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MIRAME - MultI-Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Europe
Coordinator - Leonardo Disperati
CESAM Responsible researcher - Fátima Lopes Alves
Programme - Erasmus Intensive Programme (Lifelong Learning Programme 2012)
Execution dates - 2013-01-01 - 2015-08-31 (32 Months)
Funding Entity - Italian LLP Agency
Total Funding - 35814.38 €
Proponent Institution - University of Siena - Centre of GeoTechnologies (Italy)
Participating Institutions
Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade de Lisboa
Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig (Germany)
Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources (Germany)
Technische Universiteit Delft (Netherlands)
Faculty of Civil Engineering Delft (Netherlands)
Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel (Germany)
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Remote Sensing and Marine Cartography Unit, Uniwersytet Szczecinski (Poland)

MIRAME is a multidisciplinary Intensive Programme (IP) focusing on multi-risk analysis and mitigation (final IP objective), a recent research field actually faced by integrating the up-to-date contributions of various disciplines and methods such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, numerical modelling of physical processes, engineering, geological, environmental sciences. For these reasons partners with different scientific backgrounds will bring a wide-spectrum of expertise with the aim to provide an advanced level teaching programme to postgraduate students.

Members on this project
Maria de Fátima Lopes Alves
National Coordinator

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