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  1. Pereira PM, Catarino T, Turner DL, Xavier AV, Louro RO (2001) Type II cytochrome c3 from Desulfovibrio africanus: a structure-function correlation. J Inorg Biochem. 86, 1, 376 (see details) ISI paper
  2. Pio C.A., Alves C., Duarte A.C. (2001) Organic components of aerosols in a forested area of central Greece. Atmospheric Environment. 35, 389-401. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1352-2310(00)00135-7
  3. Pio C.A., Alves C.A., Duarte A.C. (2001) Identification, abundance and origin of atmospheric organic particulate matter in a Portuguese rural area. Atmospheric Environment. 35, 1365-1375. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1352-2310(00)00391-5
  4. Pio C.A., Nunes T.V., Castro L.M., Lopes D.A. (2001) Volatile and particulate organic compounds in the ambient air of an eucalyptus forest in Portugal during the FIELDVOC campaign. Chemosphere- Global Change Science. 3, 283-294. (see details)
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1465-9972(01)00011-3
  5. Poisson N., Kanakidou M., Bonsang B., Behman T., Burrows J., Goltz C., Harder H., Lewis A., Moortgat G.K., Nunes T., Pio C., Platt U., Sauer F., Schuster G., Seakins P., Senzig J., Seuwen R., Trapp D., Voltz-Thomas A., Zenker T., Zitzelberger R. (2001) The impact of natural nonmethane hydrocarbon oxidation on the free radical and ozone budgets above an eucalyptus forest. Chemosphere- Global Change Science. 3, 353-366. (see details)
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1465-9972(01)00016-2
  6. Quintino V., Rodrigues A.M., Ré A., Pestana P., Silva S., Castro H. (2001) Sediment alterations in response to marine outfall operation off Lisbon, Portugal: a Sediment Quality Triad study. Journal Of Coastal Research Special Issue, . 34, 535-549. (see details) ISI paper
  7. Ramalhosa E., Monterroso P., Abreu S., Pereira M.E., Vale C., Duarte A.C. (2001) Storage and export of mercury from a contaminated bay (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal). Wetlands Ecology And Management. 9, 311-316. (see details)
  8. Ramalhosa E., Rio Grande S., Pereira M.E., Vale C., Duarte A.C. (2001) Microwave-assisted extraction for methylmercury determination in sediments by high performance liquid chromatography-cold vapour-atomic fluorescence spectrometry. J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 16, 643-647. (see details) ISI paper
  9. Ramalhosa E., Río Segade S, Pereira M.E., Vale C., Duarte A.C. (2001) Simple methodology for methylmercury and inorganic mercury determinations by high-performance liquid chromatography-cold vapour atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta. 448, 135-143. (see details) ISI paper
  10. Ramalhosa E., Rio Segade S., Pereira M.E., Vale C., Duarte A.C. (2001) Microwave treatment of biological samples for methylmercury determination by high performance liquid chromatography-cold vapour atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Analyst. 126, 1583-1587. (see details) ISI paper
  11. Ribeiro S., J.P. Sousa, J.P., Nogueira A.J.A., Soares A.M.V.M. (2001) Effect of endosulfan and parathion on energy reserves and physiological parameters of the terrestrial isopod Porcellio dilatatus. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety. 49, 131-138. (see details) ISI paper
  12. Rocha-Santos T., Duarte A.C., Oliveira M.T. (2001) A gas chromatography crystal microbalance for speciation of nitroaromatic compounds in landfill gas. Talanta. 54, 383-388. (see details) ISI paper
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    Link: http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.1016/S1464-1909(01)00093-4
  15. Santos E.B.H., Filipe O.M.S., Duarte R.M.B.O., Duarte A.C. (2001) Fluorescence as a Tool for Tracing Contamination from Pulp Mill Effluents in Surface Waters. Acta Hydrochim. Hydrobiol.. 28, 359-363. (see details) ISI paper
  16. Schmid H., Laskus L., Abraham H.J., Baltensperger U., Lavanchy V., Bizjak M., Burba P., Cachier H., Crow D., Chow J., Gnauk T., Even A., ten Brink H.M., Giesen K., Hitzenberger R., Hueglin C., Maenhaut W., Pio C., Carvalho A., Putaud J., Toom-Sauntry D., Puxbaum H. (2001) Results of the “carbon conference” international aerosol carbon round robin test stage I. Atmos. Environ.. 35, 2111-2121. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1352-2310(00)00493-3
  17. Silveira P., Paiva J., Marcos Samaniego N. (2001) A new endemic species of Arabis L. (Cruciferae) from central Portugal. Bot. Journ. Linn. Soc.. 3, 135, 299-303. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1006/bojl.2000.0405
  18. Sobral O., Chastinet C., Nogueira A., Soares A.M.V.M., Gonçalves F., Ribeiro R. (2001) In vitro development of parthenogenetic eggs: a fast ecotoxicity test with Daphnia magna?. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety. 50, 174-179. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://doi:10.1006/eesa.2001.2088
  19. Trapp D., Cooke K.M., Fischer H., Bonsand B., Zitzelsberger R.U., Seuwen R., Schiller C., Zenker T., Parchatka U., Nunes T.V., Pio C.A., Lewis A.C., Seakins P.W., Pilling J. (2001) Isoprene and its degradation products methyl vinyl ketone, methacrolein and formaldehyde in a eucalyptus forest during the FIELDVOC`94 campaign in Portugal. Chemosphere- Global Change Science. 3, 295-308. (see details)
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1465-9972(01)00012-5
  20. Varela M.E., de Blas E., Benito E. (2001) Physical Soil Degradation induced by deforestation and slope modification in a temperate-humid environment. Land Degradation & Development. 12, 477-484. (see details) ISI paper
  21. Almeida J., Granadeiro J.P. (2000) Seasonal variation of foraging niches in a guild of passerine birds in a cork-oak woodland. Ardea. 88, 243-252. (see details) ISI paper
  22. Alves C.A., Pio C.A., Duarte A.C. (2000) Particulate Size Distributed Organic Compounds in a Forest Atmosphere. Environ. Sci. Technol.. 34, 4287-4293. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es000028a
  23. Amaral M.J., Caldeira M.T., Pereira M.L., Duarte A.C. (2000) Seasonal variation in the concentration of total mercury in clams of Ria de Aveiro. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Restoration. 3, 2, 87-91. (see details)
  24. Barata C., Baird D.J., Amat F., Soares A.M.V.M. (2000) Comparing population response to contaminants between laboratory and field: an approach using Daphnia magna ephippial egg banks. Functional Ecology. 4, 14, 513-523. (see details) ISI paper
  25. Barata, C., Baird D.J., Miñarro A., Soares A.M.V.M. (2000) Do genotype responses always converge from lethal to nonlethal toxicant exposure levels? Hypothesis tested using clones of Daphnia magna Straus. Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry. 9, 19, 2314-2322. (see details) ISI paper
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  31. Borrego C., Tchepel O., Barros N., Miranda A.I. (2000) Impact of road traffic emissions on air quality of the Lisbon region. Atmospheric Environment. 34, 4683-4690. (see details) ISI paper
  32. Caseiro, I.,, Santos S., Sousa J.P., Nogueira A.J.A., Soares A.M.V.M (2000) Optimisation of culture conditions of Porcellio dilatatus (Crustacea: Isopoda) for laboratory test development. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety. 47, 285-291. (see details) ISI paper
  33. Corrochano A., Garcia Merino S., Barba P., Bernardes C. (2000) Los sedimentos del canal de Mira (Aveiro, Portugal): propriedades texturales, procedencia y modelo paleogeografico. Studia Geologica Salmanticensia. 36, 143-160. (see details)
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  35. Cunha, M.R., Moreira, M.H., Sorbe, J.C. (2000) The amphipod Corophium multisetosum (Corophiidae) in Ria de Aveiro (NW Portugal). II. Abundance, biomass and production. Marine Biology. 137, 651-660. (see details) ISI paper
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  42. Gomes M.T.S.R., Nogueira P.S.T., Oliveira J.A.B.P. (2000) Quantification of CO2, SO2, NH3, and H2S with a single coated piezoelectric quartz crystal. Sensors And Actuators B. 68, 218-222. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0925-4005(00)00432-9
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    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0925-4005(01)00835-8
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