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DBio, SIC Notícias and Jumbo launch 'Biodiversidade no Hipermercado'


'Biodiversidade no Hipermercado' is a TV show with the label of the Department of Biology of UA. Using science coupled with lots of humor, and driven by 3D animated characters, this TV project aims to raise the awareness of the importance of biodiversity.


Valuing the Aveiro Lagoon

Ria de Aveiro: knowing, protecting to increase the value With the Project “Ria de Aveiro: knowing, protecting to increase the value” we intend to dynamise some actions of environmental education, scientific and cultural divulgation. This project is supported by the National Agency for the Scientific Culture and Technology - Live Science - and it is being developed in the Geosciences Department of the University of Aveiro (U.A.). It also relies on the cooperation of other Departments of the U.A. and other public and private entities. http://www.valorizarariadeaveiro.com