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  Maria Isabel Bastos  
  e-mail: mariaisabel@ua.pt  
  Category: PhD Student  
  Department: Biology Department / Environment and Planning Departement  
  Research group: Coastal Zone Planning and Manag.
  Thesis title: Production or protection? Efficient management of coastal ecosystem services exposed to high-risk industrial activities.
  Supervisor: Professor Doutor Peter Cornelis Roebeling / Professora Doutora Fátima Lopes Alves / Professor Doutor Sebastián Villasante (University of Santiago Compostela)
  Category: ES
Research Interests

Ocean Economy / Blue Economy

The Economics of ecosystem biodiversity

Ecosystem services valuation and sustainability analysis 

Natural capital valuation

Cost and benefit analysis of ecosystem services

Climate Change: the economics of resilience, adaptation, vulnerability and transformation policies

Environment and coastal management

Production & Protection - making economic development compatible with the protection of natural resources

Education, Training and Professional Experience


2009-2011: Master Degree on Economics and Finance; University of Aveiro. Aveiro, Portugal. Thesis title: "Price Discovery and Price Transmission within CO2 European Financial Markets".

1991-1992: MBA - Master in Business Administration. Porto Business School (former name: I.S.E.E./U.P.). Porto, Portugal.

1980-1985: Degree in International Business (Economics and Politics). University of Minho. Braga, Portugal.


2005: Advanced Program on Management. Católica Lisbon Business and Economics (formerly F.C.E.E./U.C.P.). Lisbon, Portugal.

1999: Program on Applied Statistics. Lusíada University. Porto, Portugal.

1990: General Management Program. Porto Business School (formerly I.S.E.E./U.P.). Porto, Portugal.

2000-2004: Various training programs and workshops on Strategic Management (FOCUS Priorities Achievement, Lisbon, 2004. ExpoManagement Congress, Madrid, Spain, 2003. Knowledge Management, London, UK, 2001...).

1996-2005: Various training programs and workshops on Marketing (L'Élaboration du Plan de Marketing, ISM, Paris, France. Media and Consumer Research Techniques, Lisbon, Portugal, and Zurich, Switzerland. Marketing Techniques, V. Conde, Portugal, ...).

1997-1998: Various training programs and workshops on Communication Techniques (Stratégies et Techniques de Communication, ISM, Paris, France. Media Speaking in Emergency Situations, Lisbon, Portugal, ...).

2000-2004: Various training programs and workshops on Human Resources Management (How to Manage and Motivate a Work Group, Porto, Portugal, Managing Through Objectives and Performance Evaluation, Porto, Portugal. Team Leadership and Motivation, Vila Verde, Portugal, Team Work, Lisbon, Portugal ...).

2000-2005: Various training programs and workshops on Energy & Gas (World Gas Congress 1999 (Paris,France), World Gas Congress 2000 (Nice, France), World Gas Congress 2003 (Paris, France). Intergas Marketing Congress 2000 (Paris, France). Gas Trading 2002 (Madrid, Spain). III Luso-Spanish Gas Congress 2001 (Lisbon, Portugal). Portuguese Energetic Market Evolution 2005 (Lisbon, Portugal) ...).

Professional Experience

May 2016: Specialist Title Diploma on Management (public examination, according to Portuguese law - Decreto-lei nº206/2009, de 31 de Agosto). University of Aveiro.

2007 to present: SME Owner and Manager. Independent Consultant.

2011-2015: Visiting Lecturer at ISCA/University of Aveiro.

1996-2006: Marketing and Communications Director at Portgás (a Natural Gas company). Gaz de France Group and Galpenergia Group and EDP Group.

1994-1995: Distribution brands and retail franchising projects coordinator. Recheio C&C (Jerónimo Martins Group).

1992-1993: Marketing Communication Executive Director. Siemens Nixdorf Informationssystème AG.

1986-1991: Head of Marketing Research and member of Media Projects Team. SONAE Group.

1986: Marketing trainee. Fábrica de Chocolates Imperial (RAR Group).

1988-2015: University lecturer (a part-time occupation, additional to her main profissional activity).