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Sea Technology Platform

The Sea Technology Platform (PTMar), created in February 2013, is part of the strategic commitment of the University of Aveiro to create expert networks directed to key sectors of the national economy. The Blue Economy is one of the strategic areas of social and economic development in Portugal, considering it has one of the more extensive EEZs and Continental Shelves of Europe and the World.
PTMar is a multidisciplinary platform that integrates the vast knowledge available at the University of Aveiro in Marine Sciences and Technologies, with the aim to facilitate its transfer to the industry, government and the private sector in an integrated way.
The main intervention areas of PTMar are:
     - ports, port areas and maritime transports    
     - biologicalmineral and energy resources   
     - hazards, assessment and environmental sustainability   
     - robotics, instrumentation and telecommunications   
     - information systems, control and automation   
     - mechanical and energy systems   
     - new materials and applications   
     - nautical activities, tourism and leisure.

Link: http://www.ua.pt/ptmar/#



Multimedia Collaborative Environment
Colibri is a sophisticated Web Collaboration Environment. It provides tools for conducting classes, meetings or working groups for teachers and students via the Internet. Allows the realization of synchronous sessions or posterior viewing of the same, integrated with e-learning tools used in the institutions connected to the National Science, Technology and Society Network. 

On-Line database of Atlantic European Marine Research Centres

MarinERA on-line Map of Atlantic European Marine Research Centres facilitates closer cooperation in marine research between those Centres, and complements similar regional databases.