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University of Aveiro 
6-8 December 2013

The Portuguese Congress of Microbiology and Biotechnology (MicroBiotec’13) will be held at the University of Aveiro, from 6th to 8th December 2013. The scientific program is supervised by the Portuguese Society for Microbiology (SPM) and the Portuguese Society for Biotechnology (SPBT).


FORESTAKE Conference

University of Aveiro
20-21 September 2013

The National Conference ‘Participate in the direction and care of the Portuguese forest: a challenge for all? aims to be a reflection space on the resuts of the Research Project  ForeStake (2010-2013), encompassing contributions and experiences of stakeholders and national, regional and local policy institutions in order to achieve a more participative, responsable and sustainable management.
This event is  also part of the commemmorations of the 40 year anniversary of the University of Aveiro and the 35th anniversary of the Department of Environment and Planning.

More details: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/forestake

Seminar on Climate Change modelling in the Ria de Aveiro Coastal Area


November 2615h00,  Amphiteater 23.1.7  (Complexo Pedagógico), Universidade de Aveiro.

On the scope of project ADAPTARia, coordinated by the University of Aveiro/CESAM e financed by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technolopgy), a seminar for the dissemination of results of the project, and where the presentation of the publication “RISCO DE CHEIA e estratégias de adaptação para a zona costeira e lagunar da Ria de Aveiro” (Flood risks and adaptation strategies for the coastal and lagoon areas of the Ria de Aveiro) will take place on November 26.

Additional details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....

MESHATLANTIC Final Conference

The Final Conference of MeshAtlantic, themed “Mapping Atlantic Area Seabed Habitats for Better Marine Management”, will be held at the Universityof Aveiro15th - 17th September 2013. The conference aims to address issues concerning habitat mapping in Europe under the following topics:

- Marine knowledge 2020;
- EUNIS, an evolving classification;
- New technologies for habitat mapping;
- Habitat maps: relevance at national and international level;
- Dissemination: stakeholders feedback.

The sessions on September 16th will focus on the subtheme “Marine Habitat Mapping: Historical Perspectives and Present Status” with Craig Brown (McGregor GeoScience Limited, Canada) and Alan Stevenson (British Geological Survey, UK) as the keynote speakers. The second day sessions on September 17th will address topics under the subtheme “Uses of the Seabed: Habitat Mapping as a Tool for Marine Management and Planning”. Lene Buhl-Mortensen (Institute of Marine Research,Norway) and Vladimir Kostylev (Geological Survey of Canada - Atlantic,Canada) will present plenary talks.

The registration and abstract submission platforms are now open and the deadline for abstract submission is June 30. The organizers are negotiating a Special Issue with an indexed science journal to accommodate peer-reviewed papers and encourage your participation and scientific contributions. There are no registration fees.
For more information, go to www.MeshAtlantic.eu.

TWAM 2013 International Conference


Transboundary water management across borders and interfaces: Present and future challenges
16-20 March 2013, Aveiro, Portugal

The overarching objective of the TWAM2013 International Conference is to address these challenges in “Transboundary water resources management across borders and interfaces”, with particular focus on:
- Water resources modelling
- Technological and natural solutions
- Environmental impacts, ecosystems services and values
- Economic incentives and instruments
- Water governance, institutions and regulations
- Stakeholder engagement
- Planning water resources and land use
- Integrated assessment and decision support tools

More details: http://ibtwm.web.ua.pt/congress/