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  Ana Sofia Borges Lima  
  e-mail: sofiaborges1@gmail.com  
  Category: PhD Student  
  Department: Plant Biology Department  
  Thesis title: A sustainable control of Varroa destructor using semiochemicals involved in mite attraction and phytochemicals from Portuguese aromatic flora
  Supervisor: Ana Cristina Figueiredo pela Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL), com a co-orientação do Prof. Dr Miguel José Rodrigues Vilas Boas do Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
  Category: BO
  Grant type: BD
  Funding entity: FCT
  Grant reference: SFRH/BD/76091/2011
  Start date: 2013-01-01
  End date: 2016-12-31
  1. Rodrigues A.M., Mendes M.D., Lima A.S., Barbosa P.M., Ascensao L., Barroso J.G., Pedro L.G., Mota M.M., Figueiredo A.C. (2017) Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinaster, Pinus pinea and Pinus sylvestris Essential Oils Chemotypes and Monoterpene Hydrocarbon Enantiomers, before and after Inoculation with the Pinewood Nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. Chemistry & Biodiversity. 14, 1, (see details) ISI paper
  2. Miguel M.G., Gago C., Antunes M.D., Megias C., Cortes-Giraldo I., Vioque J., Lima A.S., Figueiredo A.C. (2015) Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of the Essential Oils from Thymbra capitata and Thymus Species Grown in Portugal. Evidence-based Complementary And Alternative Medicine. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: 10.1155/2015/851721
  3. Miguel M.G., Nunes S., Cruz C., Duarte J., Antunes M.D., Cavaco A.M., Mendes M.D., Lima A.S., Pedro L.G., Barroso J.G., Figueiredo A.C. (2013) Propolis volatiles characterisation from acaricide-treated and -untreated beehives maintained at Algarve (Portugal). Natural Product Research. 27, 8, 743-749. (see details) ISI paper
  4. Lima A.S., Schimmel J., Lukas B., Novak J., Barroso J.G., Figueiredo A.C., Pedro L.G., Degenhardt J., Trindade H. (2013) Genomic characterization, molecular cloning and expression analysis of two terpene synthases from Thymus caespititius (Lamiaceae). Planta. 238, 1, 191-204. (see details) ISI paper
  5. Albano S.M., Lima A.S., Miguel M.G., Pedro L.G., Barroso J.G., Figueiredo A.C. (2012) Antioxidant, Anti-5-lipoxygenase and Antiacetylcholinesterase Activities of Essential Oils and Decoction Waters of Some Aromatic Plants. Records Of Natural Products. 6, 1, 35-48. (see details) ISI paper
  1. Rodrigues A. M., M. D. Mendes, A. S. Lima, P. M. Barbosa, L. Ascensão, J. G. Barroso, L. G. Pedro, M. M. Mota, A. C. Figueiredo (2016) Pinus pinea volatiles, before and after inoculation with the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. 2nd International Meeting On Mediterranean Stone Pine For Agroforestry (agropine 2016), 18 A 20 De Maio De 2016, Oeiras, Portugal, P. 66. (see details)
  2. Rodrigues A. M., M. D. Mendes, A. S. Lima, P. M. Barbosa, L. Ascensão, J. G. Barroso, L. G. Pedro, M. M. Mota, A. C. Figueiredo (2016) Inoculation of Pinus halepensis, P. pinaster, P. pinea and P. sylvestris with the pinewood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus: Essential oils and monoterpene hydrocarbon enantiomers responses. 47th International Symposium On Essential Oils (iseo2016), 11 A 14 De Setembro, Nice, França, P. 76. (see details)