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PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management (Do*Mar)

This PhD programme was born within the Campus do Mar International Campus of Excellence, as a result of the initiative of the three Galician universities and those from the North of Portugal (Aveiro, Minho and Tras os Montes e Alto Douro), the Higher Council of Scientific Research and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, to create an International Postgraduate School of Excellence that offers PhD programs with a global vision and multiannual planning.
The mission is to produce the best researchers and professionals within the scope of Science, Technology and Sea Management, in their several economic and social applications, in order to generate quality research and international impact and thereby provide the industry with the best tools to compete at world level.

Additional information: https://www.campusdomar-pt-domar.net

For additional information please contact at UA: Prof. Dr. Henrique Queiroga

Joint Erasmus Mundus PhD Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation (MARES)

MARES is a three-year world-class Joint Doctoral Programme offered by a consortium of 23 partner institutions (11 full partners and 12 associated members) originating from 14 countries. MARES focus on six scientific and applied fields dealing with the effects of impacts of humans on the natural marine environment: 1) Future oceans - temperature changes, hypoxia, acidification; 2) Understanding biodiversity effects on the functioning of marine ecosystems; 3) Biological invasions; 4) Natural resources - overexploitation, fisheries and aquaculture; 5) Ocean noise pollution; 6) Habitat loss, urban development, coastal infrastructures and Marine Spatial Planning.

MARES webpage: http://www.mares-eu.org/index.asp?p=900&a=900

For additional information please contact at UA: Prof. Dr. Henrique Queiroga

Joint Erasmus Mundus PhD in Marine and Coastal Management (MACOMA)

MACOMA PhD programme has the central focus of integrating the multidisciplinary coastal and marine science into a one advanced teaching programme, while promoting an exchange of information with a direct involvement of the coastal endusers and stakeholders. For that purpose, every member of the consortium will assure teaching and the related case studies, in the domain where its excellence is recognized and needed. 
The  5  full  partnes  institutions  are  coordinated  by  the University of Cádiz (Spain) and  include:  Univ Algarve,  Univ Aveiro,  Univ Bolonia  (Italy)  and  Russian State Hydrometeorological University (Russia).  

MACOMA webpage: http://www2.uca.es/serv/catedr...../index.htm

For additional information please contact at UA: Prof. Dr. Filomena Martins

PhD Programme on Biology and Ecology of Global Changes

The PhD Program in Biology and Ecology of Global Change (BEGC) is a flexible, state-of-the-art, research oriented program. The nature of BEGC is prone to interdisciplinary research, combining branches of biology, ecology, modeling, health, sociology.  BEGC is focused on training students in areas of biology/ecology so that these can effectively counteract human-induced global changes.

Webpage: http://begc.biologiaatua.net/
For additional information please contact at UA: Prof. Dr. Amadeu Soares

Inter-University PhD Programme in Marine and Environmental Sciences

This course is designed under the framework of the Bologna Process. The University of Aveiro, University of Porto and University of Algarve offer a PhD Programme in Marine and Environmental Sciences. The programme is based on the main Associated Laboratories in Marine and Environmental Sciences: CESAM and CIMAR.
The length of the program is four years: the first year comprises of specialized course work and the following three years are reserved for the Thesis work and for attending Entrepreneurship courses.

Inter-University PhD Programme on Territory, Risk and Public Policies

PhD Programme on Territory, Risk and Public Policies is an inter-university programme, offered, in partnership, by the University of Aveiro, Centre for Social Studies (CES) and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (III) of the University of Coimbra, and by the Institute of Geography and Land Planning (IGOT) and the Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG) of University of Lisbon.
This is a programme designed to a diversified higher education public, from social sciences to natural and exact sciences and technologies, allowing an integrated perspective, and the quantification of communities and individuals’ resilience and resistance, based on the joint consideration of different uncertainties and on the selection of relevant variants to the assessment and perception of risk within human communities.

Course structure: http://www.ua.pt/PageCourse.as.....en&p=4

For additional information please contact at UA: Prof. Dr. Celeste de Oliveira Alves Coelho

PhD Programme on Environmental Sciences and Engineering

The Doctoral programme on Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of Aveiro aims to produce highly trained professionals who are qualified to carry out autonomous research in the field of Environmental Science and Engineering, and thus respond to the recruitment needs of the academic and business sectors and public institutions.

Course structure: http://www.ua.pt/PageCourse.as.....pt&p=4

For additional information please contact: Prof. Doutora Ana Isabel Miranda

PhD Programme on Biology

The Doctoral Program in Biology has a duration of 4 years. The first year comprises the curricular component, structured in advanced training courses, and the beginning of the thesis component. The next three years are dedicated to the research work in one of the scientific fields: Molecular Biology and Genetics; Cell Biology; Microbiology; Ecology; Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management; Ecotoxicology and Environmental Biology; Marine Biology; Tropical Biology and Ecology; Aquaculture Resources; Communication, Dissemination and Biological Illustration; Biology and Applied Biosciences.

Additional information: http://www.ua.pt/PageText.aspx?id=6941

PhD Programme on Energy Systems and Climate Change

The Doctoral Programme on Energy Systems and Climate Change is essentially focused on the process of climate change as a physical phenomenon of global nature, with implications for society, economy and natural resources management, including energy.
This programme involves several departments of the University of Aveiro, ensuring an interdisciplinary approach that integrates the areas of engineering and economy, providing an analysis of energy systems in the context of sustainable development.

Course structure: http://www.ua.pt/PageCourse.as.....&lg=en