., Knicker H.E., Keizer J.J. (2019). Mulching-induced preservation of soil organic matter quality in a burnt eucalypt plantation in central Portugal. Journal Of Environmental Management, 231 , 1135-1144. Ver mais
Queirós J., Acevedo P., Santos J.P.V., Barasona J., Beltran-Beck B., González-Barrio D., Armenteros J.A., Diez-Delgado I., Boadella M., Fernandéz de Mera I., Ruiz-Fons J.F., Vicente J., de la Fuente J., Gortázar C., Searle J.B., Alves P.C. (2019). Red deer in Iberia: Molecular ecological studies in a southern refugium and inferences on European postglacial colonization history. PLoS ONE, 14 (1), Ver mais
Baptista I, Santos M, Rudnitskaya A, Saraiva J, Almeida A, Rocha SM (2019). A comprehensive look into the volatile exometabolome of enteroxic and non-enterotoxic Staphylococcus aureus strains. International Journal Of Biochemistry And Cell Biology, , Ver mais
Fidalgo C., Proença D.N., Morais P.V., Henriques I., Alves A. (2019). The endosphere of the salt marsh plant Halimione portulacoides is a diversity hotspot for the genus Salinicola: description of five novel species Salinicola halimionae sp. nov., Salinicola aestuarinus sp. nov., Salinicola endophyticus sp. nov., Salinicola halophyticus sp. nov. and Salinicola lusitanus sp. nov. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATIC AND EVOLUTIONARY MICROBIOLOGY , 69 (1), 46-62. Ver mais
Khan, M.A., Otero, M., Kazi, M., Alqadami, A.A., Wabaidur, S.M., Siddiqui, M.R., Alothman, Z.A., Sumbul, S. (2019). Unary and binary adsorption studies of lead and malachite green onto a nanomagnetic copper ferrite/drumstick pod biomass composite. Journal Of Hazardous Materials, 365 , 759-770. Ver mais
Pereira C.S., Lopes I., Abrantes I., Sousa J.P., Chelinho S. (2019). Salinization effects on coastal ecosystems: a terrestrial model ecosystem approach. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 374 (1764), Ver mais
Phillips A.J.L, Hyde K.D, Alves A., Liu J.K. (2019). Families in Botryosphaeriales: a phylogenetic, morphological and evolutionary perspective. FUNGAL DIVERSITY, , Ver mais
Oliveira C., Lima D.L.D., Silva C.P., Calisto V., Otero M., Esteves V.I. (2019). Photodegradation of sulfamethoxazole in environmental samples: The role of pH, organic matter and salinity. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 648 , 1403-1410. Ver mais
Custodio D., Alves C., Jomolca Y., Vasconcellos P.D. (2019). Carbonaceous components and major ions in PM10 from the Amazonian Basin. ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH, 215 , 75-84. Ver mais
Monaghan K.A., Machado A.L., Corado M., Wrona F.J., Soares A.M.V.M. (2019). Seasonal time-series reveal the impact and rapid recovery in richness, abundance and community structure of benthic macroinvertebrates following catchment wildfire. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 651 , 3117-3126. Ver mais
Rodrigues S., Antunes S.C., Correia A.T., Golovko O., Zlabek V., Nunes B. (2019). Assessment of toxic effects of the antibiotic erythromycin on the marine fish gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata L.) by a multi-biomarker approach. CHEMOSPHERE, 216 , 234-247. Ver mais
Gutiérrez, I. B., A. F. Mesquita, F. J. M. Gonçalves, J. C. Marques, A. M. M. Gonçalves (2019). Biomarkers' responses of the benthic clam Scrobicularia plana to the main active ingredients (S-metolachlor and Terbuthylazine) of a common herbicide. Ecological Indicators 96, 611-619 (2019), , Ver mais
El-Guendouz S., Lyoussi B., Miguel M.G., Figueiredo A.C. (2019). Characterization of volatiles from Moroccan propolis samples. JOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH, 31 (1), 27-33. Ver mais
Jaric I., Correia R.A., Roberts D.L., Gessner J., Meinard Y., Courchamp F. (2019). On the overlap between scientific and societal taxonomic attentions - Insights for conservation. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 648 , 772-778. Ver mais
Borgwardt, Florian , Leonie Robinson, Daniel Trauner, Heliana Teixeira, Antonio J.A. Nogueira, Ana I. Lillebø, Gerjan Piet, Mathias Kuemmerlen, Tim O'Higgins, Hugh McDonald, Juan Arevalo-Torres, Ana Luisa Barbosa, Alejandro Iglesias-Campos, Thomas Hein, Fiona Culhane (2019). Exploring variability in environmental impact risk from human activities across aquatic ecosystems. Science Of The Total Environment, 652 , 1396-1408. Ver mais
Barbosa, Ana, Beatriz Martín, Virgilio Hermoso, Juan Arévalo-Torres, Julian Barbière, Javier Martínez-López, Sami Domisch, Simone D. Langhans, Stefano Balbi, Ferdinando Villa, Gonzalo Delacámara, Heliana Teixeira, Antonio J.A. Nogueira, Ana I. Lillebø, Yolanda Gil-Jiménez, Hugh McDonald, Alejandro Iglesias-Campos (2019). Cost-effective restoration and conservation planning in Green and Blue Infrastructure designs. A case study on the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean: Andalusia (Spain) - Morocco. Science Of The Total Environment, 652 , 1463-1473. Ver mais
Lucia De Marchi, Matteo Oliva, Rosa Freitas, Victor Neto, Etelvina Figueira, Federica Chiellini, Andrea Morelli, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, Carlo Pretti (2019). Toxicity evaluation of carboxylated carbon nanotubes to the reef-forming tubeworm Ficopomatus enigmaticus (Fauvel, 1923). Journal Of Marine Environmental Research, , Ver mais
Gomes, S.I.L., Roca, C.P., Scott-Fordsmand, J.J., Amorim, M.J.B. (2019). High-throughput transcriptomics to identify (nano) nickel mechanisms of toxicity in a key invertebrate test species. Environmental Pollution, 245 , 131-140. Ver mais
Lina Carvalho, Rui Monteiro, Paula Figueira, Cláudia Mieiro, Eduarda Pereira, Vitor Magalhaes, Luis Pinheiro, and Carlos Vale (2019). Rare earth elements in mud volcano sediments from the Gulf of Cadiz, South Iberian Peninsula. Science Of The Total Environment, 652 , 869-879. Ver mais
Barradas, C., Pinto G., Correia B., Jesus C., Alves A. (2019). Impact of Botryosphaeria, Diplodia and Neofusicoccum species on two Eucalyptus species and a hybrid: from pathogenicity to physiological performance. FOREST PATHOLOGY, , Ver mais

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