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  Tomé Neves de Matos  
  e-mail: send email  
  Research group: Adaptation Biology & Ecological Processes
  Direct URL for this page: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/tomeneves  
  Thesis title: Environmental changes constraints in adaptation and survival of small mammals.
  Supervisor: Maria da Luz Mathias, Henrique M. Pereira and Luís Borda de Água
  Category: BO
  Grant type: BD
  Funding entity: FCT
  Grant reference: PB/BD/109422/2015
  Start date: 2015-05-01
  End date: 2019-04-30
About Me

I have a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and my research interests focus on how species distribution may be influenced by global changes and on the factors that control them. I am also interested in the use and development of computational methods in Ecology.

  1. Ariz I., Cruz C., Neves T., Irigoyen J.J., Garcia-Olaverri C., Nogues S., Aparicio-Tejo P.M., Aranjuelo I. (2015) Leaf delta N-15 as a physiological indicator of the responsiveness of N-2-fixing alfalfa plants to elevated [CO2], temperature and low water availability. Frontiers In Plant Science. 6, (see details) ISI paper
  1. Neves T., Cruz C., Correia L. (2014) Root Growth Model Based On Swarm Intelligence Models. In: Asunción Morte, Ajit Varma, editors.. (EDS.), Root Engineering Basic and Applied Concepts. Berlin, Heidelberg. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 978-3-642-54276-3. (see details)
  1. Neves T. (2011) Crescimento de raízes no solo baseado em modelos de enxame. MSc Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://repositorio.ul.pt/handle/10451/4952
  1. Mathias M., Tapisso J., Neves T., Gabriel S., Cerveira A., Monarca R., Ramalhinho M. Spatial distribution of Robertsonian races of house mice Mus musculus domesticus in the island of Madeira (North Atlantic, Portugal). (see details)