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Division for molecular diagnostics for aquaculture (DMA) of the laboratory for molecular studies of marine environments (LEMAM)

The DMA/LEMAM aim to promote knowledge and technology transfer between the scientific community and stakeholders in the fisheries and aquaculture sector, with support of CESAM, Central Laboratory Analyses (LCA) and AquaSafe project (funded by the Operational Programme for Fisheries and co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund). Our service uses novel molecular techniques to diagnose and anticipate disease outbreaks in aquaculture. To this end, molecular biology instruments and software are used that enable the accurate detection of microbial pathogens and genetic markers for resistance and virulence.

More details: https://www.ua.pt/lca/

Development, Consulting and Services Department

The Development, Consulting and Services Department runs in close collaboration with the Institute of Environment and Development (IDAD). 

IDAD is a scientific and technical non-profit association, that provides consultancy services in all areas of the environment, natural resource management, socio-economic development and spatial planning.

The MISSION of IDAD is to apply knowledge to provide companies and public administration the best solutions for environmental innovation to the transition to sustainability, with the VISION to be a center of excellence in the application of knowledge in the areas of environment and sustainable development, essential in regional and national development.

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R&D and Innovation
CESAM is qualified for providing R&D and Innovation services to small and medium enterprises, under the Portuguese Strategic National Reference Framework.

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Environmental Sciences and Technologies
Sea Sciences and Technologies
Energetic Systems and New Energy Sources
Risk Prevention and Abatement

Energetic Diversification and Efficiency