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Bruno Miguel Rocha Augusto

Bruno Miguel Rocha Augusto

PhD Student

  • Researcher ID: X-1644-2018
  • ORCID:
  • Ciencia ID: BF18-57E6-C5BF
  • Department: Department of Environment and Planning
  • Research Group: Atmospheric Processes & Modelling (APM)
  • Thesis title: Should future cities be compact or sprawled? Development of an eco-indicator to assess future urban planning strategies Supervisor: Joana Ferreira Category: BO Grant type: BD Funding entity: FCT Grant reference: 2020.06293.BD Start date: 2020-10-01 End date: 2024-10-01

Research interests

Climate Change
Nature based solutions
Air Quality Modelling

Academic degrees

2018- MSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Aveiro
2019-2024- PhD on Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Scientific activities

2017-2020: Colaborator for UnaLab - Urban Nature Labs
2018-2019: Research Fellow for FUTURAR - Air quality in Portugal in 2030 – a policy support
2019-2020: Research Fellow for GENESIS - Poupanças Ambientais, Económicas e Sociais de Coberturas/Fachadas Verdes Incorporação da Incerteza e das Preferências dos Investidores/Utilizadores em Análises Custo Benefício de Coberturas/Fachadas Verdes
2020- : PhD Student in the Environmental sciences and engineering Doctoral Program in the University of Aveiro


2019 NCAR-NCAS WRF Workshop



GENESIS - Green roofs and walls ENvironmental Economic and SocIal Savings: Modelling uncertainty and investors / users preferences in all-inclusive cost-benefit analysis of green roofs and walls See more

FUTURAR - Air quality in Portugal in 2030 – a policy support See more

Scientific Supervision

CESAM Funding: